Monday, October 31, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Anime Jason and She-Ra (Happy Birthday, Melendy Britt!)

This fanart represents not only the fact that She-Ra is my favorite fictional aunt, next to Elsa and Jem, but also celebrates the birth of the very person who brought life to the Princess of Power herself, and her birthday is, believe it or not, on Halloween of all days. I am, of course, referring to the one, the only, Melendy Britt. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite fictional aunt, who has given me a lot of strength and courage to do the things I like to do, especially loving and respecting other female characters. For the Honor of Grayskull, thanks for the memories, Ms. Britt. Like I said, there wouldn't be a Sailor Moon, if it wasn't for She-Ra!

Happy Birthday, Melendy Britt!


Stefan said...

One of The 1st Henshin Heroines. And She's American Made too. She-Ra rocks.

RekkaDragonJay said...

She sure does, so does Melendy Britt herself! :D