Monday, March 20, 2017

Corrupt Corporate Executives - Villain Comparisons (Stefan's Version)

Jason did one of these earlier,so,I'm gonna make one.

As we all know,Network Executives are trash,whether they be from Turner,Disney,Viacom,or Discovery Communications. Like Jason said in his version,recently,our world has become a corrupt and stupid place. And one of the main factors of this are the stupid and corrupt corporate executives who are,in reality,tone deaf,to what the American People want and/or need.

As you recall,both Jason and myself, compared one corrupt exec to multiple fictional villains, one with Bob Iger (mine) and the other with Henry Schleiff (jasons). This time,we decided to compare multiple Executives to various fictional Villains. Jason has already done his,so here's mine.

Henry Scheliff - Megatron: He ruined the Hub Network and turned it into a desolated place,just like what Megatron did to Cybertron.

Nikki Reed - Cobra Commander: Both are very egosentric and baffoonish. And because of this,they ruined both The Hub Network and Cobra,respectivly.

Stuart Snyder - Braniac: Destroyed Cartoon Network and Planet Krypton respectively..and in a similar manner. Both were liked/respected by their own people and even convinced them that their Ideas were benificial to their respective people. In reality though,it was all a big lie.

Christina Miller - Shao Khan: She's the new head of Cartoon Network. Both Miller and Khan are corrupt leaders,who are respected by their people. Cartoon Network and Boomerang are forever ruined by Miller,just like Outworld/Edenia was forever ruined by Khan.

Alfred R. Kahn - Sailor Galaxia: They both were evil conquerors (satam tv and the galaxy,respectively),who ruined all that they aquired. Both were defeated and became good,but were never seen or heard from again.

Bob Iger - Emperor Palpentine aka Darth Sidious: Both are evil and manipulative. Iger and Palpentine brought ruination to Disney and the Star Wars Universe,respectively. They are very proud of their work.

Anne Sweeney - Kefka Palazzo: Both are sick and twisted people who joyfully turn beautiful places,into stuff of nightmares.

Ben Sherwood - Hordak: Tryrant rulers of the Disney Networks and Etheria,respectively. Both are hard-core suppressors,who refuse to evolve their "worlds".

Gary Marsh - Every Villain Second-In-Comand EVER: Yeah,you heard right.

Vince McMahon - Serpentor: Both men are loud and have huge egos. Plus,both have their own signature catchphrases: "You're Fired!" and "This I Command!",respectively.

David Zaslav - Unicron: Both are devourers. Zaslav devoured the essence of each of Discovery's networks,like Unicron devours planets. Ok,so it's a weak comparison,but if Henry Scheliff is Megatron,than Zaslav could be Unicron.

The Head Execs at Viacom - Firelord Ozai/Firelord Sozin: Everything they do brings darkness,corruption,and ruination.

Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett - The Dorkstalkers (the main villains from the american darkstalkers show): Terrible at buisness and creativity. They never seem to do Anything right. Though,unlike the Dorkstalkers,Jarrett and Carter ain't very entertaining.

And there you have it,My version of the Villain Comparison list. Not much else to say,so...Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

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Very good list, man. Very good! :D