Friday, June 24, 2016

Scrapbook Projects for Cristina Vee and Tracey Moore are a GO!

Attention Moonies,

My friend and devoted moonie, Sara Dostal, has created two scrapbook projects for the following voice actors who are going to their respective conventions this year. The first one is for Cristina Vee, the voice of Sailor Mars from the VIZ redub at Anime Revolution and the other one for the first English voice of Sailor Moon, Tracey Moore, who was also the voice of Princess Peach/Princess Toadstool from the last two Super Mario Bros. cartoons at Anime Evolution. I know you don't have to go, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part. Here are some examples you could put on the scrapbooks:

For the Cristina Vee Scrapbook:

Sailor Mars and Rowen of the Strata (Tenku no Touma): Spirital Unity!

Rei cosplaying as Leifang from the Dead or Alive series, complete with a phoenix, which represents her Fire Soul Bird Attack. Lovely in a Qipao, don't you think?!

For the Tracey Moore Scrapbook:
Princess Peach and Mario cosplaying as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, or more accurately, Sailor Peach and Tuxedo Mario!

Usagi and Grandpa Hino as Princess Peach and her royal mushroom container, Toad! Not just a shout out to Tracey Moore herself, but also a shout out to the voice of both Toad and Grandpa Hino, John Stocker.

I know it isn't much, but Sara needs all the help she could get. If want to send her something for both scrapbooks (it doesn't have to be just drawings alone, you could add stickers or a fan letter and so forth), contact her through her email ( You have before August 1st (Cristina Vee Scrapbook) and August 15th (Tracey Moore Scrapbook) to get your submissions in. Every little bit helps. And Stefan, I know you are not crazy with the VIZ Media voice actors, but give them a chance (except for Nicolas Roye, his Shingo voice was terrible, no offense to him. Shingo was better off voiced by a girl, just like Veronica Taylor with Ash in Pokemon). Thank you for your time. Stay frosy, my friends and if you don't pledge in to help, well...

In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!


Stefan said...

Yeah,I hate VIZ and their translations quite a bit. Thankfully,they also put the Subbed Japanese versions of said shows on their DVDs.

Anyway,good gallery. Infact. This is the 1st post of a new section of The American Cartoon Federation...Jason's Gallery! Dedicated to your art. Cool huh?

RekkaDragonJay said...

Sounds good, man. Does it have to be anything that I draw? Gotta obey the rules, man.

Stefan said...

Yeah. No girly stuff,including MLP. I will let your current post slide,nut no more Ponies.

They're the new Spongebob,don'cha know.