Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jason's Gallery - VR Samurai Senshi!

Like my custom made end credits, this wallpaper is created from the idea I had for quite a long time. Picturing Ryo, Usagi and Mamoru as the VR Troopers made my crossover ideas grow bigger as time progressed. I mean, Ryo and Ryan Steele's first names start with the letters "R" and "Y", which makes perfect sense. That and their respective outfits match the same color (Same goes with Tuxedo Mask and J.B.'s outfits), not to mention they are both leaders and strong willed heroes with emotional moments. Did I forget to mention they have animal companions? (Ryo has White Blaze while Ryan has Jeb the talking dog). And since I picture Tuxedo Mask to be more active than throwing roses like kunais, his Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber is almost as similar to J.B.'s VR Techno Bazooka. As for Sailor Moon and Kaitlin Star, Usagi will doubt her abilities and her duties as a Sailor Guardian and Kaitlin would encourage her to not give up by telling her about her experiences of wanting to give being a VR Trooper. Don't believe me? Watch an episode of VR Troopers to know what I am talking about. And finally, and this is a bit different. While Ryo displays the same heroic manner as Ryan, I picture him doing his Surekill, the Wildfire Flare (aka Flare Up Now) in the style of J.B. doing his finisher with his Laser Lance (Ryo puts his swords together like a lance, so it makes a whole lot of sense) or when Ryan does his Saber attack when he has his new form from Season 2 of the show (which used footage from Space Sheriff Shaider).

Well, I think I said a mouthful. Anyway, hope you like this wallpaper. And I hope I get to see Ryo, Usagi and Mamoru together in a crossover special someday. Until then...

We are, VR, Sailor Ronin GO!

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