Sunday, March 5, 2017

VR Troopers End Credits - Sailor Ronin Style!

If you thought I was creative enough? Check this out!

This one was based on an idea that I had for a long time, where Ryo of the Wildfire, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were a well-oiled machine, just like Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Star and J.B. Reese. That's right, folks, the VR Troopers, one of many shows that followed the tradition of Power Rangers, combining American footage with those of Tokusatsu shows like those of Super Sentai and Metal Heroes. This is my custom made version of the VR Troopers end credits, but with clips from both Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors. I want to do another one, but for the intro, but it is harder for me to do it all because of YouTube has prevented anyone from posting clips or episodes of the very shows I am talking about (Stupid, corrupt, copyright laws that are outdated). Anyway, hope you all enjoy this. You will be more satisfied even more when I get to do my next Anime Jason vs. Viacom videos. Until then, enjoy this piece of nostalgia. In short...

We are, VR, Sailor Ronin, GO!

(Sorry for deleting it. I had to tweak some scenes to get the full screen treatment and added Matt Smith's name to the end credits, which I thought I did, but didn't. Anyway, all is good. Enjoy the movie. There will be more in the near future. Stay frosty, my friends!)


Stefan said...

VR Samurai Troopers XD.


RekkaDragonJay said...

How bout the other title you thought up? VR Samurai Senshi! Sounds like a cool title for a crossover that sounds so...Virtual! :D