Monday, August 15, 2016

Fictional Villains Compareable With Bob Iger

After that nasty revelation about Bob Iger and the Disney Networks,I've decided go follow up and make comparisons between Disney's CEO and Other Villains.

Superman's Lex Luger - Villain with great publicity

Spider-Man's/Daredevil's Wilson Fisk the Kingpin - Same deal as Luthor

The Last Airbender's Firelord Sozin  - Greedy,power hungry,bastard.

The Last Airbender's Firelord Ozai - Same deal as Sozin.

Star Wars' Emperor Palpntine aka Darth Sidious - Manipulative bastard,who embraced the Dark Side with out a thought.

Roger Rabbit's Judge Doom - A Deep seeded hatred for Cartoons...especially Disney ones.

Mortal Kombat's Shao Khan - Turned a beautiful world into one of nightmares.

WWF's Mr.McMahon - Greedy,disrespectful,manipulative,lustful,power starved,money fetishists.

Mega Man X's Sigma - "Evolution Requires Sacrifice!" Anyone Remember That Line?! Spoken by Sigma himself.

Disney's Pete - Hates the Mouse.

She-Ra's Hordak - Took over a beautiful place and ruined it; Surpressor.

Disney's Judge Claude Frollo - Bigoted and surpressive; No sence of creativity.

The Incredible's Syndrome - Sociopathic.

Marvel's Thanos - Power hungry

Superman's Darksied - A Dictator with good publicity.

Disney's Scrooge McDuck [pre-face turn] - He only cared about money,nothing else. However,unlike Unka Scrooge,Iger is Still evil and money hungry.

Final Fantasy's Kefka - A sick and twisted clown that joyfully brought an apocalypse to a beautiful world

Street Fighter's M.Bison - Another power hungry bastard.

Sailor Moon's Queen Metalia - Destroyer of a Kingdom

Dragon Ball's Frieza - Power hungry bastard,with a deep hatred of something. For Frieza it's the Saiyans,For Iger it's Disney's Past. Iger Also has some contempt for Disney Animation.

Mega Man's Dr.Wily - He may seem/look like a nice old man,however he's anything but.

Final Fantasy's Sephiroth - Wants to become a God and will destroy the world to become one.

G.I.Joe's Cobra Commander - A terrorist with a huge ego.

I can't think of anymore right now,but you get the idea. Robert Iger is a Son of a Bitch who is So undeserving of his position.

I have a major announcement to make next post reguarding tbe future of this blog,so stay tuned.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Nice comparison list. I was thinking of doing one with Henry Schleiff. Believe me, Tirek isn't the only evil villain that I would compare him to.

Stefan said...

Hey,be my guest.