Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Anime Jason & Duke!

In honor of Michael Bell's birthday, I present to you my latest, awesome fanart. That's right, folks. It is my OC, my animated self, Anime Jason, in action, fighting alongside my favorite member of G.I. Joe, First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser, codename: Duke, kicking some Cobra tail. Duke gives one Cobra trooper a devastating left cross, my OC gives one a powerful Taiyouken (Solar Fist), in an uppercut fashion, to another. This is the first of many featuring my animated self in action. And no more better than this one featuring the one Joe whose will doesn't break so easily, just like the O-ring of my G.I. Joe figure that didn't break. Here's to you, Mr. Bell. Happy Birthday, soldier!



Stefan said...

Shame Discovery Family doesn't put this show or Transformers G1 on a better time. All those assholes care about are their girly-girl crap,baby trash,and reality shows.

When Are you gonna start bashing them? I"m still awaiting the Anime Jason v Discovery Family. vids.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Don't worry, man. I am working on the intro and the first chapter. This will be about the beginning, when Discovery was once one channel, splitting it into multiple channels and of course, Discovery Kids. Can't talk about our predicament without going back to the beginning. We all gotta start somewhere. I will let you know when the first chapter is complete. Don't fret, bro, this dragon's got FANGS!! Thanks for reminding me!