Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Tough Choices

Apple Bloom: "Please, Jason. Please come back to Equestria. We y'all miss ya, especially Twilight."

Anime Jason:  "I'm sorry, Apple Bloom. I cannot. As long as Tirek and Princess Celestia have a truce, I cannot go back. My friendship with the pony populace have been tainted by the very evil that wants animation dead and buried."

Hawkgirl:  "You can't mean that. Certainly after what they have done for you. You can't abandon them now!"

Anime Jason:  "I appreciate your help, Shayera. But, I have made my choice. I will continue my self-exile from Equestria, maybe forever. I'm sorry. My life, my soul, my choice."

This fanart is based on a dream I had awhile back. It happened before the premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and while Discovery Family continue to brainwash the brony populace with nothing but Edutainment drivel. The whole thing goes:

I was in my room, minding my own business, artwork, gaming, etc.. Then, I hear a doorbell ringing. My mother was out to work around that time. I remember her telling me not to open the door to anyone. Anyway, I came down and took a peak at the door to who it was. And to my shock and amazement, it was Ciara Renée and Michelle Creber, who were Hawkgirl from Legends of Tomorrow and Apple Bloom from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic respectively. I thought to myself: "How did they know where I live, better yet, how did they know who I am?" I know my mother told me not to open, but I made an exception just once and open the door and introduced myself to them. Then, in an act of friendship, Ms. Creber wanted to give an Apple Bloom plush toy. But, because of my current state of mind right now, especially with my gripe with Discovery and Henry "Tirek" Schleiff, I respectfully decline her gift. After that, I woke up and it made me think something about that dream. If I would've accepted the Apple Bloom plush toy, I would've given up my free will and humanity and end up watching Discovery Family because Schleiff wanted the bronies to watch My Little Pony, even if it means watching nothing but Edutainment that will make Litton Entertainment blush.

So the way I see it, refusing the Apple Bloom plush toy is like that little dialogue I have put up to go with my fanart. It is like Dune, when Paul Atreides has these dreams that is telling him something, especially his path towards his destiny.

The point is, I am proud brony, but I am not a slave of corporate greed either. And if what this dream is telling me, I will never break because of what Schleiff does to me. I had to sacrifice watching MLP in their later seasons to combat this evil and because of that, I missed out on everything on seasons 5 and 6, not only my favorite steed, Shining Armor, being a father, but also the CM Crusaders finally getting their marks. So until I am willing to watch them on a different format that is NOT Discovery Family, I will always think of Apple Bloom as the little filly that could AND will (that and her being a blank flank for the time being).

And if it means isolating myself and being alienated by other bronies, so be it. Like I said, I will never forget the life lessons of friendship by the ponies, including Twilight Sparkle. But my stance against Discovery Family and everything related to Tirek Schleiff stands. Forgive me, bronies, but I have made my decision. My life, my soul, my choice.

Forgive me...Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber).

(Megaman Game Over Theme plays)

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Stefan said...

I don't like MLP or FIM or any other girly stuff,but I will let this one slide..especially since it talks about the evils of Corperate Extremism (another form of terrorism).

Sofia tbe First may be the exception to the rule,so long as she's talked about in a gender-neutral way. Same with Ariel and the D-Princesses. They get a bad rap by the P.C.Elites,they need love.