Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Show Ideas

Note: The following is an unfinished post that I ompletely forgot about. So this Will be my Absolute Final Post!

More original show ideas for my potential TV network. I need many many fresh new shows for this network in order to make it a success. Variaty Is The Splice Of Life!

I will be covering both Live-Action and Animation. And,of course,No Reality Shows!
Live Action:

Super Human Fighter Taskforce Ultimaranger - My very own Super Sentai. An evil alien and his terrorist group head to Earth to find the lost Royals of Altar,who were sent to earth as babies to be saved from the terrorist group. If these children ever grew up and discovered their hidden powers,it would mean the end for them if all 7 ever fought them together. They start their search by the harrassing innocent people of Los Diablos,a clean and peaceful city.

An old intergalactic wizard,being kept alive in a rejuvination tank (like the terror leader),has a team of henshin heroes created. he recruits 6 youths to become Ultimaranger and stop the terrorist group.

As as usual once the monsters defeated it'll grow and the Rangers use their Zords to destroy them.
Daikaiju Wars - Giant Monsters battle for supremacy.
Jesus - Jesus Christ,tired of mans fetish for violence and chaos,comes back to Earth with a new job,keeping the peace as a negotiator. He has talks with all sorts parties. And if they don't stick with the deal that was made,Jesus has his vengeance.
World Championship Arm Wrestling (beta name) - An Arm Wrestling show.

Virtua-Monsters (bata name) - Monsters like pokemon and digimon,but when evolved,never changes the name only adds the level number after it. Plus they originate from Virtual Reality. Story Coming Soon!
Pretty Soldier 5 - Demons have risen and are terrorising Earth. To stop them,a puppy with mystic abilities chooses 5 teenage girls to become The Pretty Soldiers,henshin heroines of Justice and truth.
Galactic Fighter 2095 (beta name) - In 2095,2 Earthling Martial Artists seek out fighters from other worlds to perfect their skills and become stronger. An great space adventure awaits them.
Cartoon Enforcer (beta name) - A Teenager is pulled into a Universe,where Carton Characters are real. He is recruited by (fictional) Cartoon heroes to help save the Universe from evil. Basically this show is Captain N,but with cartoons instead of video games.

And so,all of my loose ends are finally complete.

See Ya In 2017 on RetroTalk.

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