Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Rekka Dragon has Gone Solo!

Hey there, Toonsters!

  As you are aware, my good buddy and brother in arms, Stefan, has left the American Cartoon Federation to focus more on the other blogs, including Retro Talk and left me in charge of the ACF to carry on the fight to bring honor and respect back to animation, including those of Western Animation. But, the progress is long and hard, especially doing it all by myself and not to mention doing everything else, including my real life.

TOM-Z: You are never alone, Jay! You got me and all the other toonsters to back you up!


TOM-Z: Stefan may have left, but I haven't. Whatever you need, anything at all, I will be there.

Thanks, TOM. I appreciate it.

TOM-Z: So, what now, Boss?

Good question. As you can see, I see got some blogging left in me. So Toon Ninja Reviews is still up and running. My artwork will still be a part of the ACF. I know he told me no ponies, but I gotta talk to Stefan about making an exception for my steed, Shining Armor. Nothing beats the power of compromising. And since I am starting to use YouTube more often, I will post some of my videos. Speaking of which, I am almost finish with my first episode of my documentary series called "LET'S FAIL: Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family." This episode will be about Discovery's beginnings to its splitting into multiple channels. There will be a few gags in there. Still, I gotta be careful, though. YouTube is still pushy with their copyright issues, even though I made it perfectly clear that my videos are made under Fair Use.

TOM-Z: Man, that is rough.

Tell me about it!

TOM-Z: I hope this video and all the other Anti-Discovery themed videos get lots of views and not get cut off due to false copyright claims.

Let's hope so, TOM.

TOM-Z: I know you will do well here. Stefan will be proud of you. Stay Gold, Jay!

Thanks, TOM!  With that said, expect the first episode of Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family to be released very soon. After I do some little tweaking left and so forth. Until then, Stay Frosty, my friends!

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Stefan said...

Best of luck with this