Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jason's Gallery - Losing a Friend: A Susan Aceron Tribute

"As she clings on to the Garnet Orb, Sailor Chibimoon has come to the realization that her oldest and dearest friend is no longer with us. Losing Sailor Pluto is like losing a part of yourself and it is one pain she can't overcome. However, she knows that even she is no longer among the living, her spirit will forever be by her side. Who knows? Perhaps, one day, she will return and see Chibiusa again. But as long as she holds on to the Garnet Orb, Sailor Pluto will never truly be gone."

Thanks for all the memories, Ms. Aceron. Godspeed.


Stefan said...

Cloverway!Hotaru may also be gone too. So Chibi-Usa may need to be sad about 2 deaths.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Actually, Jennifer Gould voiced Hotaru, not Ms. Aceron. I looked it up on Wikipedia. Other than Sailor Pluto, Aceron did not just Motoki's (Andrew's) sister, but also Mistress 9 and the last two halves of the Witches 5, Cyprine and Ptirol. Nothing on her voicing Hotaru in this one. Only Jennifer Gould was the only one who voiced her. That is all.

Stefan said...

Oops. Well Hotaru-chan and Mistress 9 are the same person,more or less. Guess I got cobfused.

Here's something to think about. the 9 in Mistress 9 has a hidden meaning. Hotaru became Mistress 9,the Sovereign of Silence,then she became Sailor Saturn,the Senshi on Death and Rebirth. Well Saturn is the 9th official Sailor Senshi.