Thursday, September 15, 2016

The First Episode of He-Man (in it's normal proper pitch, no less!)

Hey there, Toonsters!

You won't believe what I have stumbled into. A friend of mine named Philip Gipson, share this video from Vimeo on Facebook the other day and to my shock and amazement, it was the first episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, "The Cosmic Comet." But, that's not the best part. The best part is, is the fact that this episode itself was shown in its normal. proper pitch.

Long ago, I signed up to and joined in the conversation about the differences between NTSC and PAL over the Filmation shows like He-Man and She-Ra. I suggested using Audacity to fix the audio in its proper pitch as it use to be. Though, I met with some criticisms over my statements, thinking that I badmouthed BCI/Entertainment Rights for ruining the Filmation Library (except for a few), but there was one user who logically explained to me how this procedure works. His name was Grimbot and he told me if BCI were to release He-Man, She-Ra and all the other Filmation shows, they should've slow the frame rate from 25 to 23.976fps, thus restoring it to its normal, proper pitch. But instead, BCI used Interpolation (Ghost Frames) for their frame rate conversion, which are the versions we ended up today NTSC with the PAL Speedup treatment. Using video making software is key to fixing the quality of the shows we like.

Anyway, after the convo, Grimbot, somehow was inspired by my encouragement to fix the quality of the shows, took it upon himself and did it himself, starting with the episode, "The Cosmic Comet." And now, the hard part beginnings. Trying to convince DreamWorks, who now owns most of the Classic Media library, including those of Filmation, to fix the frame rates back to its normal, proper pitch. So that way, the next DVD/Blu Ray re-releases we see, are the true NTSC quality versions of He-Man, and She-Ra and so forth.

So other than having my VHS copy of the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special, this is the only normal pitched version of He-Man I will enjoy. So, until then, enjoy the first episode of He-Man in its true proper pitch. And hope and pray more episodes and more Filmation shows will follow this new trend. So Grimbot, wherever you are, thank you. You have made us He-Fans and She-Ravers very proud. Until next time, Stay Frosty, my friends! - NTSC He-Man by Grimbot (I am not making this stuff up. There is a chance that this show and every other Filmation show can be restored. It all depends how DreamWorks responds to our pleas, that is. Only time will tell.)

(He-Man and the Masters of the Universe end credits theme play)


Stefan said...

Um. Remove the video and just put the link to it instead,Jase. Cuz the vid itelf is screwing up the site. Thanks.

Thankfully Youtube don't have this problem.

RekkaDragonJay said...

It is done. No trouble at all. So what do you think? You think one episode of He-Man, with its quality fixed, can start a trend to fix most of the Filmation library? I say yes! That is if DreamWorks gets a wind of this and do what BCI failed to do. And that's fixing the quality on shows like He-Man and She-Ra. I know it sounds futile, but we gotta try.

Stefan said...

Thank you. Youtube doesn't have this problem,only the other vid sites.

Anyway as to He-Man. Good find.You Definatly Have The Power XD.

I like the Original show a lot more than the 2k2 version.