Friday, May 13, 2016

A Simple Solution Of What Should Be Done For The Disney Networks!

We at the American Cartoon Federation and Gamers everywhere would like to take a moment to mourn the losses of both Disney Infinity and Disney Interactive as a whole. Earlier this week,Disney themselves announced that DI has ended and Disney Interactive will no longer make or publish Console Games.

Such a sad turn of events and I wouldn't be surprised if Bob Iger was behind all of this,he's Always been against intellegent things.

Anyway,let us bow our heads in a moment of silence,as the bell tolls for these 2 unfortunate casualties.

*bell tolls 10x*

Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive
1984 - 2016
I have deleated my Mega Crusader v Iger Era series,because It was too redundant. Iger Hates The Fans,He Hates the Classics,He's A Money Fetishist,He's A Hannah Montana Fetishist,He's Behind The Total Rapage Of The Disney Networks,He Has A Damn Teeny-Bopper Fetish,and He Loves To Screw Everyone.

Plus,He Hates Our New Favorites and either Cancels Them or Ends Them Early. And Is He Repentant? HELL NO!!! He's a Damn Bastard! So Yeah,I'm stating the Obvious so much,that I'm starting to sound like a broken record.

Hopefully He'll be gone by 2018 and replaced with someone who is more like Michael Eisner.

Here's a fact,the shows he has canceled/ended early were Cartoons. Seems like Iger has a bit of Judge Doom in him.

*sigh* Anyway,the whole thing is canceled. Ranting never got me anywhere anyway. So as a superior substutute,I'm gonna talk about a simple solution to the Disney Network Problem. This will be my final effort to reach out to Disney. Ben Sherwood Needs to read this.

First lets talk about the Disney Channel. In recent times,Disney Channel has become more and more stale with it's lack of diversity, mostly terrible shows and movies,and bad program direction. What needs to be done is for the network to return to it's roots,a 24/7 family network witha wide variaty of diverse movies and programing.

Also,It must get rid of the Teeny-Bopper and Girly trash,that is key to revival. Only do General Audience and Parental Guidence programing (the latter at night).

The Girly Girl and Teeny-Bopper Fetishes are terrible and ugly things,that cause so much pain and suffering.

Cutting the Pre-School block from 8 hours everyday to only 3 hours every weekday,from 9am - 12am also needs to be done. Also,revive the Disney Afternoon,weekdays from 3pm - 6pm. Oh and,create a block soley for Canadian stuff and keep them there.

Also,Animation and Live-Action should be balanced. And of course,good program direction counts.

All of these things I mentioned will make the Disney Channel good again.

Next up,Disney XD. It needs to be converted into an All Action Network..With superior program direction. Action Cartoons,Movies,and Live-Action Shows would be this Network's main focus. Yes,even shows that are TV-14 or movies that are PG-13 should be allowed to air on this network. The network shouldn't be for children,but for Teens and Young Adults.

Disney Junior The Channel needs to be converted into The Disney Movie Channel,period. And,natch,good program direction counts here as well.

And finally,Freeform. It should stay the same,but air only Comedy and Drama stuff....with less focus on women and girls.

With this plan,these networks will skyrocket in ratings.

To recap:

Disney Channel = Diverse Family Network with General Audience and Parental Guidence Shows and Movies.

Disney XD = All Action Network For Teens and Young Adults.

Disney Jr. = A Network For Disney Movies.

Freeform = The Comedy and Drama Network with Less Focus On Women and Girls.

So yeah,there ya go. To be honest,my heart wasn't in making the "Mega Crusader vs The Iger Era" project. I have also decided to lay off my attacks on Disney. I will praise the shit out of the Eisner Era though. I will Never stop loving that Era of Disney.

Disney will always be special to me,that's why I hate Bob Iger and his corperate minions,they ruin everything.

Anyway,yeah,I'm done with raging against Iger and his mostly horrid Era. So,what next? Well,I'm gonna focus on my Own Network ideas. I'll start with a list of names to call my 1st Network.

If they reject you and your ideas,Go into business for yourself.

See Ya,Space Cowboy.


Eduardo Ho said...

Wanna know who are Bob Iger's corporate lackeys? Jar Jar Binks, Thanos, Loki, Bellwether and Bill Cypher!!! The fab five behind this whole scheme to destroy humanity! They're even more evil and despicable than any other Disney Villain.

RekkaDragonJay said...

I know your rant would've done wonders, but at least you always have an alternate plan. Anyway, like I said, I am saddened that Infinity has ceased. Which means no plans for new figures, even those from The Little Mermaid. Which means the dream of an Ariel figure have been dashed. Like I said, Disney, under Iger's watch, is continuing this anti-Little Mermaid sediment that has begun since they cancelled the 3D re-release in theaters. It's like they want to erase it from existence. They can't do that! Disney would've been extinct if it wasn't for The Little Mermaid. Translation: No Little Mermaid, No Disney Renaissance, No Disney PERIOD! It's like they think that movie and everything that came after it never existed. This reeks of facepalm written all over it.

And Eduardo, Jar Jar is more of a court jester than evil mastermind. Try Dragaunus from The Mighty Ducks. The Saurian Overlord is more menacing than Jar Jar. Just saying. ;)

Frank Coufal said...

Bob Iger is gonna retire as CEO of Disney in 2018. Here's my idea of what the next CEO of Disney should do. The next disney CEO of Disney should do the following:

1. Bring Back Hand-Drawn Animation in both movies and short films. They can still make CGI films and have Pixar, but Hand-Drawn animation should co-exist with CGI.

2. Fix Disney Channel by, like you said, returning it to its roots as a 24/7 family network with diverse programming and better programming direction, airing a mix of classic Disney movies and shows, along with making better new shows.

3. Reverse their decision of abandoning console-video game publishing and help find a way to improve their games division.

4. Make more original live-action movies again, this time with better writing and acting, and storytelling.

5. Start re-releasing its animated classics in theaters again to introduce them to newer generations.

6. Improve their home entertainment division by having Blu-Ray and DVDs and Digital copies co-existing, along with putting more effort in Blu-Ray and DVD releases.

Eduardo Ho said...

...and last, but NOT least: animated feature film spin-offs of Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Darkwing Duck, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb, Pepper Ann and Gravity Falls!!! A Disney TV Animation shared cinematic universe!!! Period!!!

Captain Snatchshaver said...

i agree