Thursday, January 12, 2017

Returned from my short break (plus script for future video)

Hey there, Toonsters!

  I am back from my break and I am ready to go. I know what you are all thinking that if I am still working on my Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family video series. The truth of the matter is...I am. I am getting underway with it. The process is long, but I am doing it. I already did my voice work for the next episode, but I am doing my next vignette first. This one is based on two games I know, the intro of Megaman IV and Desert Strike. I haven't gotten to do the cutscenes, but here is a sample of what I am talking about:

Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family Vignette 2 script:

From the outer reigions of the animated world, lies the Hasbroverse. A world where the past and present, all mingle together.

Of all the worlds in the Hasbroverse, lies the mystical world known as Equestria. Equestria is the home of every, single form of pony, whose lives are driven by peace, honor,

camaraderie and above all, friendship. Friendship is what binds not just Equestria alone, but all of the Hasbroverse itself, maintaining its balance for many years.

All that changed, when a dark, powerful, evil force came and has undone what the pony rulers have established, causing the balance for all of the Hasbroverse to fall apart

and became a world of darkness.

The dark lord, Tirek, has returned, vowing revenge against Princess Celestia and the denizens of Equestria, including the newly-crowned princess, Twilight Sparkle. Instead of

brute force like last time, he used his cunning and deceptive nature to convice the ponies he wants to reform.

To make matters worse, by pretending to be a reformed villain, he caused a rift between the ponies and the very force of good who fights to bring balance to all of the

animated world, the Animation Crusader, Anime Jason. And by doing so and in a huff of anger, feeling that the ponies used his friendship for their own base ends, Jason self-

exiles himself from Equestria, allowing Tirek to completely taking over Equestria, thus revealing his true motives to the pony populace.

With Anime Jason out of the picture for the time being, Tirek has conquered Equestria without a problem and claming Canterlot as his new capital in his conquest bring the

entire Hasbroverse into eternal darkness. And with the aid of Jason's arch-enemies, the V-Syndicate, Tirek has established himself as Equestria's new ruler by showing no

mercy to those who get in his way.

Later, inside Princess Celestia's castle in Canterlot, Tirek has a little meeting with one of his Changeling commanders.

Tirek: "With Equestria under our control, it is only a matter of time before all of the Hasbroverse fall into darkness, as well. And on top of that, their champion, Anime

Jason, has self-exiled himself from the pony world itself, making it easier to conquer it. But tell me something. Why hasn't all of Equestria bow before me, anyway?!"

Changeling Commander: "There is a small band of ponies, resisting our movement, now that you have showed them your true motives. Even without Princess Celestia, the ponies

are very resilient and will fight on. This is one battle we cannot win, my lord, even without Anime Jason aiding them."

(Tirek slaps the Changeling commander in the face)

Tirek: "Silence, you fool! No more excuses! We will conquer all of Equestria, one way or another. If, by midnight, I don't have Anime Jason destroyed and Equestria conquered,

a head will roll..."

(Tirek shatters the image of Twilight Sparkle, leaving a fist mark on the broken glass)

Tirek: "...HERS!"

Changeling Commander: "Yes, Yes! At once, your greatness!"

With Tirek in complete control, it is just a matter of time before Equestria fall under his rule. But with the pony populace under siege, the question that was on everybody's

mind is...Where is Anime Jason? Has his strong resolve been broken because his friendship was taken for granted? Only time will tell.

The line where Tirek says about someone's head will roll is based on what his G1 counterpart said in the pilot movie, "Rescue at Midnight Castle," showing how ruthless Tirek can be, just like Henry Schleiff, when he showed no mercy when he killed the Hub and replace it with Discovery Family. I will keep you posted when I am either finished with the vignette and/or half way with the next episode. And believe me, once I am done talking about Discovery Kids, I got a lot of ground to cover when I talk about the Hub. Stay tuned and stay frosty, my friends.

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