Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gary Marsh ACF Public Enemy #1

Gary Marsh,President and CCO of the Disney Networks, Is Our Enemy. He continues to piss on Disney fans intellegence and refuses to fix the problems pleaguing the Networks (such as terrible program direction).

He (and his boss/superior,ben sherwood) refuse to acknowladge the True Potential of the networks,instead surpressing them and leaving them in such a pathetic state.

Newsflash,Marsh: The Disney Channel Wasn't Meant to be for Small Children Or Girly Girls. Disney Channel is Supposed to be a Family Network with some stuff for Kids of All Ages.

Here is a list of crimes commited by Gary Marsh(and to an extent,ben sherwood):

- Having Bad Ideas
- Refusing to Evolve The Disney Networks.
- Treating The Disney Channel as a Childrens Only Network.
- Canning Good Shows like Girl Meets World,while Renewing Crappy Ones,like Walk The Prank.
- Over-Promoting the Garbage Shows.
- Ending Good Series Too Early
- Shitty Program Direction for All Disney Networks.
- Disney Jr. The Channel. 'Nuff Said
- Refusing To Listen To the People,Opting to piss on their Intellegence instead.

And it's because of these,We at ACF make Gary Marsh,Public Enemy #1.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

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