Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Anime Jason & Rayjin

Our animated selves, our OCs, if you will. Anime Jason (that's me) and Stefan's avatar self, Rayjin, complete with his original design, but I modified it, from the hair, to giving him his extendable staff, giving him that Legend of the Monkey King feel and of course, his morpher for his Dekaranger form. Although his Destiny League stories won't go through, but his story is intertwined with mine. We're in this together. We are brothers from other worlds, in our quest to save the animated world from certain doom, whether it's from Igor the Terrible or Lord Vengstar of the V-Syndicate. It is our duty as animation crusaders to fight to save animation, or else there will be no future for any future artist or animator everywhere.

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Stefan said...

Cool,cool. Next major post from me should be on July 5th.