Here are some Frequently asked Questions about this blog.

Q: What's This All About?
A: The Goal of The Cartoon Historian is to bring You all kinds of Cartoon Goodness. Why? Because Cartoons are Great and I've always have been a fan. Here you will find a plathora of Cartoon related stuff. I won't explain what,just look around.

Q:Who are Tom Z and Mina
A: My own Characters. Mina is my main assistant. I based her personality on Sailor Venus'. Tom Z is based on the old Toonami hosts(the tom androids). His personality closely resembles that of Toms 1 through 3. You can find a pic of both Tom Z and Mina somehere on this site.

Q: What Happend to Sailor Moon and Gohan?
A: They wanted to persue other things. I miss them being here,but they are always welcome.

Q: Why aren't You Doing Anymore Cartoon Quickies,Top 5's,or Songs of The Month?
A: Simple,I just got tired of doing them.

Q: Do you accept Contributers?
A: Absolutely....If those who want in are worthy enough.

Q: Why Don't You Cover Anime?
A: Because the is The Cartoon Historian,not the Anime Historian. Besides,I'm not into Anime much anymore. Sure I still watch some of my old favorites,but that's it. However Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z will be the only exceptions to the rule. Why? because those 2 series are special.

Q: Is This Really The End of The Cartoon Historian Segments?
A: 'Fraid So. Out of all of my Segements,The Cartoon Historian Segments take me a good while to put together. And I just don't have the time to do that anymore. Sorry.

Q: Why The Name Change?
A: I've decided that it was time for one. 'The Cartoon Historian' name was getting too old and it didn't nesessarily fit the site anymore. So I re-named it the 'American Cartoon Federation'. Why? Because the name sounds cool.

Q: Any way we can contact you?
A: I only give out my E-Mail to personal friends. Sorry.

Q: Do You Chat?
A: Yes. I'm on MSN a lot. And sometimes I'm on Yahoo Messenger.

Q: Stay Gold,Space Cowboy?
A: I adapted tge first part of that phrase from Toonami's host Tom. The Space Cowboy part,I think came from Cowboy Bebop.