Thursday, September 1, 2016

Grand Finale

And Now...The Final Episode.

*On the surface of a Green Planet [planet rock],lies a small 3 story base,called Z Central. Inside the Base's Lounge (a generic lounge with a curved couch,chairs,an entertainment center,a mini-bar,and a fridge.). Various camera men are focused on the curved couch. Sitting in the back of the room is the audience,made up of various cartoon stars*

Announcer [voice]: Welcome to the Ultimate Finale. This Is The American Cartoon Federation's Grand Finale Special. ACF is going out,It's going out with a Bang! Here Are Your Hosts Stefan and Tom Z2.

*The crowd applauds Stefan and Tom Z2 as they enter. Applause ends.*

Welcome everyone to The ACF Grand Finale Special. I'm Stefan and he's Tom Z2. We are live inside the lounge of Z Central,a base owned and operated by Tom Z2 himself. Now,as you know,I'm leaving The ACF to work on my other blogs. My longtime friend Jason,who sadly couldn't be here today,will be taking command.

Tom Z2: I'm sure he'll catch the re-airing though. We're here to celebrate the End of an Era.

*Both Tom and Stefan take a seat on the curved couch as the crowd applauds.*

Tom Z2: Today,we will be doing a retrospect of both American Cartoon Federation,and it's predesessor The Cartoon Historian.

And joining us will be 3 very special guests. So don't go away,we'll be right back.

Announcer [voice]: The ACF Grand Finale Special will return after this.
Geico Gecko Comercial from the 1990's
Announcer [voice]: Welcome back to The ACF Grand Finale Special.

Thanks Announcer,well before we officially begin,I want everyone to give a very warm welcome to our 3 super special guests. Now these 3 should be very very familiar to longtime fans.

Tom Z2: So please give a round of applause to our old friends...Sailor Moon,Gohan Son,and Mina.

*Audience applauds as Gohan,Mina,and Sailor Moon come out,hug the hosts,and sit on the curved couch with them. Applause ends.*

Welcome back guys. We"ve missed you.

Mina: Great to be back.

Gohan: Even though it's only for this one episode.

Tom Z2: So what have you guys been up too?

Gohan: Nothing much. Doing the lecture circuit and rasing a family. *takes out wallet and shows off pictures* This is my daughter Pan.

Sailor Moon: She's adorable.


TomZ2: Is she strong?

Gohan: *puts wallet away* She may be,Though we're not sure. 

Sailor Moon: I've been defending Japan from new enemies,including a ressurected Dark Kingdom,which thankfully,never got a chance to thrive.

Mina: I"ve Been doing stuff. Nothing worthy if mentioning though.I've seen you've been successful with things here,Stefan.

Yup. Also had help from Jason. You guys never met him,have you?

Sailor Moon: Nope. Sorry. I like his work though.

Mina: Me neither.

Gohan: Agreed. We never crossed paths.

TomZ2: As for me,I've been keeping busy with this place,it's no easy task,lemmie tell ya.

Yeah,I've been busy myself with my other webpages. What does everyone think so far?

TomZ2: Love MVW. Retro Talk is coming along nicely. The game reviews are cool. You totalky ripped of KWing,though.

Mina: Can't wait to see whats to come.

Gohan and Sailor Moon nod.

Sailor Moon: Giga Fiction is cool too.

Gohan: Can't wait to see your Street Fighter Series next year.

Legend of Zelda 1 review has been up for Weeks so if you haven't checked it out yet,go for it.

TomZ2: Also seen your plan for a TV Network. We desperatly need a Network like that.

Mina: Most definatly. I also read some stuff on Giga Fiction. Dude,is it a Fan Fiction site or a Mega Man shrine? I mean,seriously. XD

Sailor Moon: Will there be any Sailor Moon based fics on the site?

I'm working on one right now,though it's more of a batch of episode summaries than a full blown fanfic. I'll show everyone soon.

Tom Z2: MVW is coming along great. Vince McMahon could learn from you.

Indeed. So,any new animated favorites?

Sailor Moon: I'm really enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal. It feels like a great improvenent over the original. I also love Star v The Forces of Evil.

Gohan: Been too busy to watch TV,me being on the lecture circuit and all. But,both Pan and Videl love Elena of Avalor.

Tom Z2: Not much cartoon watching nowadays. Been way too busy to watch TV. I did check out some Anime online,though. They're not as great as the Anime of the past,but they're okay. Dragon Ball Super is delivers on action but craps on continuity with a passion. None of the storylines fit in with existing continuity. Toei and Toriyama really need to check back on previous works.

Mina: I love Star v The Forces of Evil as well. Star reminds me of Sailor Venus. Another animated show I like,to some extent,is Steven Universe. I watch it sometimes online. It has it's retarded moments,but otherwise it's not a bad show.

Great. I've been watching Disney mostly,they're the only company I trust with my animation needs these days. BTW,New Ducktales coming next year. Any hopes for the series?

Mina: With Allen Young gone and most of the original cast getting up in years,we're gonna need a fresh new cast.

Sailor Moon: The theme song was fun. Hope they remix it for the 2017 show.


Gohan: From what I read,the show will be a modern take on the original Don Rosa and Carl Barks stories.

Tom Z2: That's what I've heared too. Hope they keep Glomgold Scottish,he's much better that way.

Agreed. He also looked better in the 87 show. We're gonna go to break now,but when we return,out little "panel" will be discusing our favorite posts of this blog. So stay tuned for a trip down memory lane.

Announcer [voice]: The ACF Grand Finale Special will return after this time out.
Karate Fighters Commercial from the 90's
A Super NES commercial from the early 90's.
SlimJim commercial from the 90's starring the Macho Man.
Announcer [voice]: And now,back to The ACF Grand Finale Special.

Thanks announcer. And Now...What We Gonna Do Right Here, Is Go Back....Way Back...Back Into Time.

TomZ2: Time to talk about out favorite ACF posts. Who wants to go first?

Mina: I'm partial to the Spider-Man "Lessons",after all they were my debut episode. The reboot of the Ninja Turtle "lesson" was also a fun episode. 2k3 Mikey was such a fun guest host.

We went for Pizza afterward. I was treating. That Turtle can really scarf down Pizza,like his 1987 counterpart.

Mina: Another fun one was that Dorkstalker interview,that was very funny. Wonder what they're up to now?

Last time I talked with them,which was months ago,they're living out their lives as normal. They still have trouble finding work,though.

Mina: But to me the absolute best episode was 60 Minutes: Caroon Edition. That one rocked and was one if the most unique thing on this site.

I admit,I had lots of fun doing that. Optimus Prime makes a damn great host. I also got to meet Tom 3.0 too.

Tom Z2: One of my favorite episode was the Captain N 2-parter. Nice insight of the series,especially from that interview.

I think it was a mistake on DiC's part to have Jeffery Scott write an entire season by himself.

TomZ2: Another fave would have to be The Sailor Moon retrospect by Jason.

Sailor Moon: I like that one too.

I made a contrabution to that,adding more Manga-Anime differences. I liked that retrospect as well.

Tom Z2: The Episode on Saban Moon was an interesting read too. Though I'm glad That concept never got off the ground.

Sailor Moon: Amen! My reputation in America woud've been decimated had That abomination existed.

Tom Z2: True that. I also felt that the 60 Minutes: Cartoon Edition episode was one ACF's finest. Love Optimus Prime.

Fun fact: I was gonna make another one,but because of my scheduel,those plans were scrapped.

TomZ2: Shame. But thems the breaks,I guess. Another thing I really like were the Cartoon Cronicles. Shame you didn't make anymore,Stefan

Oh,I intend to continue them on Retro Talk.

Sailor Moon: Awesome. One of my favorite episodes was when we did the history of She-Ra. I was the co-host.

You were a good co-host.

Gohan: Everyone was a solo co-host except me.

Sailor Moon: I also liked 60 Minutes: Cartoon Edition and The Sailor Moon retrospect. The What Should Have Been's were great too.

Gohan: I liked those as well. Ultimate Boss was good too.

Tom Z2: Dug the Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo too. And those Shego summeries were awesome.

I got The Disney Afternoon Rebirth idea from a youtube video. And those Shego summeries were my answer to Legend of Korra.

Mina: The 90's nostalgia list was cool.

It's just something I felt like making. Did one for the 80's too.

Sailor Moon: I'm a fan of the lists too.

Gohan: Me too. My favorites include: Stupid Network Executive Moments,Top 10 Things Disney Needs To Copy From The Eisner Era,and Disney Sequels that are good.

I really expressed my Classic Disney fanboy-ism,haven't I?

Everyone: Yup!

Gohan: The Saturday Morning Block Rater was also a great read.

The Idea came to me while watching videos of old SatAM promos on Youtube.

Gohan: Loved the Top Non-Disney Animation Companies episode too.

I figured I'd show my appreciation to TV Animation Companies that weren't Disney.

Gohan: I loved the Top 20 List of Underrated Animated Gems.

Tom Z2: Same here. Always nice to see some of the lesser known shows get some love.

Inspired by Ben T.Looney's 'Top 11 Underrated Cartoon' videos. After watching them,I figured I'd do my own list.

Gohan: You have lots of Sailor Moon stuff here,but only 1 post dedicated to Dragon Ball.

Yeah,I meant to do more,but like I said,I had other things to do and write about. Hopefully Jason will pick up the slack in that department. Anyway,for me I'd say my favorite posts would be: SatAM Rater,The Show Ideas,The What Could Have Beens,and Most of The Lists. I also love my Retrospect of Weekday Afternoon TV. I'll be doing a Sunday Morning variation on Retro Talk.

Mina: I liked that Retrospect as well. Most of the Specials were fun reads.

Indeed they were. Another,episode I liked was the one on Cartoon What-If's.

Mina: Jamie and Coop were fun guests. I liked that episode as well.

Tom Z2: This site has a crapload of fun stuff. Hopefully,Jason will be able to keep the momentum going.

Sailor Moon: Since Jason is such a fan of mine,he should call me up sometime to co-host.

He'd love that.

Tom Z2: Now that our little time trip is over,it's time to take a small time out. So don't go away,we'll be right back with final words.

Announcer [voice]: The ACF Grand Finale Special will return after this time out.
Burger King Commercial from the 90's
WWF Figures Commercial from the 90's
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures Comercial from the 80's
The "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" Commercial from the Late-80's
Announcer [voice]: And now the conclusion to The ACF Grand Finale Special.

Okay,before we part ways again,let's talk about future endeavors. You already know about mine.

Tom Z2: For me,I'm gonna continue my duities as Chief Operator of this base. Been a pretty uninteresting job as of late,I'll admit.

Gohan: I'm still adjusting to fatherhood. Once I'm done with tbe Lecture Circuit,I'm gonna spend more time with my family and friends.

Sailor Moon: I'm gonna continue what I've always been doing,Punishing Evil in the Name Of The Moon. Eventually,once I'm done with collage,I'll settle down with Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru and start a family.

Mina: I have no clue what I'll be doing in the future. I'm a free spirit,so I could do anything at anytime.

Well that about concludes are show. I wanna thank Mina,Sailor Moon,and Gohan for joining us tonight. And Tom Z2 for usage of his base. Hope you enjoyed this little reunion of the Cartoon Historian Family. Jason,I leave this site in your hands buddy.

'Til we meet again,Stay Gold Space Cowboys.

*screen darkens and the credits roll. After the credits the screen fades to black*
And Now...Because I Promised It...!

Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver

A great evil (shuma gorath jr.) has come to Auradon. Using special stones she got from Dr.Strange,Fairy Godmother grants Jay,Evie,Mal,Ben,and Carlos Super powers to combat this evil.

Ben is granted the Powers of a Super Soldier and becomes Captain Auradon. Carlos is given a Gamma burst to become The Silver Hulk. Jay is given Mutant Powers that grants him Super Speed and becomes Crimson Streak. Evie gets Mutant Powers as well,she gets Psychic Powers and becomes Psylady. Mal gets an increase in her own magical abilities and becomes the Violet Witch.

During their adventures,they meet other heroes,villains,and anti-heroes. They even get aid from the Marvel Heroes themselves.

So Join the VKs and King Ben as they take on the evil Shuma Gorath Jr. and his minions to save the world.

I promised this,and I delivered.
Good Bye American Cartoon Federation,Hello Retro Talk!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy!


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I know you will. BTW what do you think of Elena of Avalor?

RekkaDragonJay said...

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