Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On Tap For 2018.

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. Mine was okay. Anywho,let's skip the small talk and talk about what's gonna be going down for 2018. We'll start with ACF.

First thing I'm gonna be doing is finish my Sunday Morning tribute post. I was planning to have it posted before X-Mas,but let's just say,I had a few road blocks. So the thing won't be completed until early next month.

Does everyone miss my Superior Line-Up series? Well,I'll be continuing that next year too. Speaking of Line-Ups,I'm gonna be starting my Retro Line-Up series,where I take a look at various network line-ups of the past. Warning: This will be nothing more than a fun Nostalgia trip.

The List and Hall of Heroes will be updated. I'll also do more DBZ and Sailor Moon stuff,as well. I may even start up my own gallery to go along with Jasons. All this and more coming to ACF in 2018.

Now,Modern Vintage Wrestling will be Evolving later in the year. Stay tuned for that. The site is updated bi-monthly.

Retro Talk will also be getting some new stuff. I plan on continuing my WWE Redo series. I'm up to 1995. I also plan on doing some lists on my favorite things. I have some good stuff planned.

And finally,there's Giga Fiction. I plan on redoing my Mega Man X RS series. But the Mega Man celebration don't end there. I plan on continuing my Mega Man RS CD Data Base series as well as a Time-Line for the rest of my Rebooted Ruby-Spears Mega Man Universe.

I also plan on doing some edits to previous posts. All this and much more coming to Giga Fiction in 2018.

Well,that's it for now. Happy New Year,Space Cowboys and See Ya in 2018.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Christmas Fanart 2017

Hey Toonsters,

    Christmas is here and I thought I could share some of my artwork to celebrate the holidays!

Here we have a picture of the fictional avatars of my friends who I chat with on other sites like Facebook, Deviantart and YouTube. In my imagination, these characters are proud warriors in their own right, fighting to save all the worlds of fiction, including animation and gaming from that very, evil force that wants to destroy them all. One of them is Rayjin (the dude with the silvery white hair and a staff he carries with him), the fictional avatar of my buddy and brother from another planet, Stefan Bullock. This is my present to you. Thank you for inspiring me to not give up and fight on, especially what I am going through, especially on my friendship journey. Moving on.

Here we have my ficitional self being cheered up and encouraged by Sara Lance aka White Canary. When I feel down and question my mortality and my humanity when it comes to friendship, Sara Lance encouraged me to not give up and fight on, hopefully getting my answers when I least expected. And just like Toph Beifong, she shows affection by slightly tapping on the shoulders of her friends. She may be one tough cookie, but she truly cares. Quentin Lance, her father, should be proud. And finally...

For all you Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors fans, this one is for you. Here we have Minako Aino kissing Rei Fuan Kento (Kento of Hardrock, by the way) underneath the mistletoe (which she is carrying above her.) That is good for a laugh and very sweet, too.

And that's all she wrote, folks. Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Saraba! (Farewell!)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas From ACF

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas From your friends here at the American Cartoon Federation.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Reaper Gets Daphne Blake!

This very late peice of news was just delivered today (she died weeks ago and they just decided to report it today). Oy,no respect for VA's,I tell ya.

Anyway,Heather North,the first Voice of Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo franchise has died.

North of died at her home in Studio City,California,after a long battle with illness. She was 71.

I'm not that much of a Scooby Doo fanboy,but I will say that the VA Community lost one of it's legends. Rest in Peace,Ms. North.

I'm no good at eulogies,so I'm ending things here.

Heather North
December 13, 1945 – November 30, 2017


Monday, December 18, 2017

The Newest Addition to The List

Ladies and Gentlemen,the latest induction to The List is here..and it's a Huge one.

No,it's not Gary Marsh,it's The U.S.Government. Congress,as it stands at the moment,is chock full of embarrassing figures. Democrats are Corrupt and Republicans are Lame. And Both Parties have a tendency to be Hypocritical and Power-Hungry. And don't get me started on The Donald!

Socialisim Sucks and so does Trump!

So Congress,Trump,congrats guys.....YOU'VE JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!!!!! And it's been a long time coming too.

Mainstream Media! You're Next!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ACF Presents: The Great List Of Anti-Fail Females

We all dig chicks who have heart. We all dig chicks who have skills. We all dig intelligent chicks. And we all dig chicks that can kick ass. So to celebrate these ladies,I've composed a list of (fictional) women,who I consider Anti-Fail (or undeniably awesome).

Let's Go! Oh,keep in mind the Disney Bug is still infecting me,so half this list will comprise of Disney ladies. Also,there's gonna be at least 7 live-action characters on this list,so be warned. Ok,Now let's go.

The Anti-Fail Females:

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty and Disney Villains)
Batgirl (Batman '66 aka The Adam West Batman Show and Batman:The Animated Series)
Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman [70's show] and Justice League [animated series])
Teela (He-Man and The Master's of the Universe)
Evil-Lyn (He-Man and The Masters of the Universe)
Princess Adora/She-Ra (She-Ra:Princess of Power)
Lady Jaye (G.I.Joe: Real American Hero and G.I.Joe Renegades)
Scarlett (G.I.Joe: Real American Hero and G.I.Joe Renegades)
Cheetara (Thundercats and Thundercats 2k11)
Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda: the Animated Series)
Princess Lana (Captain N: The Game Master)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Ariel (The Little Mermaid Movies and TV Series)
Gadget (Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers)
Gaia (Captain Planet)
Linka (Captain Planet)
Gi (Captain Planet)
Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)
Kaitlin Starr (VR Troopers)
Ruby-Spears Roll (Mega Man: The Animated Series)
Astronema/Karone/Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger II (Power Rangers In Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Jen Scotts/Time Force Pink Ranger (Power Rangers Time Force)
All Sailor Senshi except for Chibimoon (Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal)
Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)
Videl (Dragon Ball Z)
Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
Cammy (Street Fighter)
Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)
Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Callisto (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Catwoman (Batman: The Animated Series)
Black Cat (Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Spectacular Spider-Man)
Rogue (X-Men: The Animated Series)
Storm (X-Men: The Animated Series)
Lois Lane (Superman: The Animated Series)
Supergirl (Superman: The Animated Series)
The Invisible Woman (Fantastic 4: The Animated Series)
She-Hulk (Hulk: The Animated Series and Hulk and the Agents of SMASH)
Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
Marle (Chrono Trigger)
Celes Chere (Final Fantasy 6)
Terra Branford (Final Fantasy 6)
Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy 7)
Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy 7)
Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy 7)
Elena of the Turks (Final Fantasy 7)
Fujin (Final Fantasy 8)
Sabrina (Pokemon)
Cynthia (Pokemon)
Roll Caskett (Mega Man Legends)
Princess Sally Acorn (Sonic SatAM and Archie Sonic)
Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic SatAM and Archie Sonic)
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Princess Jasmine (The Aladdin Movies and TV Series)
Nala (The Lion King)
Zira (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
Fa Mulan (Mulan)
Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
Esmerelda (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Megera (Hercules)
The Muses (Hercules)
Jane Porter (Tarzan and Legend of Tarzan)
Turk (Tarzan and Legend of Tarzan)
All 3 Powerpuff Girls (The Powerpuff Girls [classic series only])
Jesse Bannon (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest)
Callie Briggs (Swat Kats)
Felina Ferrel (Swat Kats)
Sara (Toonami [classic])
Dot Warner (Animaniacs)
Agent L/Elle (Men in Black: The Series)
Rouge The Bat (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Elise (Dan V.S.)
Arcee (Transformers Prime)
Jenny "XJ9" Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
Toph BeiFong (Avatar:The Last Airbender)
Korra (Legend of Korra)
Karai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3)
Hawkgirl (Justice League [animated series])
Fairy Leviathan (Mega Man Zero)
Princess Daisy (Super Mario)
Kira Ford (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
All 5 Guardians of the Veil/Infinite Dimentions (W.I.T.C.H.)
Black Widow (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble)
Captain Marvel (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble)
Spider-Gwen (Spider-Gwen)
Ashoka Tano (Star Wars)
Sabine Wren (Star Wars)
Hera Syndulla (Star Wars)
Kim Possible (Kim Possible)
Shego (Kim Possible)
Rapunzel (The Tangled Movie and TV Series)
Merida (Brave)
Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
Elsa (Frozen)
Star Butterfly (Star v The Forces of Evil)
Go Go Tamago (The Big Hero 6 Movie and TV Series)
Princess Elena (Elena of Avalor)
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)

And that about wraps up my list of Anti-Fail Females. Do you agree with this list? Drop me a comment below.

My next post will list the greatest Cartoon Soundtracks of the 80's and 90's and Early 00's.

Until then,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Favorite Pixar Songs

I've done one for the Disney Animated Canon,and I'm gonna do one for Pixar.

This list won't be as long as the last one,but it's Quality over Quanity in this case,

You've Got A Friend in Me (Toy Story Series)

Strange Things (Toy Story)

The Time of Your Life (A Bugs Life)

When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)

If I Didn't Have You (Monsters Inc)

Incredits (The Incredibles)

The Whole Soundtrack (Cars)

Most of The Soundtrack,especially the song "Down To Earth" (Wall-E)

We Belong Together (Toy Story 3)

Collision of Worlds (Cars 2)

Touch The Sky (Brave)

Into The Open Air (Brave)

Monsters University (Monsters University)

And that's it. I have yet to see Inside Out through Coco,so I don't have a favorite song from those movies...yet.

Until then,Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Glen Keane at The Late, Late Show with James Corden!

Have you seen The Late, Late Show with James Corden recently? I know we are not night dwellers and don't watch much late night talk shows, but I made an exception because of one guy, the very person who inspired me to be an inspiring artist in the first place, Glen Keane. Keane, as well all know, is the man responsible for many of the characters in Disney like Elliot from Pete's Dragon (the original, by the way), the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tarzan, Rapunzel from Tangled and most importantly, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Speaking of which, on that night, while being interviewed about the animated short, Dear Basketball, which was told from the mind of former NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, Glen Keane,, by means of a virtual reality device, did a 3D drawing of Ariel, while Part of Your World was playing.

This just shows you that whether it's on the canvas or on the computer, Glen Keane is one awesome artist! Thank you for reopening my door of nostalgia. It always warms my heart, whether it's Ariel singing, or you drawing. Keep on drawing!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Favorite Songs from the Disney Animated Canon.

The Disney Virus continues to infect me!

There's no denying that The Songs of the Disney Animated Canon are fun to listen to no matter what your age. Most songs from those movies are memorable and timeless.

So today,I'm gonna be listing my personal favorite songs from the Disney Animated Canon.

Heigh-Ho (Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)

The Siamese Cat Song (Lady and the Tramp)

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations)

I Wan'na Be Like You (Jungle Book)

Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)

Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)

Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Arabian Nights (Aladdin)

One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)

Friend Like Me (Aladdin)

Prince Ali (Aladdin)

The Circle of Life (The Lion King)

I Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King)

Be Prepared (The Lion King)

Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King)

Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas)

Savages (Pocahontas)

The Bells of Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Topsy Turvy (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Gospel Truth (Hercules)

Go The Distance (Hercules)

One Last Hope (Hercules)

Zero to Hero (Hercules)

I Won't Say [i'm in love] (Hercules)

A Star Is Born (Hercules)

Honor To Us All (Mulan)

I'll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)

A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan)

True to Your Heart (Mulan)

Two Worlds (Tarzan)

Son Of Man (Tarzan)

Trashin' The Camp (Tarzan)

Strangers Like Me (Tarzan)

Down in New Orleans (The Princess and the Frog)

Friends on the Other Side (The Princess and the Frog)

When We're Human (The Princess and the Frog)

Dig a Little Deeper (The Princess and the Frog)

Never Knew I Needed (The Princess and the Frog)

When Can I See You Again (Wreck-It Ralph)

Wreck-It,Wreck-It Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)

Love is an Open Door (Frozen)

Let It Go (Frozen)

Immortals (Big Hero 6)

And that's it. I have yet to see Zootopia and Moana,so I don't have a favorite song from those movies...yet.

I'm still in a Disney mood,so next time I'll list my favorite Pixar movie songs.

Until then,Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gary Marsh's 3rd Strike List

Gary Marsh is very close to being on The List. So I've decided to do a countdown of sorts to that Event. Here is the (incomplete) list of things that make up Gary Marsh's 3rd Strike.

- The Constant Marathons of Walk The Prank
- Encouraging his Retarded Underlings (mainly the program directors)
- Favoring those damn Pre-Schoolers over the General Audience.

This list will be updated whenever Marsh does something New.

He's getting close.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Disney Animated Canon In-Universe Timeline

The Disney Bug has been infecting my body since the Summer,and it's just gotten stronger. So in this post,I'll be listing All of the movies of the Disney Animated Canon in Chronological order.

Now,I'm not gonna list the movies in the order that they were made. What I'm gonna be doing is the Inter-Universal Timeline. Yes,Most Disney Animated Canon movies take place within the Same Universe,on the Same Planet.

The DAC currently is split into 2 Universes: Human and Anthro. Yes there are 2 DAC universes. Because,Robin Hood and Zootopia can't exist in the same Universe as the Princesses.

Well what about the Lion King and Bambi? Well,the characters of the Lion King and Bambi aren't Anthropomorphic. And they likely know how to talk thanks to Magic. Zootopia has already been established as Earth and,likely,the Future of Robin Hood.

For the sake of not giving you people a major headache,I've decided NOT to include the movies that have multiple segments. The only exceptions will be the 2 most popular segments of Fantasia,as well as The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad.

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh will also be counted,since all 3 segments of that movie star Pooh and friends.

Also,these dates are just guesses on my part,so don't judge me if I get anything wrong.

Anywhoo,Let's get things started.

Disney Animated Canon In-Universe Timeline (Human Universe):

Dinosaur (Early BC)

Hercules (Late BC)

Moana (Exremely Late BC - Extremely Early AD)

Brother Bear (Likely Early AD)

Mulan (Likely the 800's or the 900's)

Aladdin (Likely 1000)

The Black Cauldron (Likely the 1100's)

The Emperor's New Groove (Likely the 1400's)

Sword and the Stone (1460 - 1470)

Sleeping Beauty (Mid - Late 1400's)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Late 1400's - Early 1500's)

Pocahontas (1607)

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (Between 1612 and 1637)

Fantasia: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1692)

Beauty and the Beast (1757)

Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad: Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1790)

Tangled (Likely the Late 1700's)

Frozen (Likely the Late 1700's)

Cinderella (Late 1700's - Early 1800's)

The Little Mermaid (1837)

Fantasia: Night on Bald Mountain (Mid to Late 1800's)

Pinocchio (1881)

The Jungle Book (1895 - 1900)

The Great Mouse Detective (1897)

Tarzan (Late 1800's - Early 1900's)

Alice in Wonderland (Early 1900's)

The Aristocats (1910)

Peter Pan (1911)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (1914)

Princess and the Frog (The 1920's)

Dumbo (1939 - 1941)

Bambi (The 1940's)

Lady and the Tramp (The 1940's)

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (Likely the 1950's)

Winnie The Pooh (Likely the 1950's)

101 Dalmations (1958 - 1961)

The Fox and the Hound (Between 1967 - 1970)

The Rescuers (1977)

The Rescuers Down Under (1980)

Oliver and Company (1987)

The Lion King (Likely 1994)

Lilo and Stitch (Likely 2002)

Home on the Range (2004)

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Bolt (2008)

Wreck-It Ralph (Likely 2012)

Treasure Planet (Unknown,likely in the future)

Big Hero 6 (Likely 2114)
Disney Animated Canon Timeline (Anthro Universe):

Robin Hood (Late 1400's)

Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad: Wind in the Willows (1909 - 1910)

Chicken Little (2005)

Zootopia (2016)

And that is the In-Universe Timeline of the Disney Animated Canon. I may do one of the Disney TV Animated Canon one day. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Next Up. Favorite Songs from the Disney Animated Canon.

Until Next Time: Stay Gold,Space Cowboy!

Monday, November 27, 2017

An Angel and An Icon.

*sighs* A Reaper's work is never done and Last week,he got 2 more.

The first was Della Reese. Resse was best known for her roll as Tess on Touched By An Angel. She was also a singer (mainly gospel) and a Minister. She seemed like a great person to know and a cool old lady. She was also the real deal when it came to God.

The cause of her death is unknown,though it was likely old age. She was 86.

Good bye,Della.

Della Reese
July 6th 1931 - November 19th 2017

On a related note,70's Icon,David Cassidy has also passed away. He died of liver failure.He was 67.

I don't have much to say about this guy,as I wasn't a fan of his music. I only mentioned him out of respect and the fact that it was a cool thing to do.

David Cassidy
April 12th 1950 - November 21st 2017

I know these 2 aren't Voice Actors,but I just wanted to add them. I'm no good with eulogies,so forgive me if these "In Memory Of" posts are very short.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dragon Ball Theroy! Multiple Dragon Ball Universes!?

I watch Dragon Ball Super every chance I get. And I gotta say,as a Dragon Ball fanboy,I'm so hooked. However,I do have a few gripes with it,mainly Continuity Issues with Z and GT.

And that brings us to my Theory. There Are Multiple Dragon Ball Universes! The most notable ones being the Retro One and the Modern One. 

We'll start with the Classic One. In the Classic Universe Super doesn't exist,but GT Does. Not only that,but Most of the Filler exists too. Y'know what else doesn't exist in this Continuity? All Of The More Recent Dragon Ball Animations! Battle Of Gods Can't Exist because it contridicts Super Saiyan 4 and since Ressurection F is a direct sequel to Battle of Gods,it don't/can't exist either.

Episode of Bardock,Goku and Friends Return,Dragon Ball Online,Dragon Ball Minus,and Jacko the Patrolman are exclusive to the Modern Continuity. The Garlic Jr. Saga and ALL scenes with Krillin's Ex Maron aren't canon to either main continuity. 

Mainly because the 1st Movie "Deadzone" (where garlic jr. is the main villain) contradicts some things,such as Krillin seeing and meeting Gohan briefly in that movie,while aware that he was Goku's son. But in the Anime series,He (along with Bulma and Roshi) were shocked to find out that Goku had a kid.

Maron's debut was in the Garlic Jr.Saga,so she can't exist in these continuities if the Garlic Jr.Saga itself doesn't. And besides,Deadzone is mentioned throughout the saga.

Both main continuities share Bardock - Father of Goku and History of Trunks,however.

Here's a timeline: Bardock - Father of Goku-------Dragon Ball--------Dragon Ball Z (and History of Trunks)----------Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball Super mostly erases the continuity of GT,so Super can't be canon to this Universe. However,it IS canon to the Modern Continuity. Dragon Ball ZKai aka Dragon Ball Kai is a mostly fillerless remastered re-dub of Dragon Ball Z,that follows the Manga much more faithfully than the Original Anime. As a result some of the character's personalities are slightly different,though more faithful to how they were in the Manga. 

Goku is the biggest example. In the original anime Goku was slightly more Heroic than he was in Toriyama's original works. But in Kai,Goku's personality matches his Manga counterparts perfectly.

The modern continuity is also larger,with many more events and characters.

Heres the modern timeline: Dragon Ball Minus-------Bardock - Father of Goku (and Episode of Bardock)--------- Jacko the Patrolman-----------Dragon Ball (fillerless and remastered)-----------Dragon Ball Kai/ZKai (and History of Trunks)----------Son Goku and Friends Return---------Dragon Ball Super----------Dragon Ball Online.

Dragon Ball GT can't work in this Universe,mainly because Super contradicts it. Plus the characters personalities are the same in Super,as they were in Kai/ZKai. Dragon Ball Online was co-created by Akira Toriyama and is the ONLY video game to be part of one of the main continuities.

Also,The Movies and Plan To Eraticate The Saiyans/Super Saiyans aren't Canon to either main continuity and are their own separate thing. In fact,they Can be considered part of a 3rd DB Universe. The only exceptions are Bardock - Father of Goku and History of Trunks,which are apart of All Universes.

Here's the timeline for this 3rd Universe: Bardock - Father of Goku----------Curse of the Blood Rubies--------Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle---------Mystical Adventure----------Deadzone-----------Worlds Strongest--------------Tree of Might--------Lord Slug---------History of Trunks--------Cooler's Revenge-----------Return of Cooler------------Super Android 13---------Broly - Legendary Super Saiyan--------Plan To Eradicate The Saiyan's/Super Saiyans-----------Bojack Unbound----------Broly - The Second Coming-----------Bio Broly----------Fusion Reborn---------------Wrath of the Dragon---------------Battle of Gods (movie version)------------Ressurection F (movie version)--------------------A Hero's Legacy.

What happens between these movies is up to interpretation. Dragon Ball GT - A Hero's Legacy doesn't contradict Battle of Gods or Ressurection F,so I didn't make an error. I didn't list Dragon Ball - Path to Power because it was a retelling and mashup of Dragon Ball's Goku and Red Ribbon Army sagas. 

Which brings us to another Dragon Ball continuity. The 'Path to Power' Universe. As of right now,the only known events of this Universe are Bardock - Father of Goku and,of course,The Path to Power.

The Video Games themselves are each set in their own seperate continuities. The only exception is Dragon Ball Online.

There are many many more Dragon Ball Universes that I really don't feel like discussing. Point is Despite Akira Toriyama's original intentions,Dragon Ball has branched out into Multiple Continuities and as long as Dragon Ball exists and keeps it's healthy fan base,the number of continuities will keep on increasing.

That's all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed this. Haven't done anything Dragon Ball in a while,so this was a nice change of pace.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the ACF!

Hey Toonsters,

    I thought I drop by and wish to all of the ACF a very happy Turkey Day. And despite how many problems in the all the world, how many deaths that happened, one thing is certain, especially for me, I am thankful that I got friends and family who will always like me for who and what I am and will always help me out whenever I got problems, especially my brother from another planet, Stefan.

So, on behalf of the ACF, the United Federation for Animation Rights and everything in between, I wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all. And let's hope this Christmas will give us joy even better. Stay frosty and keep on rollin'

Saraba! (Farewell!)

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Original Panthro Is With Jaga Now!

I bring sad news for Thundercats fans.

Just a day after we lost Hiromi Tsuru (voice of the original Japanese Bulma),we lost Earle Hyman. He passed away at his home in Englewood,NJ. He was 91.

Hyman is best known for his role as Cliff Huxtable's dad,Russell,on The Cosby Show (still love that show). However,that wasn't Only Iconic role he played. He was also Panthro from the Original Thundercats.

Those were the 2 roles that made this man Legendary. Panthro was one of my favorite Thundercats and whenever I envision the character's voice,it'll always be Earle Hyman's.

Kevin Michael Richardson was the voice of Panthro on the 2011 Thundercats series,but,to most of us,Hyman was the Original and Best.

Rest Easy,Panthro. You're with Jesus and Jaga now.

Earle Hyman
October 11th,1926 - November 17th,2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Reapers Latest Target....The Original Bulma Brief!

It looks like the Reaper is continuing his Voice Actor run,because Hiromi Tsuru,best known for her roll as Bulma in the Dragon Ball franchise,passed away last Thursday. She was 57.

Why can't the Reaper go after people we DON'T like!

Tsuru was found unconscious in her car and pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. According to Japanese Authorities,there was no sign of an accident, and investigators are looking into other causes of death...including a possible illness. 

Tsuru was born on March 29, 1960, in Hokkaido. Through her career, she voiced numerous anime characters,the most iconic being Bulma of the Dragon Ball franchise.

We lost a good one. Sayonara Tsuru-San! We will all miss you.

Hiromi Tsuru
March 29th 1960 - November 16th 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Correction that Was A Long Time Coming!

After much thought,I realize now that Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood were not fully responsible for the decimation of the Disney Networks. Gary Marsh and his people are.

Anne Sweeney is still fully guilty,however,because She was still the Matermind behind the Disney Nightmare and the one that influenced (ie corrupted) Marsh in the first place. She also influenced Iger to some extent.

This still don't mean that Iger and Sherwood are blameless,oh far from it. Sherwood,for whatever reason,keeps Marsh and the Sweeney Docterine around and Bob Iger doesn't do a damn thing about it. He even kept Sweeney around after Eisner's removal. So these men aren't completely to blame for the D-Networks desicration...just partially.

Gary Marsh took Sweeney's retarded logic to heart and adopted Her way of thinking. It was his choice and because of that,he's way more guilty than either Sherwood or Iger.

Plus Iger Has done some good things for Disney. And despite me being a big fan of the Eisner Era,even I'll admit,Michael Eisner himself Did fall from grace in the early 2000's.

So,to Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood,I apologize for fully blaming you 2 for Disney's problems. I still don't like you guys,nor do I trust you,but at least I know who to blame most: Anne Sweeney and Gary Marsh.

So there you go. Something I needed to get off my chest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dream XOver: Mario x Sonic - Icons Clash

If there's one thing we geeks love, is Crossovers of our favorite franchises,especially when they have nothing to do with each other,like the topic of todays XOver Post: Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. A dream Crossover for many.

Yeah Yeah,I know,Sonic and Mario already have a Crossover series in The Mario and Sonic Olympic Games Series,but many don't consider it a proper crossover between these 2 Legendary Franchises. I don't either,despite the fact that I love seeing the Nintendo Princesses' barefoot in those gymnast outfits. (can you blame me,they look so hot)

Anyway,I've decided to come up with a proper Mario/Sonic XOver myself. Please note that in order to make my idea work,I'm gonna be using many elements from the Sonic Archie Comics,such as Roboticization and the Freedom Fighters.

Story: Taking Place After Super Mario Galaxy 2,Eggman and Bowser team up to help each other conquer their respective Universes using a new version of the Death Egg called The Koopa Egg and they need extra man-power to built it and the Chaos Emeralds to power it. They decide to recruit Mario and Sonic's friends. They also plot to frame the heroes by having Bowser Jr.,as Shadow Mario,capture Sonic's friends and Metal Sonic capture Mario's. And while Mario and Sonic are fighting each other,the 2 villains will execute their plan. The kidnappings are a success and when the Main Heroes meet they blame each other for said kidnappings.

Eggman roboticizes Mario's Friends to retreave the Chaos Emeralds,while Bowser (with kamek's help) corrupts Sonic's friends and sends them to attack various countries in the mushroom world.

Will Mario and Sonic stop their fighting to save the day and their friends? Will the Villians complete the Koopa Egg? Are Bowser and Eggman true allies? Or Are they just using each other? Yes,Yes,Maybe,and Likely.

That is the story for Mario x Sonic - Icon's Clash.

Characters: Mario,Sonic The Hedgehog,King Bowser Koopa,Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik,Bowser Jr.,Metal Sonic,Luigi,Miles "Tails" Prower,Toad,Knuckles the Echidna,Yoshi,Amy Rose,Princess Peach Toadstool,Cream the Rabbit and Cheeze the Chao,Princess Daisy,Chaos(cameo),Rosalina,The Chaos,The Lumas,Cubot and Orbot,Kamek the Magikoopa,Shadow The Hedgehog,Wario,Rouge the Bat,Birdo,Princess Sally Acorn,Toadsworth,The Knothole Freedom Fighters,Waluigi (cameo),Nack "Fang" The Weasel (cameo),Uncle Chuck,Captain Syrup(cameo),E-123 Omega,Donkey Kong(cameo),Team Chaotix (cameos),The Koopalings (cameos),The President and G.U.N.,Pauline (cameo),Breezie The Hedgehog (cameo),Big the Cat (cameo),Toadette (cameo),Bowser's Koopa Troop,and Eggman's Badniks.

Crossover Exclusive Characters: Mecha Luigi,Vicious Tails,Mecha Yoshi,Vicious Knuckles,Mecha Peach,Vicious Amy,Mecha Toad,Vicious Sally,Mecha Daisy,Vicious Cream and Nasty Cheeze,Mecha Rosalina,Vicious Shadow,Mecha Donkey Kong,and Vicious Rouge.

Mario Places: The Mushroom Planet,Grass Land,Desert Hills,Water Land aka Seaside aka The Islands,Macro Mountain (a mountain land populated by giants),Cloud Land aka The Sky,Iced Island,Pipe Maze,Dark Land,Sarasaland,Mario Land,Wario's Palace,Peach's Castle,Kastle Koopa,Rosalina's Observatory.

Sonic Places: Sonic's Planet,The Special Zone,The United Federation,Station Square,The Presedent's House,G.U.N. HQ,Knothole Village,Mobotropolis,
Westside Island,South Island,and The Floating Island.

Crossover Exclusive Places: Egg Island (original location),The Koopa Egg.

Notes: Mario and Sonic get to use each others Power Ups. Mario also uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Ultra Mario. There are 2 special types of Warp Pipes that exist in Mario's Universe: Silver ones and Gold ones. Silver ones lead to other worlds,while the Gold Pipes lead to other Universes. The Gold Pipes only appear once every year. Despite Bowser's objections,Princess Peach is Roboticized. Koopa's spell not only brainwashes Sonic's friends,but it also turns them into vicious monsters. Besides the Koopa Egg,Dr.Eggman also created the Rokoopnik,a special battle vehicle made in the image of both Himself and Bowser. The Rokoopnik can also transform into a giant robot.

Cool huh? And this isn't the Only Mario/Sonic XOver I have. There's one more and it's a Huge one. And I mean Huge! In fact,It's so huge that it co-stars a certain Green-Clad Elven Hero. Legends Will Clash in the next Mario x Sonic!

Until Next Time,
See Ya,Space Cowboys!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Captain N/Super Mario Bros. XOver Special

Hey there, Toonsters and Gamers alike!

It's been since a long time since I did some ideas about crossovers and since Stefan has done a few, I thought I could give my ideas of another crossover. But this one is not just any crossover. Remember those Nintendo themed cartoons back in late 80s and into the early 90s? Well, this one's a doozy, so I will sum it up the best I can.

In the beginning, there was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which was followed by Captain N: The Game Master. When they first came out, their respective first seasons were shown separately on different channels. It was not until NBC in 1990 they aired both shows in an hour long block, promoting both season 2 of Captain N and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. A year later, before NBC killed off Saturday Mornings forever, they showed both shows, but it was cut to a half hour show called Captain N and the New Super Mario World. And even though we got the best of two worlds, neither Captain N nor the Super Mario Bros. never once crossed paths with each other...

Until now.

Now that the background of the Nintendo cartoons is done. Here is the plot of this awesome crossover.

Story: A long time ago, Videoland was once a peaceful happy place in all the world of fiction. All that changed when an army of gaming's most evil villains decided to claim Videoland as their own. Led by the villainous King Koopa, they led an assault on the heart of Videoland, the Palace of Power. That's right, folks, Koopa attempted to rule Videoland years before Mother Brain. As Koopa attempts to claims dominion over Videoland, he was stopped by Videoland's ruler, King Charles. Fortunately, Charles fought valiantly against the reptile king and banished Koopa from Videoland, sealing him up into the Warp Zone to his own world known as Koopa Valley, never to return. Since that time, while Koopa was exiled in his own world and starts his invasion of another world, the Mushroom Kingdom, Videoland enjoyed relative peace for many years.

And even though Koopa was banished, other gaming villains continued to carry on where he started, especially with Mother Brain. Since that time, King Charles disappeared and his daughter, Princess Lana took over the Palace of Power. Not even her and the other gaming heroes alone couldn't stop her. However, thanks to the Ultimate Warp Zone, Kevin Keene, a gamer from the real world, ends up being Videoland's new champion as Captain N: The Game Master. And time and time again, Kevin foils Mother Brain's insidious plot to rule Videoland.

But with her plans foiled again, Mother Brain, with her big brain, tries to find a way to get rid of Captain N once and for all, when she learns about Videoland's past and dark legend of King Koopa himself. Learning of the location of the Warp Pipe imprisonment,  Mother Brain finds it and opens it up, freeing Koopa from his Warp Zone prison. Initially thankful for free him, Koopa pledges his allegiance to Mother Brain and pledges to help destroy Captain N. And as Kevin confronts Koopa, he learned the hard way that he is more dangerous and calculating than Mother Brain ever was, as he diverted Kevin and the N-Team, allowing Koopa to go after the real target, the Palace of Power. And by doing so, he destroys the Power Glove (which is not only Kevin's way home, but also the source of his power), leaves the Palace of Power in ruins and nearly ending Princess Lana's life. While Kevin and other try to put two and two together, Koopa returns to Mother Brain in the world of Metroid to let her know that Captain N won't threatened the villains no more, now that the Palace of Power is in ruins. Enraged about what Koopa has done, Mother Brain reprimanded him for nearing destroying the palace and almost ended Princess Lana's life. All Mother Brain ever wanted was to rule Videoland, just to for the sake of greed and being vain. And feeling duped that Mother Brain is in this for her own greed, Koopa decided to take over Mother Brain's operations himself. Mother Brain tries to blast away Koopa, but she is no match for his dark magic, thus turning her into a brain in a snow globe. Fearing that Koopa would do the same thing to them, Mother Brain's henchmen, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo, joined Koopa's ranks, thus Koopa plans to not only conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but all of Videoland. As for Captain N, knowing that Koopa is too powerful and even more dangerous, and since King Charles isn't here to stop him, he figured that the only way to stop Koopa is locate the very heroes who fought against him in the past and knows the Koopa King better than he does and that is Mario and Luigi, the Super Mario Bros.. Will Kevin save all of Videoland or will King Koopa succeed where Mother Brain has failed? Only time will tell.

That is the story of this crossover in a nutshell. Here is a little synopsis, and everything else in between, on the whole story itself.

Synopsis: Captain N teams up with the Super Mario Bros. to stop the evil King Koopa. Where in the Mario cartoons he's a gruff, ruthless reptile king who just wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, Koopa, in this story, is as more dangerous, ruthless and more powerful as Mother Brain ever was. So much so, he disposes Mother Brain earlier in the story and forces her henchmen to do his bidding. As for Captain N, in order to defeat Koopa, he not only enlisted the Mario Bros. to help him, but also getting new powers and upgrades, such as new control pad belt buckle that resembles the SNES gamepad and a bazooka that resembles the Super Scope 6. He is going to need them as he, the N-Team and the Marios travel all over Videoland and save every world from Koopa's wrath.

Character Designs: The character designs will be the same as they were in their respective cartoons, such as Mario having red overalls and Megaman, Kid Icarus and Simon Belmont being nothing like their gaming counterparts. As for King Koopa, he will be the same as he was in the 3 Mario cartoons, all green and not mult-colored like his gaming counterpart and other than having some comedic moments, he will be a very, dangerous foe to both Captain N and the Mario Bros. Not to mention breaking the 4th Wall, as he confronts the N-Team members head on, in rather comedic fashion (e.g. mocking Megaman for not being like his gaming counterpart or calling Simon Belmont a warthog-faced buffoon instead of a fearless vampire hunter). All the characters will be in it, since all the cartoons I have mentioned are all linked together, so expect Yoshi, Wart's minions and the Koopalings (who will be called by their cartoon names, except for Kevin who calls them by their gaming names as their berserk button in the beginning) will be in it as well.

Voices: Most of the cast would return to voice their respective characters like Matt Hill, Venus Terzo, Garry Chalk and so forth. However, some the voices have since either moved on, or some of them passed away such as Levi Stubbs, Tony Rosato and just recently, Harvey Atkin. So finding voices that sounded very similar would be much harder to find. If you have suggestions, leave me a comment for that.

As for music, I know I want them to sound like the ones from the games. If you have any suggestions of who should do the music since people like Shuki Levy and Michael Tavera have since moved on to bigger, better things, leave me a comment.

Other than that, hope you like this crossover idea. I think this crossover is a bit long overdue.

Until next time...Saraba! (Farewell!)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Retro Toonami TV Show Timeline

I did one for the Disney TV Animated Canon,so I've decided to do a list of Retro Toonami shows done in chronological order.

Note: I'm only gonna list the Toonami Shows from the block's Afternoon years (1997-2003). Sorry SatPM Toonami-faithful.

Moltar Era (1997-1999)

Thundercats (1997-1998 [first run]; 2001-2002 [second run])

Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1997-1998)

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (1997-1999)

Cartoon Roulette (1997-1998)

Robotech (1998)

Beast Wars: Transformers (1998)

The Superfriends (1998)

Sailor Moon (1998-2001)

Dragon Ball Z (1998-2003)

Reboot (1999-2001)
TOM 1.0 Era (1999-2001)

The Powerpuff Girls [the original and best series] (1999-2000)

Ronin Warriors (1999-2000)

G-Force (2000)

Gundam Wing (2000-2001)

Batman: The Animated Series (2000-2002)

Tenchi Muyo (2000)

Tenchi Universe (2000-2001)

Tenchi in Tokyo (2000-2001)

Blue Submarine No.6 (2000)

Superman: The Animated Series (2000-2001)
TOM 2.0 Era (2001-2003)

Outlaw Star (2001-2002)

The Big O (2001)

Cardcaptors (2001)

Mobile Suit Gundam (2001-2002)

Gundam: 08th MS Team (2001-2002)

Dragon Ball (2001-2004)

Batman Beyond (2001-2002)

Zoids (2001-2002)

Gundam 0080 (2001)

Hamtaro (2002)

Zoids: Chaotic Century (2002-2003)

G Gundam (2002-2003)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [2k2 series] (2002-2003)

Transformers: Armada (2002-2003)

G.I.Joe: Real American Hero [midnight run only] (2002)

Samurai Jack [original series] (2002-2003)

.Hack//Sign (2003-2004)
TOM 3.0 Era (2003-2007)

Note: I will only be covering 2003,since it was Toonami's final year as a Weekday Afternoon block.

Yu Yu Hakusho (2003-2004)

Rurouni Kenshin (2003-2004)

Justice League (2003-2004)

Cyborg 009 (2003)

SD Gundam (2003)

Dragon Ball GT (2003-2004)

Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2004)

Well that about does it. Hope this sparked some awesome memories for you guys. So Happy Belated 20th,Toonami! Thanks for the memories!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Even More Show Ideas

I have come up with even more Show ideas for Modern Vintage TV. Take a Look.

Triple Tiger - 55 years ago in Hong Kong 2 Sisters,Lei Lei and Mei Mei Lee,are taught Kung-Fu by an old Master known only as The Eternal Tiger Master. The 2 sisters were prodigies and mastered the arts in 2 years. Mei Mei learned faster that Lei Lei and began getting arrogant because of it.

Oneday,The Eternal Tiger Master decided to retire from teaching and planned on giving ownership to his studio to one of the Sisters..he chose Lei Lei. In a fit of jealous rage,Mei Mei killed most of the students and left the studio,promising to start her own.

Still craving power,Mei Mei both summons and sells her soul to the Legendary Demon Witch,Lita Lacerater. Lacerater grants Mei Mei super human powers in exchange for her first born son. Mei Mei agrees.

Years later,both Sisters have children (lei lei legitimately,mei mei illegitimately),both boys. Mei Mei gives her Son up to Lita Lacerater as promised,but Lita decides that one baby to raise as an Elite Dark Warrior isn't enough and promises Lei Lei absolute power,if she brings her Lei Lei's child,as well as Lei Lei's head. Mei Mei agrees.

Mei Mei's mission leads to a battle between the sisters,with Mei Mei getting killed. Lita Lacerater appears and kills Lei Lei and her husband,but before she could take the baby,The Eternal Tiger Master appears and defeats Lacerater. Double L escapes promising revenge.

The Eternal Tiger Master decides to raise Lei Lei's child himself and move to America. The childs name is Brucie Chan (chan being the fathers surname). ETM settles down in a place called Metro City. Meanwhile,Lita Lacerater returns to her realm to raise Mei Mei's son,Daos.

Fearing that Lita Lacerater will return,The Eternal Tiger Master creates 3 special daggers,called the Tiger Blades,which will give the owner an edge against the evil forces. And when the users bring the 3 blades together,they become a Super Fighting Force known as Triple Tiger.

Many years later,Daos (now known as the darklord daos) returns to his realm with intentions of World Domination. Daos soon starts a criminal gang and later creates supernatural beings and monsters to help him.

Brucie,on the other hand,grew up to be an awesome Kung-Fu Master and fighter for Justice and even worked as a special enforcer for Metro City PD. Soon he gets married and has Triplets: 2 Girls and 1 Boy. Each born with a Mystical Tiger Birthmark on their left arms. The Triplets names are: Billy,Jill,and Amy.

Sensing the birth of the Triplets and realising the great potential they possess,Darklord Daos plots to kidnap his Cousin's children and raise them himself.

And So,Darklord Daos and his Gang,the Dark Arts Syndicate,kills the mother and father and begins Kidnaping the children. However,the Eternal Tiger Master manages to save two: Jill and Billy.

After a Major custody fight,Brucie's Wife's Brother,a biker,wins guardianship of one of the twins,Jill.

The Triplets are raised in very different ways: Billy becomes a rightious Tiger Kung-Fu Master under The Eternal Tiger Master. Amy becomes the powerful and Snarkey Co-Leader of the Dark Arts Syndicate. And Jill becomes a badass biker,like her uncle.

It is destined that the Triplets shall reunite. And with the help of the Tiger Blades,and the collossal battle mech known as Tiger-Robo,the Trio will defeat the forces of darkness.

That time is coming soon.
Bikes and Dragons (beta title): It is the 30th century,a nasty 10-Year World War has made the Earth barren and almost unlivable. Mighty Nations have crumbled and what's left of Mankind is forced to live on newly discovered islands,which are more environmentally friendly.

Another after effect of this war,was the awakening of an all mighty lost species,long thought to be legend,The Dragons. The Dragons have come and want to rule the Earth.

Dragons now live among Man,and things aren't that great. The Dragons are a problem and the International Alliance,formerly the U.N,has deemed them Endangered species,illegal to kill.

It is decided by the International Alliance that The Dragons would be brought to a newly discovered Island,which will serve as a Sanctuary. They hire a Special Dragon Task Force to capture the Dragons.

One Man,a cool-blooded Biker and Bounty Hunter,Jack Ten'nou,intends on capturing the Dragons and bringing them to the I.A. himself..for a price.

Jack isn't working alone. There's Shabazz,Jack's humorist friend and Mechanic. And Janna Hogan,a persistent dragon enthusiast,turned scientist,who wants to study the Dragons.

Jack faces many other things other than the Dragons. Rival Bounty Hunters,Poachers,Dragon Slayers,the Dragon Taskforce,and even Politicians stand in his way.
MVW Presents Animated Wrestling Federation: It's MVW's answer to WWE's Southpaw Regional Wrestling..only with cartoony and colorful characters.
MVW - The Animation: An Animated series based around MVW. Details coming eventually
Untitled SpeedRunner Show: 2-4 contestents compete to see who can finish a retro game first. features a 2-4 player split screen.
V.S. Mode: Another show centered around retro video games. This one features fighting,wrestling and sports titles.
Club 90's: A fun variety show celebrating most things 90's. Not all things,due to this being a family show.
Radio Retro: Playing Music from the 70's,80's,and 90's
Retro Radio - Retro Gamers Edition: Playing game music from the 80's and 90's.
Laser Gunners (beta name): A laser-tag combat show. Will feature multiple mach types.

And those are the latest batch of show ideas for Modern Vintage TV.

Thanx 4 reading!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Koopalings Name Mashups!

 Hey Toonsters,

    As we all know that I am a sucker when it comes to video game based cartoons. But no cartoon was that awesome than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Of all the 3 Mario cartoons around the late 80s and into the early 90s, AOSMB3 was the best one of them all. But the only pet peeve I got with the show (besides being a bit repetitive and the fact that Bowser is called King Koopa (although in Japan he was always called King Koopa)) was the names of the Koopalings. Here's a little background about this jumbled up situation.

Before being released in the States, in Japan, the Koopalings never got their official names. So the game was localized for a worldwide release, the cartoon versions of the Koopalings got names that are different from the ones from the games:

Cheatsy Koopa
Big Mouth Koopa
Kootie Pie Koopa
Hop Koopa
Bully Koopa
Hip Koopa
Kooky von Koopa

But by the time game was finally was released worldwide, the Koopalings got their official names. Each one of them were named after a well-known musicians:

Larry Koopa (named after Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2)
Morton Koopa, Jr. (named after musician and controversial talk show host, Morton Downey, Jr. (no relation to Robert Downey, Jr., by the way.)
Wendy O. Koopa (named after Wendy O. Williams)
Iggy Koopa (named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa (named after Roy Orbison)
Lemmy Koopa (named after Lemmy Kilmister (RIP) of MotorHead (yes, the ones who did Triple H's themes))
Ludwig von Koopa (named after Ludwig von Beethoven (DUH!!))

Since that time, many of the Mario fanbase are divided over which name of the Koopalings suits them best. So, I came up with the solution. What of we mashed the names up? I thought about that so I came up with the best possible solution to our name problem so here it is:

Larry Koopa + Cheatsy Koopa = "Cheatsy" Larry
Morton Koopa, Jr. + Big Mouth Koopa = "Big Mouth" Morton
Wendy O. Koopa + Kootie Pie Koopa = "Kootie Pie" Wendy
Iggy Koopa + Hop Koopa = Iggy Hop (which makes perfect sense since he is named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa + Bully Koopa = "Bully" Roy (Think wrestler Bully Ray, but with Roy instead of Ray)
Lemmy Koopa + Hip Koopa = Lemmy Hip-Meister (paying homage to Lemmy Kilmister himself)
Ludwig von Koopa + Kooky von Koopa = "Kooky" Ludwig

And there you have it. What do you think of my mashup names? If Nintendo pays attention to this, I just hope and pray they use the names from the cartoons as their nicknames for future games. A gamer can dream, can't I?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Farewell Brain!

Today,we at the American Cartoon Federation mourn the loss of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Not just a simple heel manager or commentator,but a Legend of great character.

Thoughout his time as a Manager,Bobby Heenan guided the carrers of many WWE Superstars,with Andre The Giant,'Ravishing' Rick Rude and 'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig being his star players.

Although a good manager,Bobby Heenan is best known for his work as a Color Commentator and Show Host. His chemistry with Gorilla Monsoon was outstanding. Fun Fact: The Brain and Gorilla were good friends in real life.

Bobby Heenen wasn't just a good manager,he was also a great commentator,and a funny man to boot.

After his WWE tenure,Bobby Heenan left for WCW,where he'd continue to entertain us Wrestling Fans for years to come.

Farewell Brain....And Thank You!

Raymond Louis Heenan aka Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
November 1, 1944 – September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Hurricane Irma tribute art

In the wake of the destruction, given by Hurricane Irma, I give you some fan art that will bring light to a world full of darkness.

Here we have Ami Mizuno, praying to the good-hearted people of Florida, who are no strangers to hurricanes. This was made and finished around Ami's birthday and before the anniversary of 9/11. In times of need, we pray that her intellect can gets through the dark times.

Florida wasn't the only state affected by Irma. It landed at Alabama, South Carolina and especially Georgia. Why Georgia, you ask? Because Jodi Benson lives in Georgia and because of this hurricane, I prayed for her safety. I drew this in response to that realization. Unless she was someplace else safe, all I could think about was her well-being intact. If something bad happen to her, everything I work so hard to make my dreams come true would all be in vain. Hope she's okay.

To those affected by Irma. Give them strength to rebuild their homes and their lives. Let the light shatter the darkness. Stay frosty and God bless.

The Sleeper has not been awaken...yet.

Hey there, Toonsters,

       I thought I drop by and give you my latest on where I have been doing. As you already know, I am still on my journey to understand friendship better. As we recall, I've been dwelling in the crossroads when I learned that friendship wasn't always true blue, whether it could be bought by those who use a fandom for the base ends of a channel full of edutainment (e.g. Tirek Schleiff using bronies to make them watch Discovery Family, just for MLP) or it can be broken like Barry Allen messing up the timeline, that nearly destroyed his bond with both Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. But, even though the Sleeper hasn't been awaken...yet, I won't let my dilemma stop me from running my life, especially bring justice for those in not just animation, but all of fiction. I know I will find my answers eventually. Until then, I will continue to run my life according and not let this burden define my life. I know I will feel like Ash Williams from Evil Dead day by day, but I will fight on as I should. As I said before, for justice, for freedom, for honesty, for animation. And when it's all set and done, the world will be as Ash puts it in one little word...


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gary Marsh Is Almost There

Gary Marsh,President and CCO of the Disney Networks,is Almost on The List. He continues to piss on Disney fans intellegence and refuses to fix the problems pleaguing the Networks (such as terrible program direction).

Here is Gary Marsh's Strike List (and to an extent,ben sherwood):

Strike One Offenses:
- Breifly Reviving Hannah Montana Mania
- Continuing With the Teeny-Bopper Bullshit
- Sweeney Era Fanaticism (having a fetish for the teeny bopper shows of the anne sweeney era,such as hannah montana and austin and ally)
- Treating The Disney Channel as a Childrens Only Network...with a few Girly-Girl stuff thrown in.
- Refusing to shorten and the Disney Jr. Block and airing it on Weekends.
- Canning Good Shows like Girl Meets World,while Renewing Crappy Ones,like Walk The Prank.
- Ending Good Series Too Early
- Giving the Finger to the Classic Stuff
- Being Extremely Lazy with the Networks Line-Ups.

Strike Two Offenses:
- Continuing to Air Retarded Girly Commercials on the Supposedly All-Boy's Network,Disney XD.
- Over-Promoting the Garbage Shows,like Walk The Prank.
- Never Ending Shitty Program Direction for All Disney Networks.
- Walk The Prank Season 3...'Nuff Said
- Still Refusing to Learn From Mistakes.
- Refusing to Air the Early Pokemon Episodes (kanto - unova)

If you guys are keeping score,Marsh has 1 more strike left. The 3rd Strike is building up as we speak. And once Marsh recieves that strike......He's On The List!!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver

Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver

Because It was promised a long time ago,here is my Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver.

Story: A great evil (shuma gorath jr.) has come to Auradon,with plans on conquering the world. Fairy Godmother feared this day would come,so she recruits Jay,Evie,Mal,Ben,and Carlos to combat this evil.

Using special stones she got from Dr.Strange,Fairy Godmother grants the 5 Super Powers.

Ben is granted the Powers of a Super Soldier and becomes Captain Auradon. Carlos is given a Gamma burst to become The Silver Hulk. Jay is given Mutant Powers that grants him Super Speed and becomes Crimson Streak. Evie gets Mutant Powers as well,her abilities are a mix of Sue Storm's and Psylocke's Powers. She becomes Lady E. Mal gets an increase in her own magical abilities and becomes the Violet Witch.

During their adventures,they meet other heroes,villains,and anti-heroes. They even get aid from the Marvel Heroes themselves.

So Join the VKs and King Ben as they take on the evil Shuma Gorath Jr. and his minions to save the world.

I promised this,and I delivered.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2 Toonami's Not Too Much

As you all remember I did a piece on how to fix the Adult Swim Problem: https://cartoonhistorian.blogspot.com/2017/02/solutions-for-toxic-pool.html

Well,I've come up with a follow up. This time concerning Toonami. Now,before reading any further,make sure you read the Original post first (linked above),so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Anyway,I've come up with a solution for 2 Toonami blocks,one for Adult Swim (on tbs or a stand-alone network) and one for Cartoon Network. Normal Toonami would be on Cartoon Network,it will air Anime/Cartoons that are TV-PG and Under. While Adult Swim will get Toonami: Mature Edition,which would air Anime/Cartoons TV-14 and TV-MA.

I think this is a great idea,and goes well with my previous post on the whole CN/AS debacle. Anyway,I'm gonna be posting a final follow up to this,with a Cartoon Network line-up. So stay tuned for that.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Superior Line-Ups: Disney Channel Update

Welcome Back to Superior Line-Ups. Today,I'll be updating my Line-Up for Disney Channel.

Note: Disney Afternoon Rebirth has been moved to Disney XD. Why? Because it just fits better. 

Here's what will air on Weekdays.

12 am - Diznight Movie (Old Movie)
12.5 am - Disnight Movie (Old Movie)
1 am - Disnight Movie (Old Movie)
1.5 am - Disnight Movie (Old Movie)
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am - Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Donold Duck Presents (a show that airs old donald duck cartoons)
4.5 am - Mickey Mouse Origins (a show that airs mickey's early works)
5 am -  Jungle Cubs
5.5 am - 101 Dalmations: The Series
6 am - Raw Toonage
6.5 am - Raw Toonage
7 am - Bonkers
7.5 am - Bonkers
8 am - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
8.5 am - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
9 am - Diz Kidz (Miles From Tomorrow Land/Mickey and the Roadster Racers on Fridays)
9.5 am - Diz Kids (Jake and The Neverland Pirates/Puppy Dog Pals on Fridays)
10 am - Diz Kidz (Sofia The First/New Eps on Fridays)
10.5 am - Diz Kidz (Sofia The First/New Diz Kidz Show on Fridays)
11 am - Diz Kidz (The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
11.5 am - Diz Kidz (The Lion Guard/New Eps on Fridays)
12 pm - Phineas and Ferb
12.5 pm - Phineas and Ferb
1 pm -  Bunk'd
1.5 pm - Bunk'd
2 pm - Jessie
2.5 pm - Jessie
3 pm - The DC Afternoon Movie (Movie)
3.5 pm - The DC Afternoon Movie (Movie)
4 pm -  The DC Afternoon Movie (Movie)
4.5 pm - The DC Afternoon Movie (Movie)
5 pm -  The 7D
5.5 pm - The 7D
6 pm - Mickey Mouse
6.5 pm - Right Now Kapow
7 pm -  Liv and Maddie
7.5 pm - Liv and Maddie
8 pm - The Sitcom Zone (Home Improvement)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
8.5 pm - The Sitcom Zone (Home Improvement)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
9 pm - The Sitcom Zone (Boy Meets World)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
9.5 pm - The Sitcom Zone (Boy Meets World)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
10 pm - The Sitcom Zone (That's So Raven)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
10.5 pm - The Sitcom Zone (That's So Raven)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
11 pm -  The Sitcom Zone (The Golden Girls)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
11.5 pm - The Sitcom Zone (The Golden Girls)/Makermania (TV-PG rated content from Maker Studios every Friday)
Here's what will air on Saturdays.

12 am - The Proud Family
12.5 am - The Proud Family
1 am - Cory in the House
1.5 am - Cory in the House
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am - Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Donold Duck Presents (a show that airs old donald duck cartoons)
4.5 am - Mickey Mouse Origins (a show that airs mickey's early works)
5 am - The Ink and Paint Club
5.5 am - The Ink and Paint Club
6 am - Timon and Pumbaa
6.5 am - Timon and Pumbaa
7 am - Mickey Mouse
7.5 am - The 7D
8 am - One Saturday Morning (Hotel Transylvania: The Series)
8.5 am - One Saturday Morning (New SatAM Show #1)
9 am -  One Saturday Morning (Teachers Pet)
9.5 am - One Saturday Morning (Recess)
10 am - One Saturday Morning (New SatAM Show #2)
10.5 am - One Saturday Morning (New SatAM Show #3)
11 am - One Saturday Morning (House Of Mouse)
11.5 am - One Saturday Morning (House of Mouse)
12 pm - Kirby Buckets
12.5 pm - Kirby Buckets
1 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
1.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
2 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
2.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
3 pm -  Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
3.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
4 pm -  Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
4.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
5 pm - Stuck in the Middle
5.5 pm - Stuck in the Middle (new eps go here)
6 pm - Bizarrdvark
6.5 pm - Bizarrdvark (new eps go here)
7 pm - New Show #1
7.5 pm - New Show #2
8 pm - Elena of Avalor (new eps go here)
8.5 pm - Tangled: The Series (new eps go here)
9 pm -  Saturday Night Flashback (Ducktales)
9.5 pm - Saturday Night Flashback (Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers)
10 pm - Saturday Night Flashback (Talespin)
10.5 pm - Saturday Night Flashback (Hercules)
11 pm - Saturday Night Flashback (The Weekenders)
11.5 pm - Saturday Night Flashback (Filmore)
Here's what I will air on Sundays.

12 am - Midnight Flashback (Lizzie McGuire)
12.5 am - Midnight Flashback (Even Stevens)
1 am - Midnight Flashback (Phil of the Future)
1.5 am - Midnight Flashback (Pair of Kings)
2 am - Pickle and Peanut
2.5 am - Pickle and Peanut
3 am - Walk the Prank
3.5 am - Walk the Prank
4 am -  Donold Duck Presents (a show that airs old donald duck cartoons)
4.5 am - Mickey Mouse Origins (a show that airs mickey's early works)
5 am - Wander Over Yonder
5.5 am - Wander Over Yonder
6 am - The 7D
6.5 am - Mickey Mouse
7 am - Kirby Buckets
7.5 am - Kirby Buckets
8 am - Princess Power Block (Elena of Avalor)
8.5 am - Princess Power Block (Tangled:The Series)
9 am - Princess Power Block (The Little Mermaid)
9.5 am - Princess Power Block (The Little Mermaid)
10 am - Princess Power Block (Aladdin)
10.5 am - Princess Power Block (Aladdin)
11 am - New Show #1 (Rerun)
11.5 am - New Show #2 (Rerun)
12 pm - Andi Mack
12.5 pm - Raven's Home
1 pm - Stuck in the Middle
1.5 pm - Bizzardvark
2 pm - Best Friends Whenever
2.5 pm - Best Friends Whenever
3 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
3.5 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
4 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
4.5 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #1)
5.5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #2)
6 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #3)
6.5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #4)
7 pm - Andi Mack (new eps go here)
7.5 pm - Raven's Home (new eps go here)
8 pm - Sunday Night Club (Gravity Falls)
8.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (New TV-PG rated Show)
9 pm -  Sunday Night Club (The Muppets)
9.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (The Muppet Show)
10 pm -  Sunday Night Club (The Muppet Show)
10.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (Right Now Kapow)
11 pm -  Sunday Night Club (Once Upon A Time)
11.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (Once Upon A Time)

Sweet,Eh? Next Up...Who Knows!

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Koopa King Is Kaput! Harvey Atkin,We Hardly Knew Ya!

I just received the news late last night,so I apologize if this mini-eulogy seems late. Actor and Voice Actor Harvey Atkin,who is best known as the voice of King Koopa in DiC's Super Mario Cartoons,has died. He died just a few short weeks ago.

The cause of death..To quote Split Mushroom of Mega Man X4: "Take A Wild Guess!" 

Yup,Cancer! Always Cancer! He was 74.

Harvey Atkin was a Canadian VA,who was best known to us Toonatics as the voice of King Koopa. In fact,it's likely the first time we ever heard of him. Harvey did the voice of King Koopa for all 3 DiC Mario Cartoons and was the Very first Voice Actor for the character overall...at least,in English.

Harvey even worked with Tracey Moore,the 1st english voice of Sailor Moon,in a few shows,though surprisingly,Sailor Moon wasn't one of them. Thank You,Harvey Atkin. We,Toonatics,will miss you.

Harvey "King Koopa" Atkin
December 18th 1942 - July 17th 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

The End of the Golden Age - The Death of June Foray!

I am still on vacation to take care of my friendship issues, but I stop by to give you the bad news, especially if you are a fan of animation like myself. I just don't know how to put it, so here goes.

June Foray, the first lady of voice acting, has died at the age of 99, shy of becoming 100 years old. Foray, a voice acting legend, was best known for voicing Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. She also voiced Granny and Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes, Lucifer the Cat from Cinderella, Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jokey Smurf from The Smurfs, Grammi Gummi from The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Ma Beagle and Magica de Spell from Ducktales, among others.

Her death is greatly mourned to those are fans of animation, especially those who followed in her footsteps like Tara Strong, Veronica Taylor and Jodi Benson. However, as legendary as she is, she is one of a long line of voice actors who are spurned, scoffed and ignored by the media, stating that voice acting is not as professional and well known as everything else in all the media and in real life. Voice actors in general are treated like second class citizens, not getting all the admiration and respect like all the regular actors, musicians, politicians and sports heroes combined.

Bottom line, unless the media changes its tune, voice actors will continue to be ignored, just like animation itself. Maybe someday, if by chance and if we play our cards rights, voice actors like June Foray will finally get the respect they so rightfully deserve. Until then, let us remember the voice of a squirrel who can soar through the heavens. Now, she is in heaven, soaring with Alan Young, Paul Frees and Mel Blanc. Godspeed, Ms. Foray and thanks for the memories you have given us.

(TAPS plays)

June Lucille Foray
(September 18, 1917 - July 26th, 2017)

This has been an ACF Special Bulletin. We now return to your regularly, scheduled redemption/friendship tour, already in progress.

Saraba (Farewell)...for now.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

What If Saban Dubbed Sailor Moon in the 90's Instead of DiC?

As everyone remembers way back in January of 2010 I talked about "Saban Moon" and how it wasn't associated with Saban at all. Instead,it was created by Toon Makers.

But since it was co-produced by Renaissance-Atlantic,an ally of Saban Entertainment,people wrongfully assumed that Saban was responsible for this version of Sailor Moon. Thus why it was called Saban Moon.

Anyway,back in the 90's Saban was could do no wrong,and they had a great relationship with Toei.

So what if,in the 90's,Toei decided to give the Sailor Moon dubbing rights to Saban instead of DiC? Would that dub be better? And what about Cloverway? Would they still play a roll,or do dubbing duties stay with Saban?

A 90's Saban Sailor Moon dub would be superior. Why? Because the Writing and Voice Acting would be way better,that's why. Also,Haim Saban and Shuki Levy would've create excellent music for the series. Plus,DiC Can't Handle Anime,Saban Can. This has been proven fact.

So? what about Voice Actors? Who would Voice who? I have no idea. But I'm very sure Saban would use Californian VA's (the ones that they always use for their anime dubs).

Plus,I believe Saban would either change names or keep them as is. Maybe do a bit of both. Change the names to what? Who knows? I'd be up to Saban. I doubt they'd keep the DiC or Cloverway names,though.

Also,the series would've aired on FOX Kids and/or Fox Family. Reruns would've aired on Disney's Jetix block.

Now,with all of this said,it's time for the billion dollar question: Would Saban dub the final season,Sailor Stars? Well the answer isn't very clear...for a few reasons:

1 - Sailor Stars is somewhat controversial.

2 - Toei may decide to pull the plug on the Sailor Moon dub before Sailor Stars,despite Saban doing a good job.

And 3 - There's a chance that Disney would've purchased Saban,before they even had a chance to dub Sailor Stars. So it would've been too late.

So,why did DiC get dubbing duties for Sailor Moon and not Saban? I have no idea. DiC either got to the bidding table first with a good deal or Saban wasn't interested or was preoccupied with something else.

Whatever the reason,Saban not acquiring the dubbing rights to Sailor Moon was a huge missed opportunity. But we can always dream...dream of what should have been.

Make no mistake,had Saban acquired the dubbing rights,we would've been treated to a really great Sailor Moon dub in the 90's. Let's face it,DiC did a bad job and Cloverway did even worse.

Soooooo,what are the Downsides to Saban dubbing Sailor Moon? Well,for starters,Saban will still be editing the Anime for General Audiences. And Haruka and Michiru would have to be just good friends,instead of lovers. Same with Zoisite and Kunzite. But on the bright side,Saban edits anime way better than DiC and Cloverway do. So there's that.

Also,since Saban would be handling the dub,Sailor Moon will be exclusive to Fox Kids,Fox/ABC Family,and later,Jetix. So it can't and won't be on Toonami. Which really sucks.

No time for the Good Aspects of a hypothetical Saban dub. Well like I stated earlier,Saban handles anime way better than DiC and Cloverway. There's a chance we could've had ZERO missing episodes for this dub. Plus,I think the 1st Season Finale would've remained un-spliced.

Another good apect besides the editing would be the Voices and Voice Acting. Trust me,If you watched any of Saban's 90's anime dubs,you'll instantly notice the quality of the Voice Acting is vastly superior to Optimum Productions. The scripts would be better too.

And finally,an original musical score done by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban. How great is that?

I think it's safe to say that Saban would've handled Sailor Moon way better than DiC and Cloverway. Shame it never happened,though we do have our imaginations.

Until next time,
Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Superior Line-Ups: Disney XD Update

Welcome Back to Superior Line-Ups. Today,I'll be updating my Line-Up for Disney XD.

Note: Disney Afternoon Rebirth has been moved to Disney XD. Why? Because it just fits better. Will be renamed The D-Zone at a later date to broaden the brand.

Here's what will air on Weekdays.

12 am - Marvel Nights (Guardians of the Galaxy)
12.5 am - Marvel Nights (Guardians of the Galaxy)
1 am - Avengers Assemble
1.5 am - Avengers Assemble
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am -  Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Ducktales
4.5 am - Chip n' Dales Rescue Rangers
5 am - Kick Buttowski
5.5 am - Kick Buttowski
6 am - Bayblade 
6.5 am - Bayblade 
7 am - Yo-Kai Watch
7.5 am - Yo-Kai Watch
8 am - Pokemon X/Y (sun/moon episodes air every friday)
8.5 am - Pokemon (classic episodes)
9 am - Wander Over Yonder
9.5 am - Wander Over Yonder
10 am - Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
10.5 am - Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
11 am - Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
11.5 am - Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (new eps every friday)
12 pm - Gravity Falls
12.5 pm - Gravity Falls
1 pm - Future Worm
1.5 pm - Future Worm (new eps every friday)
2 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Dave The Barbarian)
2.5 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Phineas and Ferb)
3 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Star vs The Forces of Evil)
3.5 pm -Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Darkwing Duck) 
4 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (American Dragon: Jake Long)
4.5 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Kim Possible)
5 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Gargoyles)
5.5 pm - Disney Afternoon Rebirth (Star Wars Rebels)
6 pm - Milo Murphy's Law 
6.5 pm - Milo Murphy's Law 
7 pm - Right Now Kapow
7.5 pm - K.C. Undercover
8 pm -  Marvel Nights (Hulk and the Agents of SMASH)
8.5 pm - Marvel Nights (Hulk and the Agents of SMASH)
9 pm - Marvel Nights (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
9.5 pm - Marvel Nights (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
10 pm - Marvel Nights (X-Men: The Animated Series)
10.5 pm - Marvel Nights (X-Men:The Animated Series)
11 pm - Marvel Nights (Spectacular Spider-Man)
11.5 pm - Marvel Nights (Spectacular Spider-Man)
Here's what will air on Saturdays.

12 am - Marvel Nights (Guardians of the Galaxy)
12.5 am - Marvel Nights (Guardians of the Galaxy)
1 am - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
1.5 am - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am -  Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Fillmore
4.5 am - Fillmore
5 am - Two More Eggs
5.5 am - Two More Eggs
6 am - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
6.5 am - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 
7 am - The 7D
7.5 am - The 7D
8 am - Disney Saturday AM (Billy Dilley's Subteranian Summer)
8.5 am - Disney Saturday AM (New SatAM Show #1)
9 am - Disney Saturday AM (New SatAM Show #2)
9.5 am - Disney Saturday AM (The Replacements)
10 am - Disney Saturday AM (Aladdin)
10.5 am - Disney Saturday AM (Hercules)
11 am - Disney Saturday AM (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)
11.5 am - Disney Saturday AM (Ducktales 2k17)
12 pm - Disney Saturday AM (New SatAM Show #3)
12.5 pm - Disney Saturday AM (ESPN Sports Center)
1 pm - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
1.5 pm - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
2 pm - Kickin' It
2.5 pm - Kickin' It
3 pm - Lab Rats
3.5 pm - Lab Rats
4 pm - Mighty Med
4.5 pm - Mighty Med
5 pm - Lab Rats: Elite Force
5.5 pm - Lab Rats: Elite Force
6 pm - Gravity Falls
6.5 pm - Gravity Falls
7 pm - K.C. Undercover (new eps go here)
7.5 pm -  Milo Murphy's Law (new eps go here)
8 pm - Star vs The Forces of Evil (new eps go here)
8.5 pm - Mech X4 (new eps go here)
9 pm - Guardians of The Galaxy (new eps go here)
9.5 pm - Star Wars Rebels (new eps go here)
10 pm - Heroes Of Late Night (New Night Action Show)
10.5 pm - Heroes of Late Night (Motor City)
11 pm - Heroes of Late Night (Tron: Uprising)
11.5 pm - Heroes of Late Night (Mech X4)
Here's what will air on Sundays.

12 am - Heroes of Late Night (Agents of Sheild)
12.5 am - Heroes of Late Night (Agents of Sheild)
1 am - Avengers Assemble
1.5 am - Avengers Assemble
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am -  Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Wander Over Yonder
4.5 am - Wander Over Yonder
5 am - Elena of Avalor (new eps air on disney channel)
5.5 am - Tangled: The Series (new eps air on disney channel)
6 am - Earlybird Theater (Action Movie)
6.5 am - Earlybird Theater (Action Movie)
7 am - Earlybird Theater (Action Movie)
7.5 am - Earlybird Theater (Action Movie)
8 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (Ultimate Spider-Man)
8.5 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (The Mighty Ducks)
9 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (W.I.T.C.H.)
9.5 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (Avengers Assemble)
10 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (New Daytime Action Show)
10.5 am - Sunday Morning Superheroes (Star Wars Rebels)
11 am - Lego Star Wars: Freemaker Adventures
11.5 am - Lego Star Wars: Freemaker Adventures (new eps go here)
12 pm - New Sports Show
12.5 pm - New Sports Show
1 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Action Movie)
1.5 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Action Movie)
2 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Action Movie)
2.5 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Action Movie)
3 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Adventure Movie)
3.5 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Adventure Movie)
4 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Adventure Movie) 
4.5 pm - The Sunday Afternoon Double Feature (Adventure Movie) 
5 pm - Kickin' It
5.5 pm - Lab Rats
6 pm - Mighty Med
6.5 pm - Lab Rats: Elite Force
7 pm - Mech X4
7.5 pm - Mech X4
8 pm - Avengers (new eps go here)
8.5 pm - Spider-Man (new eps go here)
9 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)
9.5 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)
10 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)
10.5 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)
11 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)
11.5 pm - Action After Dark (TV-PG/TV-14 Action Show)

An extremely awesome improvement over the current line-up,huh? Keep in mind that all Line-Ups will be updated as time goes on.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboy!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Introducing..The Hall Of Heroes

To give a counter balance to The List,I've decided to create The Hall Of Heroes. Unlike The List,which lists Eternal Enemies,The HoH will list the eople and Organizations that are Good.

Expect the 1st inductee soon.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Holy Tragedies! Adam West Goes To That Great Batcave In Sky!

Ladies and Gentlemen,I regret to inform you that...the Original TV Batman,has died.

The (oftentimes bias) Reaper has struck again,and Adam West was his latest victim. West died at age 88. Leukemia was the cause.

We all knew Adam as the first TV Batman,but after that,he went on to do other roles,most notably Voice Acting. He did VA roles for shows like Superfriends,Fairly OddParents,Batman:The Animated Series,Kim Possible,The Simpsons,Johnny Bravo,Soace Ghost:Coast to Coast,Spongebob Squarepants,and many others.

But despite all these,West will Always be remembered as The 1st TV Batman. The Adam West Batman show was my very first exposure to the Batman franchise,so I will always hold a special place in my heart and mind for that series.

Thank You Adam West,for All that you've done. We,the people,will miss you. And now,the Fans would like to speak.

The Fans: Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap),Thank You Adam (clap,clap...clap,clap,clap).

God Speed,Old Chum!

RIP Adam West
Sept. 19th 1928 - June 9th 2017.

(fades to black)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

6 Potential Candidates For The List

Here are a a bunch of canidates that I'm seriously considering to be on The List.

Hollywood (they have a long rapsheet to their name,I don't feel like listing.)

The Mega Man [Fan] Community (for taking hypocrisy to a new level,among other things)

Disney President Gary Marsh (he has 3 strikes against him..and he only has 2 left)

Youtube (from cowering at the feet of currupt media orgs,to forcing ads upon the watcher. These guys are on thin ice)

Verizon (ever since they removed 'Heroes and Icons' from their line-up,they've become potential candidates for the list)

Capcom Japan (for bastardizing their old franchises,disrespecting mega man,ect.)

Well there you have it,6 potential candidates for The List!

If you're reading this Jason,I would like it if you would add to The List too. Tell me who you want on the list,and I'll put them on there.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

So Long...For Now - The Rekka Dragon Starts His Journey of Self-Awareness and Finding Answers on Friendship.

Hey there, Toonsters.

  I thought I drop by and give a heads up on where I have been.  Usually, I am the optimistic, courageous animation crusader. But as of late, I wasn't think like myself lately. I am going through a lot of changes. Although it started on October 13, 2014, when Discovery killed off the Hub and created Discovery Family, and started to buy off friendship using MLP as a scapegoat for the sinister goals, it was watching shows from the Arrowverse, such as The Flash, that got me questioning friendship as a whole, knowing that it can be broken as well. Ever since I wrote that fan letter to Carlos Valdes and gotten no reply, indicating that I didn't get my answer, whether or not friendship is truly dead. And judging from that notion, to me at least, it probably is cause the whole world is dog-eat-dog, every man for himself, looking out for number one and they don't care about friendship. And because of that, I spurned the very people I trusted, especially one of my fellow moonies, who I helped with those scrapbooks, including one for Cristina Vee (which, to this day, didn't receive due to the staff from Anime Revolution rushing up the lines). I almost ended that friendship right here and there, but I patched things up with her. But, that is no excuse for what I did, all because no one, in the world of acting, wouldn't answer that very important question about friendship. Like Cisco once said, "Sometimes when things get broken, they can't be fixed." And that's what I am feeling right now.

So, after some consideration, and since Summer is just around the corner, I decided to take a break from social media for awhile. Because of this, along with other issues, such as death of more voice actors like Dick Gautier, opening more of my dark parts of my past such as bullies using Kamen Rider to torment me and everything in between, I want to take a break from everything, just to re-assess my life and better myself until I fully understand friendship better. I know you guys understand it better than me, but this is something I got take of myself.

Don't think of it as goodbye, this is more like see you later. Until I get back, my brother in arms, Stefan, will be in charge of things here in the ACF. I don't know how long until I get back, I just hope things turn out good for me. But, until then, stay frosty and Godspeed, my friends. And believe me, I am going to need a lot of luck. And as long as the spirits of my virtues are with me, I will never truly be alone.

(Whereabouts of a Smile - Pocketwatch Version plays)

"Friendships can be bought or broken. Either way, I must journey to better myself until I fully understand it altogether. As long as my virtues guide me, I won't feel so alone. God help us all."

So long...for now.

(Keep on Rollin' - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors End Credits plays)