Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Corrupt Corporate Executives - Fictional Villain Comparisons

As we all know, that whether its this year or all the other years before it, our world is a dark, corrupt place. It is never rainbows and unicorns like in cartoons and anime. And one of the main factors of this are the very corrupt corporate executives who manipulate the system for their base ends for the sole purpose in outlawing everything fun like animation, gaming, and our very freedom of speech and expression. Speaking of which, in our last previous blogs, me and Stefan use to compare one corrupt exec to multiple fictional villains, one with Bob Iger and the other one with Henry Schleiff. But unlike the last two, this comparison list will be a bit different. Instead of comparing one exec with multiple villains, we will compare one exec to a villain of my choosing. So, without further ado, let's begin shall we? Let's start with the basic examples.

Henry Scheliff - Tirek: He killed the Hub just like Tirek destroyed Twilight's Golden Oak Library and both names rhyme, so it makes perfect sense.

Nikki Reed - Queen Chrysalis: Both sucked the fun out of both MLP and the Hub as a whole. Need I say more?

Stuart Snyder - Judge Doom: Both hate toons, wanna replace it with live action that is superior to animation. No freeway plan on this one, that's for sure. It's just toon destruction with Snyder. And although he no longer works at Cartoon Network, his essence lives on and CN will never go back its former glory, especially with their anti-action stance.

Now, here are the rest.

Alfred R. Kahn - Shang Tsung/Shao Kahn: They will suck your soul out of your very being, by whitewashing Japanese culture in the animes they edit. And it makes sense that his name was based on either Khan from Star Trek or the Emperor of Outworld from Mortal Kombat. Either way, Al Kahn was the one exec who doesn't give guff to anyone who questions him. Did I forget to mention that he hates manga, too?

Neal Tiles - Quan Chi: He whitewashed gaming culture from G4 like Al Kahn did to anime at 4Kids. The way I see it, Tiles and Kahn are the real life Deadly Alliance.

Bob Iger - David Xanatos: Like Xanatos, Iger played us for saps. He is more clever than he is strong and that is what makes him even more dangerous. Xanatos-Gambit, anyone?

Vince McMahon - Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin: Vinnie Mac has a bad case of Jekyll and Hyde. On one hand, he is normal, respectable businessman. And on the other hand, he is a psychotic nutcase, who just puts the snails on the back of wrestlers and throw them in the streets broke. And the worst part about all this? He embraced his psychotic side and that is the real Vince McMahon. This is why I call him Mr. McGoblin because he IS the REAL Green Goblin.

David Zaslav - Unicron: Although I haven't gotten to him yet in my video series, Anime Jason vs. Discovery Family (which I will resume when I can), but if I learn anything, especially in the case of Discovery, if Henry Scheliff is Tirek, then his boss, David Zaslav, is Unicron. The way I see, when Scheliff took over the Hub and replaced it with Discovery Family, Zaslav, in true Unicron style, devoured its essence along the way, just like planet Cybertron. Ouch!

Sumner Redstone - The Master Control Program: He started of small, just like Viacom. But, by the time the new millennium came, it became so out of control that everything we like, including Nickelodeon, was ruined completely. He started small and he's going to end small, just like the MCP. And for God's sake, enough with Fairly OddParents, already!

Donald Trump - Biff Tannen: Trump being our president is like Biff Tannen running Hill Valley to the ground. If that's not nightmare fuel, then I don't know what is.

And there you have it. Hope this list is completely stimulating. Let me know which exec and what villain you compare him/her with. Until then, stay frosty, my friends.


Stefan said...

Wow that was fast.

Hey,did you know that Atheist Groups are Left-wing equivilent to The Parents Groups of the 80s and 90s. Its true.

eotness said...

Not sure I particularly agree with you regarding Donald Trump. He may not have been my first choice of a president (my first choice was Ben Carson), but he most certainly was ultimately preferable compared to the other candidate. I do agree with you regarding Bob Iger, though, and quite frankly, I think he's FAR worse than Trump can ever be. At least Trump doesn't try to game the system with H1B fraud. In fact, the only reason I'd even REMOTELY support Iger's rumored run for the presidency in 2020 is specifically to make sure he fails, and thus is left so bankrupt that he cannot return to Disney (and I would have no intention of having Iger actually WIN the presidency, either).