Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disney Descendants/Power Ranger Fusion XOver

Ok,I won't lie,I actually Enjoyed Descendants,it was a fun movie and the 1st decent Disney Channel Original Movie in a while. Wicked World,on the otherhand,is just appauling.

I also like Power Rangers,mainly the 1st Saban Era (though some disney era seasons were decent).

Anyway,out of sheer bordom,I've decided to fuse xover these franchises together. For simplicity,I will be focusing mainly on Mighty Morphin'.

The stories would be the same as in Power Rangers,except Descendants characters,main villians,places,and elements replace their Power Ranger Counterparts. So it takes place on Auradon instead of Angel Grove (you get the idea). The Monsters and Grunts will be similarly themed.

The Powers,Weapons,and Zords,will remain the same,however.

Now here is the cast:

King Ben - The Red Ranger

Mal - Light Purple Ranger (she doesn't do pink)

Jay - Black Ranger

Carlos - Blue Ranger (he's more like billy cranston than you know)

Evie - Yellow Ranger (despite having more in common with kimberly personality-wise)

Prince Aziz (aladdin and jasmine's son) - Green Ranger (and later White Ranger)

Yen Sid or Merlin - The Zordon

The "Son" of Wall-E and Eve - The Alpha 5

Fairy Godmother - The Mr.Kaplin

The Genie - The Ernie

The Gaston Bros (Gill and Gaston Jr.) or Harry Hook and Gill - The Bulk and Skull

Prince Chad Charming - A Recouring Character.

Audrey - The Aisha.

Jane - A Recurring Character

Lonnie - The Rocky (female reds have been done before,so no big)

Doug - The Adam

Chad Charming - A Recurring Character

Undecided Male Villain Kids and Hero Kids- Minor Recurring Character.

Jordan (genie and eden's daughter) - The Katherine

Freddie Facilier or Uma - The Tanya

??? - The Ninjor

5 Atlantican Royals - The Aquatarian Ninja Rangers

Malefecent - The Rita Repulsa (lets face it,kristen chenoweth's potrayl of maleficent had a bit of rita repulsa in it.)

One Of the Wicked Witches Flying Monkeys Mega Enhenced By Maleficents Magic - The Goldar

??? - The Finster

??? - The Scorpina

??? - The Squatt and Baboo

??? - The Putties

The Leader of the Friends on the Other Side aka The Head Mask  - The Lokar

The Horned King or Lord Arawn - The Lord Zedd

??? - The Z-Putties

Whoever Maleficent's Brother Is - The Rito Revolto

??? - The Tengas

Whoever Maleficent's Father Is - The Master Vile

Well what do you think? I especially want Your input Jason.

Next time I talk about Descendants,it will be another XOver.....With Sailor Moon!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy


RekkaDragonJay said...

Sounds interesting. And I thought you didn't like this take on the offspring of some of the Disney characters. I wonder who a crossover with Sailor Moon be like.

Stefan said...

Yeah well I actually change my position on that,it's not too bad of a thought when you think about it,I actually don't mind them having kids,I really don't.

As for the Sailor Moon XOver. Wait and see what I do. I have been in a Sailor Moon mood all week.