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Toon Ninja Reviews - Avatar: The Last Airbender Part V: The Good, The Bad and the M. Night Shyamalan (WHAT A TWIST!) - featuring Ryo of the Wildfire and Jadeite

As Jason, Ryo and White Blaze stand ready for battle, Jadeite hovers above them, gloating as he is ready to attack.

*Jadeite laughs maniacally*

Jadeite: You got nothing left, you fools! Once I am done with you, your energies will be drained, enough for the great ruler, Queen Metallia, to be revived. My master, Talpa, will be very pleased!

Ryo: Talpa, it figures!

Jadeite: Now, time to face oblivion!

Whoa! Hold on a second there, Jadeite.

*Jadeite halts his attack*

Don't we get a request?

*Ryo nods in agreement; Jadeite stops for a moment to think*

Jadeite: Why not?  What do you have in mind?

Well, since I am doing a review on Avatar: The Last Airbender, why don't you join in and help us out.

Jadeite: So be it. Once it is done, I will destroy you.

Fair enough.

Jadeite: What do you have in mind?

Well, since I already covered most of the story, animation, music and so forth, we will talk about the good and bad aspects of the show and everything in between.

Jadeite: Very well, then. I have not watch this show for some time, but I do have one gripe with this show.

And what's that?

Jadeite: There is this one episode, that most Avatar fans want to forget and that is chapter 11 from Book One called The Great Divide.

Oh yeah, that.

Jadeite: This episode, is by far the worst episode in the series. It is about two Earth Kingdom tribes, who don't get along and have been doing it for centuries, especially on how to cross the divide itself. So much so, it almost split Team Avatar apart. I won't quite spoil it for you, but let's just say the ending doesn't make such sense. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! *clears throat* Sorry. What about you, mortal, any thoughts on the whole matter?

Well, I got a lot to say, but my reasons are different from yours and Ryo's. Speaking of which, how bout you, Ryo.

Ryo: Well, I do agree that the Great Divide is the worst episode in Avatar, aside from some other noticeable candidates such as lesser bad episodes like Nightmares and Daydreams and The Ember Island Players, most of Avatar is awesome in many ways with its action, animation, music, story, character development, and so on and so forth. So in a way, I got no ill will towards this show, other than its few hiccups.

Well, you guys got valid points on the show. Although it's an awesome show and it does have a few flaw and a couple of bad apples off the tree, but those pale in comparison to the one thing that was a stain in the an otherwise great show. So, come around in a circle and I will tell you this dark story.

*Lights turn off; Jason turns on flashlight in front of his face when telling the story.*

*Deepens voice to a dark tone* It all began with a man named Shyamalan, M. Night Shyamalan, that is.  Around the summer of 2010, Shyamalan, who directed movies like Signs and The Sixth Sense (and yes, I see dead people), was given the task to do a live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. But, all he did was took liberties with the show and made it a completely different vision of what the show is. For instance, the movie was short, real short, the first book cramped into one movie, without including parts with Jet and the Kyoshi Warriors. Second of all, the characters were miscast. The actors who played the characters were nothing like how they were in the cartoon. Not just physically, but also psychologically. For instance, Aang was suppose to be Asian and suppose to be fun and easy going, not all serious and always down. Sokka and Katara were suppose to be tanned skinned like the actual Inuit natives, not white, and not to mention that Katara was suppose to be the strongest character in the show. But instead, she was portrayed in the movie as a wimp. And you know what is the worst part of the movie, other than the cruddy CGI?

*Jadeite and Ryo shake their heads "No"*

It is the fact that three of the characters names were pronounced wrong. In the movie, Aang was pronounced as "Oong", Sokka was pronounced, "Soak-ka" and Zuko's uncle, Iroh was pronounced "E-row". Shayamalan claimed that these names were how they were pronounced. But contrary to what he has claimed, the Avatar fans would claim otherwise. So the way I see, The Last Airbender was nothing more than a facsimile to the cartoon itself. It is dull, the CGI was terrible, the characters portrayals were messed up and Shayamalan's direction has made it as scary than all the execs combined. And by the time you walk out of watching this movie, you will end up, like THIS!

*Jason alters face to make it scary and shrieks; Jadeite and Ryo jumps up a bit after being scared*

*clears throat; speaking normal* And that is why The Last Airbender was the worst cartoon adaptation in all of cinema, next to the recent live action version of Jem and the Holograms.

Ryo: Right on!

Jadeite: I agree with you.

*White Blaze nods*

Jadeite: Well, now that this little camaraderie has ended, time for some unfinished business.

*Jadeite prepares to attack*

*White Blaze roars*

Ryo: Will see about that!

*Ryo puts his swords together by their handles and prepares his surekill*


*Ryo swings his charged up swords at Jadeite*

Jadeite, feeling nervous: Perhaps, another time, then.

*Jadeite teleports out of there before the flash from Ryo's attack hits him*

Wow! Talk about making a quick getaway.

Ryo: Tell me about it.

To Be Concluded....

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