Monday, April 24, 2017

Introducing...Modern Vintage TV

Ladies and Gentlemen,I have came up with a name for my proposed Network: Modern Vintage TV. The very start of a proposed Media Kingdom.

I'll be bringing you more show ideas in the future. The American Cartoon Federation will be the official home for All MVTV related material (except for Modern Vintage Wrestling,that has it's own blog).

Oh,One More Thing: Christina Miller,President of Cartoon Network and Boomerang,Has Just Made The List!!!!


RekkaDragonJay said...

Let's hope one day that your idea becomes reality. Cause the way I see, many sub-digital channel are leaning towards Litton Entertainment. We can't let that happen.

One more thing, I use to think Matt Hardy, broken and all, was the reason I stopped watching Impact Wrestling. Now, I know it is not him, it is not just the whole of the new owners of Impact Wrestling, but one person, who is truly the real reason why I don't watch Impact and leans more towards NJPW and this dude is one bad color commentator. Hope you got our list almost ready, cause I got a another one in mind.

Josh Matthews...YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!

Frank Coufal said...

Great idea! I just can't stand Litton Entertainment (I never watch their blocks anyway).