Saturday, June 4, 2016

Goodbye Champ!

Ladies and Gentlemen,Muhammed Ali,the Greatest Boxing Champion ever,has died. He died of respiratory complications. He was 74.

Ali was a true Boxing legend. His fights with Sonny Liston,George Forman,and longtime rival Joe Frasier were among the greatest bouts in Boxing History. And how about those interviews he gave? Pretty amusing stuff,huh? Inside the Ring or out,Ali was one entertaining guy.

He had a total of 61 fights,with 56 wins and 5 losses. But,Ali was more than just a Boxer,he was a Humanitarian. He was also a good man and a good father.

Now,I'm more of a Wrestling Guy than a Boxing Guy,but there's no denying that I Loved watching Muhammed Ali in action. He really Could Float Like A Butterfly And Sting Like A Bee.

And now,he's gone. You may be Dead Muhamned Ali,but your Legacy will live on Forever.

R.I.P. Muhammed Ali
January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016