Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Rotten Start

I'm So Pissed Right Now! 2017 is starting out Awfully! Besides Trump becoming our 45th President,we have a slew of Super Dumbass decisions by,you guessed it,Network Executives!

First is Verizon,who Stupidly removed 'Heroes and Icons' from their Network Roster. Those Dipshits are on my list,as H&I was one of the Few networks I had little complaints about. Xena,Hercules,Kung-Fu,Green Hornet,Star Trek:Next Generation,and others won't ever be seen on Verizon TV ever again. And Verizon wonders Why they're so hated.

Next up is Antenna TV's New Schedule,it's bad,not half as bad as the Disney Networks,but still bad. They insist on keeping those stupid Black and White shows from the 50s and putting the good stuff on at questionable times. Same thing can be said,to a lesser extent,for MeTV. I wish they haven't ditched Happy Days and I Really Wish they'd get their own Channel in the New York/New Jersey Area (they time share with another network,where I live) because Those Retarded Political Shows Piss Me Off (haven too).

And Finally we have the Big D,yup they Still haven't learned their lesson. First,they continue with the shitty Program Direction,then they bring back Zack and Cody,Then they develop a strong fetish for that Uber-retarded show 'Walk The Prank'.

And then,in one of the most brainless things Ever,they Cancel 'Girl Meets World'. UGH! Why The Hell Does Disney Keep Doing This! First Lab Rats:Elite Force (which concluded on a cliffhanger) and Now Girl Meets World. It's Always The Good Shows That Need To Be Canceled,NOT The Shit!

Signing Off for now. This was Not the way,I wanted to the year to begin,but what can one expect from Network Executives? Intellegent thoughts and deeds? I think not!

Hope Everyone else had a decent begining of the year.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Add another rotten start to the year. It seems that Shinigami has claimed another soul and that's the soul of pro wrestling legend, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. First, Tony Rosalo aka Mama Luigi, now this.

You know what will make you feel better? StarzEncore Family is airing Heathcliff, Inspector Gadget and Sonic SatAm now. I rather watch those that to see more edutainment from Discovery Family.

Stefan said...

Wow. Superfly Snuka is dead? I was sure he had atleast a few more good years left.

Thanjs for the heads up on both things. Also Pokemon will be airing on Disney XD now. Disney is the only company I can trust these days for Animation and fun shows. That's why I get pissed when they do wrong.