Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Reby Sky: The True Puppeteer!

Behold! My latest fanart, but this time, it is wrestling releated. As we all know that me and Stefan are big time wrestling fans. And we do agree that TNA Impact Wrestling is downright terrible, all due to the following factors, bad management from Dixie Carter, Mike Bennett and Maria are acting like a mini cult, some blonde bimbo being a Vickie Guerrero wannabe, some dummy named E-LI-Drake (dummy), and most disturbing of all, the downward spiral of Matt Hardy, who as of late, gone to the point of insanity that he rather stay like this than break Kayfabe on social media. And whose to blame for his downward spiral? It is not the one he calls Brother Nero, Jeff Hardy, who frankly is as better Hardy than Matt. If anyone should be blamed for Matt's fall from grace, and judging from this fanart, I think you know who I am talking about. If anyone should be blamed, it is Reby Sky, the real mastermind behind Matt Hardy's poor regard for Kayfabe and bad parenting, too. While Matt Hardy goats on how he "deleted" Jeff Hardy, Reby just stands there and let her husband hog all the glory, for we all know that she is the one who destroyed the legacy of the Hardy Boyz forever.

Poor little Maxel, he is going to have a terrible childhood because of what his parents are acting like.

The point is, Reby Sky has ruined the Hardy name and she continues to control Matt like a puppet. And so ladies and gentlemen of the ACF, I will leave you this one question to those unfit, ungrateful parents: Is this the legacy that you will leave behind...for Maxel?

I'll let you be the judge of that. Now if you'll excuse me, I will be waiting for the next episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is much better than TNA Impact ever was. Because everything with me is action! Stay frosty, my friends.


Stefan said...

Yeah. Very true about TNA. But Dixie Carter is the True Evil Mastermind.

I watch WWE,mostly out of Brand Loyalty.

BTW,2 major updates to Retro Talk and a Game Review.

And speaking of Wrestling,did you check out my MVW fantasy org yet?

RekkaDragonJay said...

I just did. It looks promising, and way better than WWE and TNA combined. And I think I gotten into Reby Sky's skin on her Twitter account. She may act innocent, but she is anything but innocent. And her followers are nothing but followers of her puppet, Matt Hardy. Surprising, the broken one didn't get a wind of this and threatened my "Deletion." Let him try. He will learn first hand that Anime Jason is no mere mortal!