Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Anime Jason & Duke!

In honor of Michael Bell's birthday, I present to you my latest, awesome fanart. That's right, folks. It is my OC, my animated self, Anime Jason, in action, fighting alongside my favorite member of G.I. Joe, First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser, codename: Duke, kicking some Cobra tail. Duke gives one Cobra trooper a devastating left cross, my OC gives one a powerful Taiyouken (Solar Fist), in an uppercut fashion, to another. This is the first of many featuring my animated self in action. And no more better than this one featuring the one Joe whose will doesn't break so easily, just like the O-ring of my G.I. Joe figure that didn't break. Here's to you, Mr. Bell. Happy Birthday, soldier!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Reby Sky: The True Puppeteer!

Behold! My latest fanart, but this time, it is wrestling releated. As we all know that me and Stefan are big time wrestling fans. And we do agree that TNA Impact Wrestling is downright terrible, all due to the following factors, bad management from Dixie Carter, Mike Bennett and Maria are acting like a mini cult, some blonde bimbo being a Vickie Guerrero wannabe, some dummy named E-LI-Drake (dummy), and most disturbing of all, the downward spiral of Matt Hardy, who as of late, gone to the point of insanity that he rather stay like this than break Kayfabe on social media. And whose to blame for his downward spiral? It is not the one he calls Brother Nero, Jeff Hardy, who frankly is as better Hardy than Matt. If anyone should be blamed for Matt's fall from grace, and judging from this fanart, I think you know who I am talking about. If anyone should be blamed, it is Reby Sky, the real mastermind behind Matt Hardy's poor regard for Kayfabe and bad parenting, too. While Matt Hardy goats on how he "deleted" Jeff Hardy, Reby just stands there and let her husband hog all the glory, for we all know that she is the one who destroyed the legacy of the Hardy Boyz forever.

Poor little Maxel, he is going to have a terrible childhood because of what his parents are acting like.

The point is, Reby Sky has ruined the Hardy name and she continues to control Matt like a puppet. And so ladies and gentlemen of the ACF, I will leave you this one question to those unfit, ungrateful parents: Is this the legacy that you will leave behind...for Maxel?

I'll let you be the judge of that. Now if you'll excuse me, I will be waiting for the next episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is much better than TNA Impact ever was. Because everything with me is action! Stay frosty, my friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Disney's Descendants/Sailor Moon Fusion Crossover

The Descendants movie was good,Sailor Moon is Legendary.....Let's fuse these 2 franchises together,shall we?

This Is The Disney Descendants/Sailor Moon Fusion XOver.

Story - 200 years ago,Planet Disney was in a great war. A War between The Friends,lead by Chernabog And The High Council,lead by Zeus.

The Council defeat the Friends and imprisoned Chernabog within the forbiden mountain,Bald Mountain. The rest of the Friends were banished to the Isle of the Lost. Without Chernabogs influence,the villains began changing. While some mellowed out,others became like Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains.

1,000 years later,King Adam and Queen Belle become the new rulers of the Planet. They unite their land and the surrounding Kingdoms together to form The United States of Auradon.

Many years later,after the Events of Descendants,a new evil force appears. Morgan MacFey,Half-Sister of Chernabog,arrives and causes havoc. Morgan's mission is to collect enough human lifeforce to free her half-brother from his Mountain Prison.

Fairy Godmother,forsaw this and recruited Mal,Evie,Lonnie,Jane,and Audrey to become Sailor Soldiers to defend Auradon from Morgan and her forces.

Cast -

Sailor Violet/Mal - Leader of the Auradon Sailor Senshi. Daughter of Maleficent. Proves that Dark doesn't always mean Evil.

Sailor Aura/Audrey - 2nd in command. Daughter of Aurora and Philip.

Sailor Beauty/Evie - 3rd in command. Daughter of Grimhilde aka The Wicked Queen.

Sailor Wizard/Jane - The brains of the team. Daughter of Fairy Godmother.

Sailor Dynasty/Lonnie - The battle stratagist. Daughter of Mulan.

Fairy Godmother - Mentor of the Team.

Tuxedo King/King Ben - Enforcer #1. King of Auradon Mal's boyfriend. Son of Belle and Adam aka Beauty and the Beast.

Tuxedo Silver and Tuxedo Mutt/Carlos and Dude - Enforcer #2 and 2.5. A boy and his dog sidekick. Carlos is the boyfriend of Jane. Son of Cruella DeVille.

Tuxedo Bandit/Jay - Enforcer #3. Uses sneaky theiving skills against evil. Boyfriend of Audrey and Son of Jafar.

Tuxedo Doogie/Doug - Enforcer #4. Came up with the name himself out of haste,hasn't changed it since. Boyfriend if Evie and Son of Dopey.

Morgan MacFey - Main Evil for Arc 1. Half-Sister of Chernabog. Aims to collect human lifeforce to free Chernabog from his Mountain Prison. A succubus-esque woman.

Vlad MacFey - Son of Morgan and her 2nd in command. One of her 4 Devil Generals. A vampire-esque guy.

Megan MacFey - Daughter of Morgan. 3rd in command and 2nd oldest. One of her 4 Devil Generals. a goth-esque chick.

Dimitri MacFey - Son of Morgan. The 3rd oldest. One of her 4 Devil Generals. a vampire-like guy.

Alucard MacFey - The Youngest of Morgan's Children. One of her 4 Devil Generals [the 1st actually]. an incubus-esque guy.

Espers - Lifeforce stealing monsters sent by the MacFey family.
Well that's all I got for now. Next and final Descendants Fusion XOver will be Marvel. Though that won't be until later.

Until next time,Stay Gold Space Cowboy!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Jadeite and Talpa: New Allegiances

"What is thy bidding, my master?"

Here we have a perfect reenactment of the scene from The Empire Strikes Back. Only this time, we see Jadeite, the last of the Four Kings of Heaven, talking to his new lord and master, Talpa, who is communicating with him through a holographic projector. This is part of the first arc of a Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors crossover I will work on one day, where Jadeite serves as the big bad in the first story, but serving to be the dragon of this crossover's Big Bad, Emperor Talpa, who doesn't show until the second story, which involves the characters from the Dead or Alive series.  I say the Sailor Senshi and the Ronin Warriors will have their hands full, especially with Jadeite being the apprentice to his new master. Scary.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Helena Prays for France

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, including one at Nice, France, I give you this somber fanart of Ms. Helena Douglas from the Dead or Alive series, praying to the people of France. This was made after last year's terrorist attack in Paris. And since France is under attack once more by the same soulless, emotionless, Islamist fascist killing machines, it's time for not only healing, but also giving us strength to fight back against these monsters who think that killing innocent children would appease Allah. Well, I got news for them...ALLAH FORBIDS THE KILLING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN!!

Our thoughts and prayers to the people of France. May good fortune ring forever. Godspeed. :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top 30 Greatest Disney Villains

Ah Disney,you've given us so many memorable characters....especially the Villains. Now,long intros have never been my thing,I'm a man who likes to cut to the chase. So here it is,the Top 30 Greatest Disney Villains.

Note: I intend to include Baddies from the TV Universe as well. So this list ain't restricted to just the Animated Canon. Plus,I won't be adding any Star Wars or Marvel Villains,since they don't fully count as Disney Villains.

Honarable Mentions -

Princess Ivy (Sofia The First) - She's cool..not to mention a babe.

Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) - She's an old bitch for mistreating Cinderella.

David Xanathos (Gargoyles) - He's one manipulitive bastard.
#30 - Warhok and Warmonga,The Larwardians (Kim Possible): These guys are super badass. So much so that they took everything Kim Possible and Shego had. Unfortunatly,they only appeared in the 2-part Series Finale,where they were killed by Ron Stoppable of all people. Wormonga appeared in an earlier episode and she kicked ass.

#29 - Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas): Creepy and Scheming,not a good combo. However,Tim Burton doesn't consider this guy a villain,so he ranks lower. He's got a fun villian song,though.

#28 - Dr. Jaque Von Hamsterviel (Lilo and Stitch) - A Funny gerbil-like alien,who gets mad alot.

#27 - Hanabal McFist (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja) - A fun villain that seems to be a fusion of Hulk Hogan and Dr.Drakken.

#26 - Morgana (Little Mermaid 2) - A fun villain,but too much like her sister,Ursala.

#25 - Lord Ludo (Star v The Forces of Evil) - A funny little guy,who's power hungry.

#24 - Dr. Heinz Doofensmirtz (Phineas and Ferb) - One of the most lovable baddies ever.

#23 - Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys (Ducktales) - Canine Criminal's always find away to give Uncle Scrooge and friends a hard time.

#22 - Fat Cat (Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers) - The Rescue Ranger's most formitable foe.

#21 - Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder) - Hate's Great! Best Villain! Hate's Great! Best Villain!

#20 - Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible) - My favorite KP villain,even if he is a baffoon.

#19 - Yzma (The Emporor's New Groove/School) - A Funny evil old woman played by the late Eartha Kitt.

#18 - Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) - He may be an egotistical,sociopathic jerk,but Nobody Rocks A List Like,Gaston!

#17 - The Dark Dragon (American Dragon Jake Long) - The greatest evil Jake Long has ever faced.

#16 - Negaduck (Darkwing Duck) - The evil double of Darkwing himself. Next to Taurus Bulba,Negaduck is the most dangerous foe Darkwing has ever faced.

#15 - Shere Khan (Jungle Book and Talespin) - In the Jungle book,he liked to kill people..especially jungle boys. In Talespin he was a corperate head,who often times acted like a crime boss.

#14 - King Candy aka Turbo (Wreck-It Ralph) - Have Some Candy....Of Death!

#13 - Zira (Lion King 2) - Scar's Mate. She was one psychotic kitty.

#12 - Dr.Facillier (The Princess and The Frog) - Why is he on this list? Because he's a fun Villian And....He Has Friends On The Other Side!

#11 - Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder) - She destroys planets....Just for fun.

#10 - Scar (The Lion King) - As King,he ruined life on the pridelands. Oh,and he akso killed his brother and atempted to kill Simba.

#09 - Hades (Disney's Hercules) - The most humorous of all Disney villains,who's also a shady buisness man. James Woods really brought this character to life.

#08 - Bill Cypher (Gravity Falls) - This guy is psychotic who can alter reality....when he's not screwing around in your dreams,that is.

#07 - Ursala (The Little Mermaid) - She is devious. A true Devil of the Deep.

#06 - Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of NotreDame) - The most realistic Villain abd a Fakse Nan of God. He hates Gypsies and he'll do anything to get rid of them...including burn down Paris and imprison or kill innocent people. Voiced by the late Tony Jay.

#05 - Jafar (Aladdin) - Jafar is devious and power hungry,just like America's top Executives.

#04 - Wicked Queen Grimhilde (Snow White and the 7 Dwarves) - She is such a narsissistic psycho. She's jealous of a 14-year-old for god sakes. She even tried to kill her.

#03 - The Horned King (The Black Cauldren) - Underrated,but Awesome.

#02 - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - She's Maleficent! Need I Say More!

#01 - Chernabog (Fantasia) - He's Disney's version of the Devil! The F'N DEVIL!!!

Well,what do you guys think? This list was great to make and I'd like to know if I've listed any of your favorites (if ya got any).

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sue Blu!

Happy Birthday to the very talented Sue Blu, the voice Arcee, Stormer, and Grandma Spakenheimer! May have many more for years to come. Till all are one!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Quentin Lance: Master Detective!

This next fanart I have done was because of my fandom to this awesome show and that was Arrow. Although Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is the main hero, but he wouldn't get the job done bringing criminals and super villains to justice without some help, including one curmudgeon cop, Quentin Larry Lance. When the show progressed, he went from a antagonistic cop to a supporting one through the course of seasons 1 and 2. By near the end of season 3, he was being a bit antagonistic again because of what Ra's al-Ghul was doing, but gained back his respect by season 4. Quentin Lance is a very complex character. And the reason for his curmudgeon like behavior is because he had a lot of issues, especially dealing with the apparent death of his daughter Sara Lance (which revealed that she is pretty much alive, then ended up dead, but end up being alive again). Lance may talk tough, but underneath, he is a decent, kind-hearted and vulnerable human being and his gruffy, Harvey Bullock type behavior was just a mask to hide his pain. At the end of Season 3, I thought of him as the Officer Kirk to Oliver's Fonzie. But by season 4, I think of him more like Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. Although cynical and rational at times, he always help out our intrepid emerald archer and his other vigilante friends. In short, Quentin Lance is one cop you don't want to be on his bad side. But once you get to know the real Lance, he is more than just some mean-spirited curmudgeon, much more. After all, and I do agree with his actor, Paul Blackthorne, on this one, never judge a book by its cover. And that is the case with Quentin Larry Lance.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Batman: Sky Guardian

This fanart features one of my favorite superheroes and one of many who proved to all of us that you don't need superpowers to be a hero and that is Batman. This is was based on a t-shirt I use to have, where Batman was flying about Gotham City and it said New York underneath. After all, Gotham is based on New York City. Anyway, Superman may be the first superhero, but Batman is my most favorites. If any man can throw Superman with ease, proved his toughness. That, and the fact that he is downright resourceful, not only being a master detective, but also finding a way out of death traps. Bottom line, Batman is awesome, and what makes him more awesome is the fact that whenever I see an image of Batman, I think of the man who became the Vengeance and the Night when he voiced him since 1992 and that was Kevin Conroy. There may have been many actors who played him, such as Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Afleck, but Kevin Conroy made Batman his own.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Happy 4th of July with Captain America!

In honor of our country's birthday, I give this patriotic fan art featuring the one, the only Captain America, the living symbol of hope, freedom and justice for not just America, but for the whole world. In this troubling time in this world, we need more heroes to combat this evil and preserve freedom and justice for future generations. Happy 4th of July, fellow patriots! And in the immortal words of Cap himself:


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Chibiusa & Ryo!

Chibiusa and her honorary uncle, Ryo Sanada. Usagi and Mamoru may be her parents, I always picture Ryo as her uncle/brother figure to her. Who knows? Only time will tell. I wanted to see little Chibiusa spend a lot of time with Ryo, especially for her being licked by his pet tiger, White Blaze (Byakuen). Either way, this is one cute fanart.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jason's Gallery - G.I. Joe Fan Made Comic Cover

 This custom made comic cover fan art of G.I. Joe comics, pays homage to the legendary cover of Captain America #1, where Cap gave Hitler a devastating right cross. But in this one, it is 1st Sgt. Conrad S. "Duke" Hauser giving a right cross of his own to Cobra Commander. And since this is also a crossover story to, I added my OC into the story, where I am told the story on how Duke became a member of G.I. Joe.  YO JOE!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Good News,Bad News,Ralph News

Yesterday,Disney has just announced Wreck-It Ralph 2. And It will be debuting in early 2018. The story will involve Our 4 heroes traversing the Internet.

So it looks like WiR2 is happening.

And now the bad news,Non-PC Video Game character cameos will be cut down a great deal. So there's a great chance we Won't be seeing old favorites like Mario,Link,or Mega Man appear in the movie. Sucks don't it?

Speaking of Disney Sequels,Descendant's is getting one and will be airing on the Disney Channel next year. New Descendants will be introduced,including Ursala's daughter,who's named Uma. 

That's all for now,See You on the 5th.