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What If Saban Dubbed Sailor Moon in the 90's Instead of DiC?

As everyone remembers way back in January of 2010 I talked about "Saban Moon" and how it wasn't associated with Saban at all. Instead,it was created by Toon Makers.

But since it was co-produced by Renaissance-Atlantic,an ally of Saban Entertainment,people wrongfully assumed that Saban was responsible for this version of Sailor Moon. Thus why it was called Saban Moon.

Anyway,back in the 90's Saban was could do no wrong,and they had a great relationship with Toei.

So what if,in the 90's,Toei decided to give the Sailor Moon dubbing rights to Saban instead of DiC? Would that dub be better? And what about Cloverway? Would they still play a roll,or do dubbing duties stay with Saban?

A 90's Saban Sailor Moon dub would be superior. Why? Because the Writing and Voice Acting would be way better,that's why. Also,Haim Saban and Shuki Levy would've create excellent music for the series. Plus,DiC Can't Handle Anime,Saban Can. This has been proven fact.

So? what about Voice Actors? Who would Voice who? I have no idea. But I'm very sure Saban would use Californian VA's (the ones that they always use for their anime dubs).

Plus,I believe Saban would either change names or keep them as is. Maybe do a bit of both. Change the names to what? Who knows? I'd be up to Saban. I doubt they'd keep the DiC or Cloverway names,though.

Also,the series would've aired on FOX Kids and/or Fox Family. Reruns would've aired on Disney's Jetix block.

Now,with all of this said,it's time for the billion dollar question: Would Saban dub the final season,Sailor Stars? Well the answer isn't very clear...for a few reasons:

1 - Sailor Stars is somewhat controversial.

2 - Toei may decide to pull the plug on the Sailor Moon dub before Sailor Stars,despite Saban doing a good job.

And 3 - There's a chance that Disney would've purchased Saban,before they even had a chance to dub Sailor Stars. So it would've been too late.

So,why did DiC get dubbing duties for Sailor Moon and not Saban? I have no idea. DiC either got to the bidding table first with a good deal or Saban wasn't interested or was preoccupied with something else.

Whatever the reason,Saban not acquiring the dubbing rights to Sailor Moon was a huge missed opportunity. But we can always dream...dream of what should have been.

Make no mistake,had Saban acquired the dubbing rights,we would've been treated to a really great Sailor Moon dub in the 90's. Let's face it,DiC did a bad job and Cloverway did even worse.

Soooooo,what are the Downsides to Saban dubbing Sailor Moon? Well,for starters,Saban will still be editing the Anime for General Audiences. And Haruka and Michiru would have to be just good friends,instead of lovers. Same with Zoisite and Kunzite. But on the bright side,Saban edits anime way better than DiC and Cloverway do. So there's that.

Also,since Saban would be handling the dub,Sailor Moon will be exclusive to Fox Kids,Fox/ABC Family,and later,Jetix. So it can't and won't be on Toonami. Which really sucks.

No time for the Good Aspects of a hypothetical Saban dub. Well like I stated earlier,Saban handles anime way better than DiC and Cloverway. There's a chance we could've had ZERO missing episodes for this dub. Plus,I think the 1st Season Finale would've remained un-spliced.

Another good apect besides the editing would be the Voices and Voice Acting. Trust me,If you watched any of Saban's 90's anime dubs,you'll instantly notice the quality of the Voice Acting is vastly superior to Optimum Productions. The scripts would be better too.

And finally,an original musical score done by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban. How great is that?

I think it's safe to say that Saban would've handled Sailor Moon way better than DiC and Cloverway. Shame it never happened,though we do have our imaginations.

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