Monday, June 20, 2016

Top 10 Video Game Based Cartoons

Video Game cartoons are hit and miss,but there are some that I consider better than others. Here is a look at Video Game based Cartoons I like.

Hope I have your faves on here too.

Honorable Mention - Earthworm Jim: I haven't seen this show in ages. But from what I remembered,the show was pretty entertaining. It gets an honorable mention because I can't remember most of the episodes.
10] Double Dragon - Yes,this show is on the list. DiC started out with a Double Dragon story in the first 2 episodes then turned Power Ranger-esque. I used to love this show,but now I just like it.

9] The New Super Mario World - The weakest of the Mario Cartoons. But still enjoyable...if you can get past Yoshi's baby talk,the ridiculous plots,and Oogtar.

8] Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog -  Sonic's 1st Cartoon,brought to you by DiC. As a kid,I used to love this show. Now,I just like it. Despite it's low-par art and animation,AoSTH is actually Closer to the games than it's counterparts.

7] Captain N:The Game Master - Yet another DiC cartoon and an old favorite. The concept was pretty cool. The idea of meeting and teaming up with your favorate Video Game characters rocks. Shame that some of the plots were kinda stupid. And let's not forget about Mega Man and Kid Icarus' speech inpedements. And the Inaccuracies to the source material. This show is decent though. And I still like it.

6] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros.3 - DiC made,Nintendo Aproved. This one is concidered the best of the Mario cartoons,but I disagree. It's a fun show,but The Super Mario Super Show was better. Speaking of.....

5] The Super Mario Bros Super Show - I used to watch this show every weekday afternoon when it aired.

4] Mega Man(ruby-spears) - The Ruby-Spears series. Despite some stupid plots and inconsistancies,this show is not that bad. F Tha Haterz!

3] Street Fighter - F Tha Haterz Again! This show was good,despite the unrealistic fight scenes and lack of game accuracy.

2] Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm - F Tha Haterz x Infinity! This show may have lacked the things that made Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat,but at least it gave us some good plots. And it introduced many to the evil Quan-Chi. This shiw is another good one.

1] Sonic SatAM - The Best Sonic Cartoon Eva! Sure it's gane inaccurate,but it's the best Video Game Based Cartoon there is. The show only lasted two seasons,but it continued on in comic book form thanjs to Archie. The comic is still going on today.

DiC sure made alot of Video Game Cartoons,haven't they? That's all for now.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.


RekkaDragonJay said...

At least these are much better than the crud with have to deal with today.

BTW, Sorry for not coming here and blogging here often. I was busy with everything else. Not just with video making, but I was helping out a friend who is making scrapbooks for the Sailor Moon voice cast, past and present.

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And dont be this late again.