Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rekka Dragon Jay Presents: ProStars 2.0

With all the talk about a new Space Jam movie featuring NBA Superstar Lebron James (which I know it will not do well like the original with Michael Jordan), I figure I conjure up an idea which will be a bit more sound than another Space Jam.

Remember that time in the early 90s when they have a sports themed cartoon on a network that have stopped showing cartoons on Saturdays, which caused a chain reaction that completely destroyed Saturday Mornings forever? Well, back in the early 90s before the nightmare began, NBC used to show the cartoon, ProStars, which featured Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky and Bo Jackson fighting bad guys and helping kids on the way. The idea of cartoon version of our favorite sports heroes fighting evil with sport-themed gadgets sounded awesome, but it was short-lived and got axed, along with Captain N and the new Super Mario World and Chipmunks Go To The Movies, which ultimately ended their cartoon block on Saturdays, which started this anti-animated nightmare, which lasted 2 or so decades, even with the advent of cable, satellite and the internet.

Anyway, my idea of a new ProStars cartoon will be completely different. Instead of three real life sports heroes, I will go with one real one and two fictional ones. They consist on Lebron James himself, representing basketball like Jordan, Wildwing Flashblade from The Mighty Ducks, representing hockey like Gretsky and finally, and the dark horse of this new team, Bones Justice from Mutant League, representing both baseball and football, just like Bo "Knows" Jackson. After all, in the original games, Bones Justice was originally called Bones Jackson as a nod to Bo, but changed due to lawsuits. Speaking of Bones Justice,he looks like an skeletal version of WWE Legend Bret "Hitman" Hart. Way cool.

Anyway, this version takes place years after the original ProStars, where the original team have since retired, Mom from Mom's Gym has passed on and her apprentice, Denise, now runs the gym and has a apprentice of her own named Kevin Sentry, a young boy, who is a young sports fan, who serves a the comic relief, just like Mom.

As for the bad guys, we will see the usually bad guy of the day, but the main villains consist on the uneasy alliance of Lord Dragaunus, the Saurian Overlord and Zalgor Prig, the corrupt owner of the Mutant League. Dragaunus wants to destroy everything sports related, including hockey while Prig wants to find the perfect athlete for his organization, but under his image, even if it means eliminating the competition. The reason for their pairing and why they are in the present is because of a malfunctioning dimensional generator, but that's another story.

Like the original, the new ProStars will have their sport themed gadgets. Lebron with his trick basketballs and rocket powered shoes. Wildwing is a walking arsenal with his trusty puck launchers, rocket powered skates and extendable hockey stick. Finally, Bones, since he is a mutant, he has super strength, agility and can remove his limbs for additional feats no ordinary human can't do (e.g. uses his arm to hit a home run after his bat broke).

The Q&A session at the end of the episode will remain the same. Some questions will based on real life issues like something out of a PSA, while some are based on the episode, characters, etc.

And finally, I like the first theme of ProStars better. We Are ProStars is a better theme than ProStars Show Stars. The only difference is the lyrics, since this is about Lebron, Wildwing and Bones instead of Jordan, Gretsky and Bo.

So there you have it. ProStars 2.0 in a nutshell. I know it isn't much, but if done correctly, it will surpass the original. And remember, just like the original...

It's all about helping kids!

(ProStars End Credits Theme Plays)

*Fade Out

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Stefan said...

Cool,kinda like I did for Captain N a while back. This sounds great. And you're right,It's way better than Space Jam 2!