Saturday, February 11, 2017

The One I Missed

You heard me bash Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood to no end,right? Well it turns out that there's a 3rd guy that needs attacking,a man that I neglected for years. Well,them days are over.

The man in question is Gary Marsh,the President and Cheif Creative Officer for the Disney Networks. Apparently,his position is directly under Ben Sherwood's,who's President of ABC/Disney Television Group.

For years,I've targeted Sherwood and Iger because they were the top guys at Disney,but from now on,I'll be going after Gary Marsh,as well.

To find out more about Gary Marsh:

Until next time,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow, how many more people are going to keep being puppets of those business people? I just wish, just once, one exec, a good hearted one, stands up to people like Iger and Schleiff and say no and give us programming because of the people, not themselves. Almost wants to make me do a blog on comparing these people to fictional villains. But, unlike our previous blogs, this won't be comparing one person to multiple villains, it will be comparing them to the villains of our choosing (e.g. Henry Schleiff - Tirek, David Zaslav - Unicron, etc.)

Stefan said...

Indeed and by all means do it. make the post

Frank Coufal said...

This is America after all. We have free speech, so we can say anything we want here.