Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Black History Month Collection

Hey there, Toonsters!

  Since we are in February, and this is Black History Month, I present to you my mini fanart collection, featuring the following characters that represents Black History month and all its glory.

"The Black Panther is ready to stalk again!"

First off, here we have T'Challa aka The Black Panther, the ruler of the African nation of Wakanda and one of the card carrying members of The Avengers, whose nation is one of the rarest places that contains lots and lots of Vibranium, one of the rarest metals in the world, next to Adamantium. As his name provides, this is one panther who will stalk against those who threaten his homeland or the entire world for that matter. So if I were you, stay clear of Wakanda cause if you cause trouble there, the Black Panther won't hesitate to pounce.

"I am one with the wind and I am mother nature personified. I am Storm."

Next up, here we have the Mistress of the Elements herself, Ororo Munroe aka Storm from the X-Men. Since her first appearance in Giant Size X-Men in 1975, Storm has proven to be a strong, vibrant leader to the X-Men's cause for Human/Mutant equality. Indeed, a very strong black woman, and a proud one, too.

"The name's Static, and I'll put a shock to your system!"

And finally, here we have Virgil Ovid Hawkins aka Static. Even though I never read the Static Shock comics, but it was the cartoon based on the comic that introduced me to Static. For a kid from Dakota, whose older sister was bratty and father was a social worker, Static's life wasn't easy, but he always keeps a positive outlook in life, whether it's battling Bang-Babies or real life issues like guns, violence, racism and so on and so forth. Wish he appeared on The Flash, so he could pal around with not just Barry, but also Cisco, too. That would be something.

And there you have it. I may not be down with this whole Black Lives Matter thing, but if you do Black History Month right, all lives truly matter. And these characters are examples of that, even if they are fictional. Stay frosty, my friends. Fight the Power!


Stefan said...

You made some great choices,there,bud

RekkaDragonJay said...

Thanks, bro! These characters is what Black History Month is all about!:D