Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Killer Frost: Tragic Monster!

"Caitlin Snow is dead, only Killer Frost remains!"

Another emotional-driven made fanart, which combined my emotions with my fandom, which is the case of a character of The Flash, Caitlin Snow, who (due to Barry Allen screwing up history) broke all our hearts when she became the icy temptress, Killer Frost. But, enough of the short synopsis, let's get the heart of the matter, shall we?

(Taken from Deviantart, mostly)

"Monsters are tragic beings. They were born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy." - IshirĊ Honda

With that in mind, here is another fanart that is a combination of my fandom, which is the case of The Flash, but also based on my emotions, which is the case of me dwelling in the crossroads when it comes to friendship as a whole. Let me explain as I talk about this fanart and the motivations behind it, starting with this question.

What does Killer Frost, Mr. Freeze and Godzilla have in common? They are all tragic monsters, which is especially the case in point with Caitlin Snow, who as of last week, has died before our very own eyes and rising from her frozen ashes lies Killer Frost herself, without any emotion and feeling of Caitlin whatsoever. Ever since last year, around the Thanksgiving holiday, after seeing the Killer Frost episode, I haven't been the same, especially knowing that Killer Frost's appearance and spilling the beans about Barry's meddling in the Space/Time Continuum and its dire consequences, especially causing the death of Cisco's brother, Dante, which almost ended his friendship with Barry when he decided to threaten him with physical violence. Since then, I have started questioning the concept of friendship as a whole, to the point that I wrote a fan letter to Cisco Ramon himself, Carlos Valdes, asking him the question that has been plaguing me since that time, Is friendship truly dead?

I waited and waited and waited for so long and still got no response. And what this got to do with Killer Frost, you ask? For the remainder of season 3, I was hoping that Caitlin Snow, as good-hearted and strong as she is, tried her best to control her darkside (there's that word again) and just like myself, everyone has a darkside, even Caitlin. But, after being stabbed by Abra Kadabra, and saved by Julian Albert, only to end up in cardiac arrest, thus removing that snowflake pendant (which prevents her darkside from coming out), no point of delaying the inevitable cause just like with Eddie Brock with Venom, Caitlin Snow is dead and only Killer Frost remains. And judging by her pairing up with Mirror Master in the next episode, she is going to commit death and destruction in her wake.

In short, other than Barry and Cisco's nearly ended, Caitlin Snow's rebirth into Killer Frost breaks my heart even further, especially what I am going through in the past few months or so, especially recently with the reminiscing of the bad part of my past where bullies used Kamen Rider to torment me . Losing Caitlin like that is like losing your best friend who is a true study buddy and one of the few people who can solve a Rubik's Cube better than me.

And even with me posting this fanart and posting so much hashtags on it on social media, no one will not notice the emotion I put in this drawing, not even the cast of the Flash, including Danielle Panabaker.

Bottom line, even if I did send my fan letter to Carlos Valdes, he won't responded. My question is already answered. And with Caitlin's death and Killer Frost's rebirth, it only cemented my answer, because in this crazy and cruel world, whether it's in the Arrowverse or in the world of Equestria, fictional or otherwise, bought or broken, one thing is certain in this day of age, friendship is truly dead. I know she is fictional, but it still hurts that one of your favorite characters (who could be your dearest friend) becomes your worst enemy.

Sorry I have wasted your time. I just wanted to tell you what I am going through. I just hope you all forgive me, especially Danielle Panabaker herself. 

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