Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time Has Stopped! In Memory of Susan Aceron

This just in, and it's a heartbreaker to all you moonies out there, which is more heartbreaking than the death of Kirsten Bishop.

Susan Aceron Gray, the second voice of Sailor Pluto from the original Sailor Moon english dub, has died on October 9th, 2016 after a long bout with nasopharyngeal cancer. She was 44 years old. Although she did some other animes, Aceron was best known as the voice of Sailor Pluto in the Cloverway dub. As bad as the dub was, editing wise, her voice for the senshi of time and space was elegant at best. 

Here's to you, Ms. Aceron. May your elegance last for all eternity. Godspeed.

(TAPS plays)

Susan Aceron Gray
July 6, 1972 - October 9, 2016

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Stefan said...

I think She did Hotaru too in the initial dub.

She will be missed. R.I.P. Trista Meoh :(