Sunday, January 29, 2017

Superior Line-Ups: Disney Channel

Today,I will be updating my Disney Channel Line-Up,in a brand new segment called,'Superior Line-Ups'. The purpose for this new segment is to show everyone what various TV Networks would look like,if they had Superior Program Direction.

Let's kick things off by updating my Disney Channel Line-Up.

Here's what will air on Weekdays.

12 am - Donold Duck Presents (a show that airs old donald duck cartoons)
12.5 am - Mickey Mouse Origins (a show that airs mikey's early works)
1 am - The Mickey Mouse Club (80's and 90's)
1.5 am - Kids Incorporated
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am -  Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Off Air
4.5 am - Off Air
5 am -  Jungle Cubs
5.5 am - Jungle Cubs
6 am - 101 Dalmations: The Series
6.5 am - 101 Dalmations: The Series
7 am - Raw Toonage
7.5 am - Raw Toonage
8 am - The Adventures of the Gummi Bears
8.5 am - The Adventures of the Gummi Bears
9 am - Diz Kidz (Miles From Tomorrow Land/Mickey and the Roadster Racers on Friday)
9.5 am - Diz Kids (Jake and The Neverland Pirates)
10 am - Diz Kidz (Sofia The First/New Eps on Friday)
10.5 am - Diz Kidz (Sofia The First/New Show #1 on Fridays)
11 am - Diz Kidz (The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
11.5 am - Diz Kidz (The Lion Guard)
12 pm - Wander Over Yonder
12.5 pm - Wander Over Yonder
1 pm -  Bunk'd
1.5 pm - Stuck In The Middle
2 pm - Elena of Avalor (New Eps On Friday)
2.5 pm - Kick Buttowski
3 pm - Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Dave The Barbarian)
3.5 pm - Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Star vs The Forces of Evil)
4 pm -  Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Phineas and Ferb)
4.5 pm -  Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Kim Possible)
5 pm -  Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Darkwing Duck)
5.5 pm -  Disney Afternoon: Rebirth (Gargoyles)
6 pm - The 7D
6.5 pm - Mickey Mouse
7 pm -  Girl Meets World
7.5 pm - Girl Meets World
8 pm - The Retrocom Zone (The Proud Family)
8.5 pm - The Retrocom Zone (The Proud Family)
9 pm - The Retrocom Zone (Boy Meets World)
9.5 pm - The Retrocom Zone (Boy Meets World)
10 pm - The Retrocom Zone (Home Improvement)
10.5 pm - The Retrocom Zone (Home Improvement)
11 pm -  The Retrocom Zone (The Golden Girls)
11.5 pm - The Retrocom Zone (The Golden Girls)
Here's what will air on Saturdays.

12 am - Donold Duck Presents (a show that airs old donald duck cartoons)
12.5 am - Mickey Mouse Origins (a show that airs mikey's early works)
1 am - The Mickey Mouse Club (80's and 90's)
1.5 am - Kids Incorporated
2 am - Off Air
2.5 am - Off Air
3 am - Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am - Off Air
4.5 am - Off Air
5 am - Jessie
5.5 am - Jessie
6 am - That's So Raven
6.5 am - That's So Raven
7 am - Mickey Mouse
7.5 am - The 7D
8 am - One Saturday Morning (New Show #2)
8.5 am - One Saturday Morning (New Show #3)
9 am -  One Saturday Morning (Lilo and Stitch: The Series)
9.5 am - One Saturday Morning (The Emporors New School)
10 am - One Saturday Morning (Teachers Pet)
10.5 am - One Saturday Morning (The Replacements)
11 am - One Saturday Morning (House Of Mouse)
11.5 am - One Saturday Morning (House of Mouse)
12 pm - Kirby Buckets
12.5 pm - Kirby Buckets (new eps go here)
1 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
1.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
2 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
2.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 1)
3 pm -  Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
3.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
4 pm -  Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
4.5 pm - Afternoon Movie Break (Movie 2)
5 pm - Milo Murphy's Law
5.5 pm - Milo Murphy's Law (new eps go here)
6 pm - Bizarrdvark
6.5 pm - Bizarrdvark (new eps go here)
7 pm - New Show #4
7.5 pm - New Show #5
8 pm - Liv and Maddie
8.5 pm - Liv and Maddie (new eps go here)
9 pm -  Best Friends Whenever
9.5 pm - Best Friends Whenever (new eps go here)
10 pm - The Eisner-Tude Era (Ducktales)
10.5 pm - The Eisner-Tude Era (Quack Pack)
11 pm - The Eisner-Tude Era (Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers)
11.5 pm - The Eisner-Tude Era (Goof Troop)
Here's what I will air on Sundays.

12 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Talespin)
12.5 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Bonkers)
1 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Pepper Ann)
1.5 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Recess)
2 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Teamo-Supremo)
2.5 am - The Eisner-Tude Era (Filmore)
3 am - Off Air
3.5 am - Off Air
4 am -   Off Air
4.5 am -  Off Air
5 am - Timon and Pumbaa  
5.5 am - Timon and Pumbaa
6 am - Marvel Super Hero Squad Show
6.5 am - Marvel Super Hero Squad Show
7 am - Kirby Buckets
7.5 am - Kirby Buckets
8 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (Hercules)
8.5 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (Aladdin)
9 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (The Little Mermaid)
9.5 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (Legend of Tarzan)
10 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (Penn Zero:Part Time Hero)
10.5 am - Sunday Morning Adventures (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)
11 am - New Show #2 (Rerun)
11.5 am - New Show #3 (Rerun)
12 pm - Liv and Maddie
12.5 pm - Best Friends Whenever
1 pm - Bunk'd (new eps go here)
1.5 pm - Stuck In The Middle (new eps go here)
2 pm - New Show #4 (Rerun)
2.5 pm - New Show #5 (Rerun)
3 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
3.5 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
4 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
4.5 pm - Sunday Movie Break (Movie)
5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #1)
5.5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #2)
6 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #3)
6.5 pm - Maple Leaf TV (Canadian Show #4)
7 pm - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
7.5 pm - Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything
8 pm - Sunday Night Club (Phineas and Ferb)
8.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (Phineas and Ferb)
9 pm -  Sunday Night Club (Gravity Falls)
9.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (Gravity Falls)
10 pm -  Sunday Night Club (Right Now Kapow)
10.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (The Muppets)
11 pm -  Sunday Night Club (Once Upon A Time)
11.5 pm - Sunday Night Club (Once Upon A Time)

Sweet,Eh? Next Up,Disney XD.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Heathcliff's New Cat Friends!

With all the bad news in the world in this new year, I figured I would give you something to smile about, this latest fanart and with good reason.

Here we have Luna and Artemis, palling around with their newfound friend, who I call the Anti-Garfield, the one, the only Heathcliff. I have known Heathcliff since I was a kid. And although there are three cartoons featuring him, (the first two were from Ruby-Spears), the one from DIC was the one I identify with Heathcliff, especially through his theme song. Speaking of which, if you want to see Heathcliff again, if you have Starz Encore Family on your Cable/Satellite provide, you will have it, alongside two other classic shows, Inspector Gadget and Sonic Sat AM. I don't know how long they will last on that channel, but one thing is for sure, it is better than watching all that edutainment Discovery Family is spewing and holding the ponies hostage, that's for sure.

(Heathcliff end credits theme play)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Toonmakers Moon

I thought,I'd share this with anyone who's interested. It's an incomplete script of the one and only "episode" of Toonmakers Sailor Moon (formerly known as Saban Moon)

While your there,you can Also check out some Animation Cells (located near the bottom).

A very interesting find. I had No Idea an Actual script was made. It's also cool we had some Animation Cells too. Sailor Moon looks like She-Ra here (so I guess she would be called She-ra Moon LOL). Still kinda wishing for an American Sailor Moon series (though not a hollywood movie).

Hope you all enjoyed this.

See Ya,Space Cowboy

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Tropes of Anime Jason (if he was a character)!

Have everyone been to a site called TV Tropes? It is an awesome site, that gives us fun ways of describing things in anime, wrestling, video games, etc. And on the subject of it, I figured I do a little trope for my OC, Anime Jason. I know it's a work in progress, but here are a dozen of samples on how my character should be like if he was an actual character. So, here we go.

1. The Ace: He is an aspiring animator back in the real world, but as soon as his powers grow in the animated world, he slowly becomes godlike as the story progresses during his struggle against the V-Syndicate and their offshoots.

2. The Hero: Well, he is the main protagonist in the story. DUH!

3. Big Good

4. The Chosen One: They don't call him the Animation Crusader for nothing.

5. The Leader: When this story started, he was all alone, deoriented when he first came to the animated world. But when he progressed with himself and his current situation, he started meeting up with other characters, some even joined him in his quest to save the animated world from the evils of the V-Syndicate. He slowly became a natural born leader when he formed his team with Danny Phantom as his lancer and partner.

6. Deadpan Snarker: He does have a sarcastic streak towards his enemies from time to time.

7. Beware the Nice Ones: He is nice most of the time, but when someone questions him or see something about it, he has a fiery temper and he will let you know about it.

8. Berserk Button: Want stay on his good side? Don't you dare harm his friends, declare that animation sucks, and most important of all, do not, I repeat, do not call him a twerp (that means you, Team Rocket!)

9. Friend to All Children: He is a softy when it comes to kids, including Inspector Gadget's niece Penny and Ariel's daughter, Melody.

10. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He may act fanboyish and act foolish sometimes, but he has a good heart and is willing to help those in need, no matter what.

11. Signature Move: Say it with me, people, Taiyou...KEN!!! Originally the other name for Solar Flare from Dragon Ball Z, the Taiyouken in Anime Jason's case is another way of saying Solar Fist. His main attack and he uses it to either knock out his foes or uses it to bust from evil machines to a giant rock, even a whole mountain.

12. Elemental Punch: His Taiyouken is mostly solar powered. But, when it touch with the other elementals from the other souls that resonates within him, he can change into different forms of Taiyouken (Fire, Ice, Water, Spectre, Earth, Wind, Metal, etc.)

13. Calling Your Attacks: Whether he does the Taiyouken or uses the attacks from the Keyblade, Oathkeeper, Jason can call out his attacks, but shouts them out in his Japanese tongue, for more power.

14. Kamehame-Hadoken: Not just a trope, but also one of Anime Jason's ultimate attacks when he is in one of his armor modes, which combines the Kamehameha with the Hadouken. A power attack worthy of the Gods.

15: Large Ham: When he yells his attacks in his Japanese tongue, loses his temper and/or reaches his emotional breaking point.

16. Heroic B.S.O.D.: Whether it's the ponies befriending Tirek (knowing that it is a trick by the dark lord to take over Equestria), seeing his friends turn on each other, or his team falling apart, he will go through this phrase, question about his abilities and/or if he was worthy of saving the animated world, fearing that his friends don't have much faith in him. But through hard trials and recollection, he eventually overcomes his guilt and start setting things right. Despite being the hero, his dark moments is what make him the most weak and helpless.

17. I Just Want to be Normal: All Jason ever wanted was to go back to his world. In the beginning, he didn't want the responsibilities that comes to being the animation crusader. Overtime, he learned that the only way he will go back to the real world, is to fight the V-Syndicate and the other villains to save the animated world and every single world of fiction.

18. Red Baron: The Animation Crusader, Champion of the Little Guy, The Rekka Dragon (in honor his hero and his virtue of Righteousness, Ryo of the Wildfire) and Captain Anime (a codename Cisco Ramon suggested, but Jason took it into consideration).

19. Cool Sword: The Keyblade, Oathkeeper, for it is a symbol of his mantra, "Promises made, promises kept".

20. Cool Guns: Just one, the Lawgiver Mk. 3. The original Lawgiver Mk. 2 was a gift to Jason from Judge Dredd, but modified it. Although it maintains most of its leather ammunition, Jason's Lawgiver was given none leather ammo for disabling a villain without killing or other methods when fighting evil (e.g. grappling hook, knockout gas, bolo-net launcher, etc.)

21. Gadgeteer Genius:  Despite his free-spirited and silly-esqe nature, he is super-smart when it comes to making things, whether its making a DVD/Blu-Ray player that can enable you to change the format of your show/movie on your HDTVs or making weapons and/or armor to fight against evil.

22. Catchphrase: "What in the name of (insert name of town, city, movie, sport, cartoon, anime, person, etc.) is going on around here?!" and Demon Dogs! (borrowed from Thundarr the Barbarian)

23. Determinator: No matter how hard the battle is, no matter how long to convince a bad guy to change his ways and no matter how predicable the situation is, one thing is certain for Anime Jason is that fact that he will never give up. To him, giving up is a fate worse than death and that's a fact.

24. A God Am I: Jason doesn't think of himself as a god. In the beginning, he was normal and disoriented. But when the story progressed, and as he accepts his destiny as the Animation Crusader, and as his powers grow, just like Kevin Flynn from TRON, he will embrace his godhood. But unlike those with godlike powers, Jason is a humble hero/god. He will never selfishly use his powers for other things. The only god Jason worship is the one he prays to, hence the seashell cross he wears.

Well, that's about it for now. If Stefan wants to do a trope on his OC, Rayjin, by all means. TV Tropes makes descriptions cool and awesome! Until next time, Stay Frosty, my friends!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Rotten Start

I'm So Pissed Right Now! 2017 is starting out Awfully! Besides Trump becoming our 45th President,we have a slew of Super Dumbass decisions by,you guessed it,Network Executives!

First is Verizon,who Stupidly removed 'Heroes and Icons' from their Network Roster. Those Dipshits are on my list,as H&I was one of the Few networks I had little complaints about. Xena,Hercules,Kung-Fu,Green Hornet,Star Trek:Next Generation,and others won't ever be seen on Verizon TV ever again. And Verizon wonders Why they're so hated.

Next up is Antenna TV's New Schedule,it's bad,not half as bad as the Disney Networks,but still bad. They insist on keeping those stupid Black and White shows from the 50s and putting the good stuff on at questionable times. Same thing can be said,to a lesser extent,for MeTV. I wish they haven't ditched Happy Days and I Really Wish they'd get their own Channel in the New York/New Jersey Area (they time share with another network,where I live) because Those Retarded Political Shows Piss Me Off (haven too).

And Finally we have the Big D,yup they Still haven't learned their lesson. First,they continue with the shitty Program Direction,then they bring back Zack and Cody,Then they develop a strong fetish for that Uber-retarded show 'Walk The Prank'.

And then,in one of the most brainless things Ever,they Cancel 'Girl Meets World'. UGH! Why The Hell Does Disney Keep Doing This! First Lab Rats:Elite Force (which concluded on a cliffhanger) and Now Girl Meets World. It's Always The Good Shows That Need To Be Canceled,NOT The Shit!

Signing Off for now. This was Not the way,I wanted to the year to begin,but what can one expect from Network Executives? Intellegent thoughts and deeds? I think not!

Hope Everyone else had a decent begining of the year.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Returned from my short break (plus script for future video)

Hey there, Toonsters!

  I am back from my break and I am ready to go. I know what you are all thinking that if I am still working on my Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family video series. The truth of the matter is...I am. I am getting underway with it. The process is long, but I am doing it. I already did my voice work for the next episode, but I am doing my next vignette first. This one is based on two games I know, the intro of Megaman IV and Desert Strike. I haven't gotten to do the cutscenes, but here is a sample of what I am talking about:

Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family Vignette 2 script:

From the outer reigions of the animated world, lies the Hasbroverse. A world where the past and present, all mingle together.

Of all the worlds in the Hasbroverse, lies the mystical world known as Equestria. Equestria is the home of every, single form of pony, whose lives are driven by peace, honor,

camaraderie and above all, friendship. Friendship is what binds not just Equestria alone, but all of the Hasbroverse itself, maintaining its balance for many years.

All that changed, when a dark, powerful, evil force came and has undone what the pony rulers have established, causing the balance for all of the Hasbroverse to fall apart

and became a world of darkness.

The dark lord, Tirek, has returned, vowing revenge against Princess Celestia and the denizens of Equestria, including the newly-crowned princess, Twilight Sparkle. Instead of

brute force like last time, he used his cunning and deceptive nature to convice the ponies he wants to reform.

To make matters worse, by pretending to be a reformed villain, he caused a rift between the ponies and the very force of good who fights to bring balance to all of the

animated world, the Animation Crusader, Anime Jason. And by doing so and in a huff of anger, feeling that the ponies used his friendship for their own base ends, Jason self-

exiles himself from Equestria, allowing Tirek to completely taking over Equestria, thus revealing his true motives to the pony populace.

With Anime Jason out of the picture for the time being, Tirek has conquered Equestria without a problem and claming Canterlot as his new capital in his conquest bring the

entire Hasbroverse into eternal darkness. And with the aid of Jason's arch-enemies, the V-Syndicate, Tirek has established himself as Equestria's new ruler by showing no

mercy to those who get in his way.

Later, inside Princess Celestia's castle in Canterlot, Tirek has a little meeting with one of his Changeling commanders.

Tirek: "With Equestria under our control, it is only a matter of time before all of the Hasbroverse fall into darkness, as well. And on top of that, their champion, Anime

Jason, has self-exiled himself from the pony world itself, making it easier to conquer it. But tell me something. Why hasn't all of Equestria bow before me, anyway?!"

Changeling Commander: "There is a small band of ponies, resisting our movement, now that you have showed them your true motives. Even without Princess Celestia, the ponies

are very resilient and will fight on. This is one battle we cannot win, my lord, even without Anime Jason aiding them."

(Tirek slaps the Changeling commander in the face)

Tirek: "Silence, you fool! No more excuses! We will conquer all of Equestria, one way or another. If, by midnight, I don't have Anime Jason destroyed and Equestria conquered,

a head will roll..."

(Tirek shatters the image of Twilight Sparkle, leaving a fist mark on the broken glass)

Tirek: "...HERS!"

Changeling Commander: "Yes, Yes! At once, your greatness!"

With Tirek in complete control, it is just a matter of time before Equestria fall under his rule. But with the pony populace under siege, the question that was on everybody's

mind is...Where is Anime Jason? Has his strong resolve been broken because his friendship was taken for granted? Only time will tell.

The line where Tirek says about someone's head will roll is based on what his G1 counterpart said in the pilot movie, "Rescue at Midnight Castle," showing how ruthless Tirek can be, just like Henry Schleiff, when he showed no mercy when he killed the Hub and replace it with Discovery Family. I will keep you posted when I am either finished with the vignette and/or half way with the next episode. And believe me, once I am done talking about Discovery Kids, I got a lot of ground to cover when I talk about the Hub. Stay tuned and stay frosty, my friends.