Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fictional Villains Comparable to Henry Schleiff

Hey there, Toonsters!

Long ago, when I did my Anime Jason vs. Viacom video series (which I have stopped, but one day I will go back doing them), I use to compare Phillipe Dauman and Cyma Zarghami to the villains from the NickToons universe. And a while back, Stefan did a list, comparing Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, to other villains. So I figure I do one of my own. Only time, this one is about the man who not only destroyed the hopes and dreams of a decent channel where both the past and future come together and continue to hold the brony fanbase hostage, just to force them to watch every, single edutainment programming they air. I am referring to Henry Schleiff, the man who killed off the Hub and replace it with the edutainment cesspool known as Discovery Family.

As we all know that in the past I compare him to the evil dark lord of Tartarus, Tirek, who was re-imagined in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because of his dark, evil, deceptive nature, especially using Discord for his own base ends. Not to mention destroying Twilight Sparkle's home away from home, Golden Oak Library, which mirrors the Hub Network's demise. Did I forget to mention that Tirek's name rhymes with Schleiff?  But, Tirek isn't the only villain that I want to compare Schleiff. My list will be slightly different to Stefan's, but the villains' motivations remain the same, mostly. So, here is the list of villains I compare Henry Schleiff to besides his namesake, Tirek.

Lex Luthor: He is like every, single businessman, respectable to the public eye, but greedy, deceptive and downright evil behind the scenes, especially plotting the death of Superman.

Vlad Plasmius: Very deceptive and full of power, especially trying to outwit Danny Phantom and ruling the world as its emperor. Speaking of which...

Arago (Talpa): Powered by all the darkness and hatred in man's hearts, this demon emperor will not rest until all the world is driven by hatred, suffering and death.

Firelord Ozai: Burning the entire world into a cinder and rebuilding it into the image of the entire Fire Nation is this nutjob's true objection. One Fire Nation, under Ozai.

Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin: Like Luthor, to the public, he's a respectable businessman. But behind the scenes, he is a deviant criminal mastermind and he's a got a lot of lawyers in his backpay.

Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious: POWWWWER!! Un...Limited...POWWWWWWWWWWWWER!! I say that sums him up in a nutshell.

Sigma: Just like Schleiff himself, this former Maverick Hunter believes that "Evolution requires sacrifice", which is true for what has happened to the Hub. Why do people distorts Darwin's own words for their own base ends?

Dr. Claw: He may not show his face, but sending his henchmen to do his dirty work makes him more dangerous. That, and his deep, dark, gravelly voice sends chills down your spine.

Megatron (G1 version): Power is everything to him. And he will destroy anyone that stands in his way.

Hordak: He took over all of Etheria, one kingdom at a time.

Ganondorf: One kingdom isn't good enough for him. He wants to rule it all.

Jafar: Once loyal to the Sultan, but he wants to dethrone him, just like Schleiff dethroned people like Margaret Loesch and Donna Epps, when he and Nikki Reed took over.

And that is my comparing villains list. Schleiff is just as bad as all the other villains I have mentioned. But, as long as I see Tirek through his eyes and his face, I will never forgive him for killing off the Hub and giving us Discovery Family. Like I said, the past is something we remember and cherish, never regretted. And judging what Tirek Schleiff has done, he regrets it more than cherishing it. What a maroon!


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