Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Disney's Descendants/Sailor Moon Fusion Crossover

The Descendants movie was good,Sailor Moon is Legendary.....Let's fuse these 2 franchises together,shall we?

This Is The Disney Descendants/Sailor Moon Fusion XOver.

Story - 200 years ago,Planet Disney was in a great war. A War between The Friends,lead by Chernabog And The High Council,lead by Zeus.

The Council defeat the Friends and imprisoned Chernabog within the forbiden mountain,Bald Mountain. The rest of the Friends were banished to the Isle of the Lost. Without Chernabogs influence,the villains began changing. While some mellowed out,others became like Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains.

1,000 years later,King Adam and Queen Belle become the new rulers of the Planet. They unite their land and the surrounding Kingdoms together to form The United States of Auradon.

Many years later,after the Events of Descendants,a new evil force appears. Morgan MacFey,Half-Sister of Chernabog,arrives and causes havoc. Morgan's mission is to collect enough human lifeforce to free her half-brother from his Mountain Prison.

Fairy Godmother,forsaw this and recruited Mal,Evie,Lonnie,Jane,and Audrey to become Sailor Soldiers to defend Auradon from Morgan and her forces.

Cast -

Sailor Violet/Mal - Leader of the Auradon Sailor Senshi. Daughter of Maleficent. Proves that Dark doesn't always mean Evil.

Sailor Aura/Audrey - 2nd in command. Daughter of Aurora and Philip.

Sailor Beauty/Evie - 3rd in command. Daughter of Grimhilde aka The Wicked Queen.

Sailor Wizard/Jane - The brains of the team. Daughter of Fairy Godmother.

Sailor Dynasty/Lonnie - The battle stratagist. Daughter of Mulan.

Fairy Godmother - Mentor of the Team.

Tuxedo King/King Ben - Enforcer #1. King of Auradon Mal's boyfriend. Son of Belle and Adam aka Beauty and the Beast.

Tuxedo Silver and Tuxedo Mutt/Carlos and Dude - Enforcer #2 and 2.5. A boy and his dog sidekick. Carlos is the boyfriend of Jane. Son of Cruella DeVille.

Tuxedo Bandit/Jay - Enforcer #3. Uses sneaky theiving skills against evil. Boyfriend of Audrey and Son of Jafar.

Tuxedo Doogie/Doug - Enforcer #4. Came up with the name himself out of haste,hasn't changed it since. Boyfriend if Evie and Son of Dopey.

Morgan MacFey - Main Evil for Arc 1. Half-Sister of Chernabog. Aims to collect human lifeforce to free Chernabog from his Mountain Prison. A succubus-esque woman.

Vlad MacFey - Son of Morgan and her 2nd in command. One of her 4 Devil Generals. A vampire-esque guy.

Megan MacFey - Daughter of Morgan. 3rd in command and 2nd oldest. One of her 4 Devil Generals. a goth-esque chick.

Dimitri MacFey - Son of Morgan. The 3rd oldest. One of her 4 Devil Generals. a vampire-like guy.

Alucard MacFey - The Youngest of Morgan's Children. One of her 4 Devil Generals [the 1st actually]. an incubus-esque guy.

Espers - Lifeforce stealing monsters sent by the MacFey family.
Well that's all I got for now. Next and final Descendants Fusion XOver will be Marvel. Though that won't be until later.

Until next time,Stay Gold Space Cowboy!


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow! This sounds epic!

Stefan said...

Thanks,it does doesn't it?