Friday, August 5, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Ariel's Skyward Serenade

Here we have our favorite redheaded mermaid, Ariel, doing what she does best, singing with that beautiful golden voice of hers. Her voice was so enchanting, a bird landed on her finger. She is truly magical. This was based on a photoshoot with the real life Ariel, Traci Hines, who was posing as a mermaid different from Ariel, doing the same thing like in this fanart. One thing is for sure, both Ariel and Traci Hines are both magical!


Stefan said...

When I 1st read the title I thought it said Skyward Sword XD

Ariel would fit in the LoZ universe.

Link is voiceless because he made a deal with Ursala XD XD

RekkaDragonJay said...

Well, actually, this wasn't based on Zelda: Skyward Sword. Like I said, it was based on the time Traci Hines, in full mermaid attire, was doing a photoshoot. During her posing, she was singing Part of Your World and a hummingbird landing on her finger. It was quite magical when she did that. You should check her YouTube page sometimes. She did covers on songs from Disney movies, Sailor Moon and not to mention being Ariel's Hipster counterpart, Helvetica. She's a sweet gal, just like Jodi Benson herself.

But that was a funny analogy, though. :D