Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Death of Saturday Mornings (Officially)! Litton Takes Over Saturdays!

I know Vortexx on the CW was killed off and replaced it with One Magnificent Morning, thus killing off Saturday Morning Cartoon blocks, but this one takes the cake. As of September 25th, 2016, NBC Kids will be replaced with, surprise, surprise, another block made by Litton Entertainment itself, the same Litton Entertainment that has single-handedly killed off every single cartoon block. All because they are following the FCC's enforcement of the Children's Television Act of 1990. Look, I may not be the biggest fan of NBC Kids, but they were just following the E/I guidelines of the FCC. But, the freakin' FCC doesn't care, so they let their pack of edutainment watchdogs from Litton to absorb all of NBC Kids for their base ends. And the name of the block is, believe it or not, "The More You Know," named after the sign off line from those PSAs NBC airs from time to time. Are you freakin' kidding me?

How dare Litton use something like that to fill their pockets and the FCC's, too?! Who are these people think they are, followers of Sigma, who believe that "Evolution requires sacrifice"? In their feeble, little minds, they think that animation should be sacrificed for the benefit of the whole world and for the kids. That is the most ridiculous claim I have ever heard of. And you think they are would be done with this. No, no no. It will be just a matter of time before they go after animation on cable, satellite and the internet, that is, if they have their way with congress and use the FCC as their method. If they continue to cut so much red tape, animation as a whole will be extinct in the matter of years.

Bottom line, Litton Entertainment has become of the King of Saturday Mornings and they see animation as a cancer. The removal of Vortexx may have killed off Saturday Mornings, but the end of NBC Kids, may have been its burial. It sucks being a fan of animation now.

RIP Saturday Mornings (Officially)
1950s - September 24, 2016 (This time for real)

And if they think I am going to watch Discovery Family because of this, they are sadly mistaken. Discovery is as guilty as Litton Entertainment, especially the Hub being dead. Edutainment does not equal ratings, plain and simple.

And believe me, despite this, we will fight on. For justice, for freedom, for honesty, FOR ANIMATION!!

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Stefan said...

Physically SatAM TV Did die after Vortexx was canned. But,spirltually it died much much earlier.