Friday, July 15, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Helena Prays for France

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, including one at Nice, France, I give you this somber fanart of Ms. Helena Douglas from the Dead or Alive series, praying to the people of France. This was made after last year's terrorist attack in Paris. And since France is under attack once more by the same soulless, emotionless, Islamist fascist killing machines, it's time for not only healing, but also giving us strength to fight back against these monsters who think that killing innocent children would appease Allah. Well, I got news for them...ALLAH FORBIDS THE KILLING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN!!

Our thoughts and prayers to the people of France. May good fortune ring forever. Godspeed. :(

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Stefan said...

Yeah. France has been hit hard twice this year. ISIS,Hamas,The PLO,Al Queada,Boko Haram..All Must DIE!