Monday, April 4, 2016

SuperRetroCon 2016 Update

Ben Sherwood Is Extrenely Brainless! With Him incharge,Disney's Networks will not survive. Go to your favorite petition site and make a petition calling for Sherwood's resignation..or firing. Or if there is one available,sign it. We can't allow Disney TV to die because of one clueless man.

This Message Is Brought To You In-part By The American Cartoon Federation!
SuperRetro Con '16 is coming up. And we have the guest list and stuff right here. Guests will include famous celebs and stars from Anime and the Tooniverse.

Guests Include:

Kevin Sorbo (hercules:the legendary journeys)

Gohan Son (dragon ball super)

She-Ra (she-ra:princess of power)

He-Man (he-man: and the masters of the universe [80s])

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s)

Krang (teenage mutant ninja turtles '87)

The Shredder (teenage mutant ninja turtles '87)

Yoda (star wars)

Darth Maul (star wars)

Ahsoka Tanno (star wars)

Darkwing Duck

Former WCW Omegastar and WWE Hall of Famer Sting

The Red Guy (cow and chicken)

Mojo Jojo (the powerpuff girls)

Classic Sailor Moon (sailor moon)

Frieza (dragon ball)

Roger Rabbit (who framed roger rabbit)

Mega Man X (mega man x)

Tron Bonne (mega man legends)

And Many More....

Activities and Events Enclude:

Celeb Panels (q&a)

Guest Speakers

Autograph Booths

Food Court

Souvenir Stands

Buy 'N Traid Booths

A Live Concert featuring Various Old School Artists

Retro Movie Theaters,where you can watch featured movies.

SuperRetroCon 2016 will be held at MSG,Saturday April 23rd to Sunday April 24th.

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