Monday, July 31, 2017

The Koopa King Is Kaput! Harvey Atkin,We Hardly Knew Ya!

I just received the news late last night,so I apologize if this mini-eulogy seems late. Actor and Voice Actor Harvey Atkin,who is best known as the voice of King Koopa in DiC's Super Mario Cartoons,has died. He died just a few short weeks ago.

The cause of death..To quote Split Mushroom of Mega Man X4: "Take A Wild Guess!" 

Yup,Cancer! Always Cancer! He was 74.

Harvey Atkin was a Canadian VA,who was best known to us Toonatics as the voice of King Koopa. In fact,it's likely the first time we ever heard of him. Harvey did the voice of King Koopa for all 3 DiC Mario Cartoons and was the Very first Voice Actor for the character least,in English.

Harvey even worked with Tracey Moore,the 1st english voice of Sailor Moon,in a few shows,though surprisingly,Sailor Moon wasn't one of them. Thank You,Harvey Atkin. We,Toonatics,will miss you.

Harvey "King Koopa" Atkin
December 18th 1942 - July 17th 2017

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