Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Breaking News! Young Justice Season 3 Confirmed!

This just in! After so much waiting, so much red tape to cut and so much campaigning through social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The wait is over! It has been confirmed by those from WB Animation that season 3 of Young Justice is a go! As we recall, Young Justice was cancelled after two seasons by Cartoon Network due to all the politics and backstabbing that cause this and all the other action cartoons to get cancelled, even if they were good, which continues to this day, especially cancelling the new Transformers cartoon after it was moved to CN after Discovery killed off the Hub and replace it with Discovery Family. Anyway, it is getting underway but no official date of release, other than its going to be shown on Netflix.  If you want to know more about these turn of events, the link is at the bottom. You will know everything. I wish this was shown on CN after its first run on Netflix. But, knowing CN, they will not welcome anything action related, but who knows. But for now, let us enjoy our victory for fan support in bring Young Justice back into the fold. And believe me, not only we will know the true fate of Kid Flash, but also we will get to see Darkseid, in all of his villainous glory. Because one thing is for sure...

Justice has been done!

This has been an ACF Special Bulletin


Stefan said...

Cartoon Network Still Sucks! YJ should Not be on that Network.

In Marvel News: The X-Men will be getting some new Comic series in 2017. Looks like Disney hasn't forgotten about our favorite Mutants. It'll be an event called RessurXtion. and will have comics for The Gold Team and The Blue Team. There's also gonna be New series for Iceman,Jean Grey,Weapon X,Generation X,and Cable.

Spider-Man will be getting a fresh new Animated series next year. And according to what I heard,the show will be si ilar to Spectacular Spider-Mam.

Finally,The Avengers will be getting a 4th season next year and Will feature more characters from the various Marvel Universes...mostly the MCU. So that means Wasp,your fave jase,will finally be on the show.

KingsSideCastle said...

Oh yes I heard about this. I'm so psyched for Season 3. I'm really glad that they decided to make it. ^_^